public safetyPublic safety, see also Consumer protection
Anhydrous ammonia regulations revised; penalty provided -  Act 73
Anhydrous ammonia rules exemptions [Sec. 2449d] [partial veto] -  Act 16
Anhydrous ammonia storage and handling regulations created; penalty and civil liability provisions  -  Act 3
Bioterrorism response and preparedness: plan and funding; provisions re staffing, public health emergencies, vaccination, disposal of human remains, and reporting deaths of public health concern [Sec. 32p, 37n, 42x, 72em-eu, 93d, 148n, 260g, h, 338g, 340g-n, 367p-368t, 464be, 1151r, 9123 (2g), (2zw), (2zx), 9423 (2zw), (2zx)] [93d, 338g, 367s, t — partial veto; 32p, 37n, 42x, 368t, 9123 (2g) — vetoed]  -  Act 109
Crane operator certification [Sec. 2447x, 2490b, f, 9110 (9q) - (9qr), 9310 (2q), 9410 (2q)] [vetoed]  -  SB-55
Hunter safety education funding [Sec. 596g, j, 1197hm] -  Act 16
Security initiative re terrorism response training, statewide trauma care system, diseases and biological and chemical threats, and Hygiene laboratory duties [Sec. 14d, 94, 326-329, 330-333, 334, 334g, 339, 340, 623, 696, 9223 (1), 9229 (1k), 9323 (1), 9359 (6)] -  Act 109
Wood treated with arsenic: DATCP and Comm.Dept to review and report re harm to environment or human health, may not prohibit unless substitute available; report to JCF re plan to keep arsenic treated wood use in picnic tables, park benches, and children's playground equipment [Sec. 2394p, 9104 (2k)] [2394p — partial veto; 9104 (2k) — vetoed]  -  Act 16
public service commissionPublic service commission
Commercial mobile radio service providers made eligible to receive universal service funding if PSC promulgates rules [Sec. 2981Lm] -  Act 16
Distributed generation electric power: definition created; PSC to develop rules, committee created to advise [Sec. 3001p, 9142 (2zq)] [9142 (2zq) — partial veto]  -  Act 16
Electric generating facility: provisions re construction of a large facility [Sec. 3001m, 9342 (4mk)] -  Act 16
Leased generation contracts [Sec. 2977b, 3001b, d, 3008mc, 3011g, jc, 9342 (4wxm)] -  Act 16
Manufactured home water and sewer regulation revisions; transitional water and sewer assessments [Sec. 459r, 464, 465b, 2408, 2532-2539, 2540-2541, 2973-2977, 2989-2994, 3002-3007, 3014b-3017, 9110 (3z), 9142 (2), 9210 (3z)]  -  Act 16
PSC enforcement authority against telecommunications providers [Sec. 3011d] [vetoed] -  SB-55
PSC exemption from hiring freeze; report to JCF if positions are not filled [Sec. 9142 (1x), 9259 (1)] [vetoed]  -  Jr2 AB-1
Wholesale merchant plants: revision re PSC assessments for expenses [Sec. 2978, 3012, 3013, 9342 (3)]  -  Act 16
Cogeneration facility for U.W. Madison [Sec. 32on, 9156 (2z)] [9156 (2z) — partial veto] -  Act 109
Energy conservation related public benefits transitional revenues: utilities may retain [Sec. 9142 (1v)] [vetoed]  -  Jr2 AB-1
Public school energy billing: DOA access to information [Sec. 322m] -  Act 16
Public utility holding company providing services to a light, heat, and power company: tax assessment provision [Sec. 2103, 2111, 2112, 2234, 3749, 9344 (27), (28)]  -  Act 16
State patrol security, traffic enforcement services, and special events: fees authorized; fee not to apply to farm progress days [Sec. 2338-2340i, 9352 (3)] [2339 — partial veto; 2339m, 2340i — vetoed] -  Act 16
Utility services provided to state programs re PR funding: cost allocation study [Sec. 9107 (12w)] [vetoed]  -  SB-55
public utility _ taxationPublic utility — Taxation
Public utility holding company providing services to a light, heat, and power company: tax assessment provision [Sec. 2103, 2111, 2112, 2234, 3749, 9344 (27), (28)]  -  Act 16
Waste treatment equipment: application revision re property and income tax deductions [Sec. 2104-2108, 2144, 2201, 2202, 9344 (6)] -  Act 16
Wholesale merchant plant gross receipts tax and shared revenue calculation [Sec. 2234m-2236, 2237, 2282, 2285, 9444 (2p)] -  Act 16
public worksPublic works
Payroll records of contractor, subcontractor, and their agents re public works: public inspection provided [Sec. 2026r, 2558m, 2559d] [vetoed] -  SB-55
Public construction contracts: percent of state retainage revised [Sec. 321m, 2026m, 9359 (10b)] [vetoed]  -  SB-55
Public works contracts and minority businesses [Sec. 321j, 1111j, 1346t, 1372i, 1406w, 2001r, 2002m, 2003t, vp, vq, wm, wq, 2026k, 2307h-j, ji, 2744m, 2760m, 3020h-k, 3035x, 3037p-r, 3095j, 3097e, 3098v, 3141d, 3619sd-sp, 3710j] [vetoed] -  SB-55
