Shared human resources system re civil service system: funding provided; reports required [Sec. 910d, 9129 (1m)] [vetoed] -  SB-55
Stanley prison lease and report [Sec. 9111 (5gk)] -  Act 16
State mandates: political subdivisions may request waiver; DOR report required [Sec. 151] -  Act 109
State procurement and electronic procurement and commerce activities; state distribution of vendor product or service information; DOA to report [Sec. 270-272, 277, 286-290, 295, 817, 949, 953, 958, 1132, 9101 (14)] [817 — partial veto] -  Act 16
State procurement services: JLAC requested to direct LAB to conduct a performance evaluation audit [Sec. 9132 (2ak)] [vetoed] -  SB-55
Statewide immunization registry created; memorandum of understanding between DHFS and Marshfield Clinic; report required [Sec. 9123 (14k)] -  Act 16
Technology block grants, training, and assistance: certain juvenile secured correctional facilities made eligible; report required [Sec. 566, 576, 1418, 1425, 1436, 9111 (2)]  -  Act 16
Theft threshold re felony penalties revised; public defender GPR lapse; report to JCF re savings [Sec. 3938u-w, 3939b-s, 3966r, 4018f, h, 9139 (2q), 9239 (1q), 9359 (11r)] [9139 (2q) — vetoed] -  Act 16
Tobacco master settlement agreement: sale of state's right to receive payments; permanent endowment fund created; provision re purchase of state's right to receive payments and to issue bonds; report requirements [for section numbers and vetoes, see entry under ``Tobacco"] -  Act 16
Trade masters pilot program: DWD to provide and evaluate; funding from Indian gaming receipts [Sec. 736g, 891c, 2560r] [2560r — partial veto] -  Act 16
Transfer credit reports from U.W. and TCS required [Sec. 9156 (2mp)] -  Act 16
Trauma care system revisions re advisory council termination date, regional trauma advisory councils, reporting requirements, and funding [Sec. 174p, 670, 2850ag, ah, 4041k, 9123 (12r), (12s), 9152 (2t)] [2850ag — partial veto; 174p, 670, 9123 (12r), (12s), 9152 (2t) — vetoed]  -  Act 16
Underage tobacco enforcement activities; plan and report required [Sec. 9123 (1x)] -  Act 109
Uniforms for pupils: school boards authorized to adopt policy; exemption, discrimination, and economic assistance provisions; report required [Sec. 2673m]  -  Act 16
Victim restitution: DOJ report to DOA and JCF re use of moneys [Sec. 2856d] -  Act 16
Wood treated with arsenic: DATCP and Comm.Dept to review and report re harm to environment or human health, may not prohibit unless substitute available; report to JCF re plan to keep arsenic treated wood use in picnic tables, park benches, and children's playground equipment [Sec. 2394p, 9104 (2k)] [2394p — partial veto; 9104 (2k) — vetoed]  -  Act 16
residence requirementResidence requirement, see Civil service; Veteran
residential careResidential care, see Nursing homes
residential propertyResidential property, see Housing
resortResort, see Recreation
respite careRespite care, see Nursing homes
rest areaRest area, see Recreation
Brewer ownership of restaurants: law revised [Sec. 2805g, h] -  Act 16
Environmental sanitation licensing fees re temporary restaurant, bed and breakfast, public swimming pool, campground, or recreational or educational camp [Sec. 3148-3155]  -  Act 16
restitution to crime victimRestitution to crime victim, see Crime victim
retirement _ publicRetirement — Public
LTEs made eligible for deferred compensation program [Sec. 3072h] -  Act 16
retirement system, wisconsinRetirement system, Wisconsin
Appropriation account lapses and fund transfers re WRS contributions savings [Sec. 9101 (23