Public works projects included in annual wage rate survey [Sec. 2026p, 2558j] [vetoed] -  SB-55
Town sanitary district public works contract bidding threshold revised [Sec. 2003tm, 9359 (6k)] -  Act 16
punch card votingPunch card voting, see Voting machine
purchasing, governmentPurchasing, Government
Contractual service contracts: DOA to review certain expenditures [Sec. 20sa, sb, 9301 (1c)] [vetoed]  -  Jr2 AB-1
Purchasing card rebates re use by state agencies [Sec. 227q, 9101 (19r)] [vetoed] -  SB-55
Purchasing clearinghouse for local governments created [Sec. 282m] -  Act 16
State procurement and electronic procurement and commerce activities; state distribution of vendor product or service information; DOA to report [Sec. 270-272, 277, 286-290, 295, 817, 949, 953, 958, 1132, 9101 (14)] [817 — partial veto] -  Act 16
State procurement services: JLAC requested to direct LAB to conduct a performance evaluation audit [Sec. 9132 (2ak)] [vetoed] -  SB-55
Surplus state property: sale or lease of [Sec. 80m, 258puw, 9101 (9b), 9107 (1b)] [vetoed] -  Jr2 AB-1
purple loosestrifePurple loosestrife, see Weeds
q_r - Q+R -
qeo _qualified economic offer_QEO (Qualified economic offer), see Collective bargaining
qualified economic offer _qeo_Qualified economic offer (QEO), see Collective bargaining
racine, city ofRacine, City of
Automated fingerprint identification system grant for the city of Racine [Sec. 41n, nb, 9131 (2x), 9431 (2x)]  -  Act 109
Discovery Place museum in city of Racine: grant provisions [Sec. 108h, 605, 605c, 974r, 978t, 1036yt, 9107 (13r), 9437 (2q)] [605, 605c, 1036yt, 9437 (2q) — vetoed]  -  Act 16
Racine Unified School District: annual grant for computer training purposes [Sec. 571t, 1426m, 2983m]  -  Act 16
Recreational boating aids for dredging of Root and Oconto Rivers [Sec. 9137 (6g), (7f)] [vetoed]  -  SB-55
Root River pathway project: stewardship funding for city of Racine [Sec. 1039br] -  Act 16
Urban forestry grants for certain cities and counties [Sec. 9137 (5vv)-(5y)] [9137 (5vy)-(5y) — vetoed]  -  Act 16
racine countyRacine county
COP all-inclusive care for persons 65 or older program in Racine county and Wisconsin partnership program: funding for [Sec. 9123 (13k)] -  Act 16
Racetrack-related funding: GPR appropriation eliminated [Sec. 52g, 9401 (3v)] -  Act 109
Simulcast racing licensee requirements [Sec. 3713c-e] [vetoed]  -  SB-55
Unclaimed prizes: racetracks permitted to retain 50% [Sec. 764qy, 879g, 3713jm, 9301 (3q), 9401 (3r)]  -  Act 16
radcliffe, john quentinRadcliffe, John Quentin
Life and public service [SJR-48] -  JR-20
Radioactive material regulation: source material definition modified; DHFS duties revised [Sec. 3144-3147]  -  Act 16
Amateur radio antenna and support structures: political subdivision authority to enact or enforce an ordinance affecting -  Act 50
Public broadcasting services study [Sec. 9159 (2x)] -  Act 16
Public safety radio management program funding and payment for radio services provided by DOT to DNR [Sec. 2321m, p] [vetoed] -  SB-55
radioactive materialRadioactive material, see Radiation
raffleRaffle, see Gambling
Ashland railroad depot restoration [Sec. 9152 (5e)] -  Act 16
Freight rail bonding limit increased [Sec. 971] -  Act 16
Railroad repair facility: property tax assessment of [Sec. 2231m, 2232d, m, 9344 (12e)] -  Act 16
railroad _ crossingRailroad — Crossing
CDL disqualification for railroad crossing violations [Sec. 439e-j, 441m, p, 9352 (1h), 9452 (1ff)]  -  Act 109
Snowmobile rail crossings: procedure and requirement revisions -  Act 14
Underpass under railroad tracks in city of Ladysmith: funding provided [Sec. 654p, r, 9152 (5g)] [vetoed]  -  SB-55
railroad _ passenger serviceRailroad — Passenger service
Light rail mass transit system construction revisions [Sec. 2330g-j, 4046t] -  Act 16
Long-range surface transportation investment planning committee created; DOT and LFB to staff; report required [Sec. 9152 (3b)] [vetoed] -  SB-55
Passenger service rail bonding [Sec. 2311g] [vetoed] -  SB-55
railroads _ commissioner, office ofRailroads — Commissioner, Office of
Assessment cap [Sec. 2792t, 9342 (1x), 9442 (1x)] -  Act 16
Snowmobile rail crossings: procedure and requirement revisions -  Act 14
randall, town ofRandall, Town of, see Kenosha county
real estate agent or appraiserReal estate agent or appraiser, see Real property — Agent
real propertyReal property, see also Land; Mortgage; Public land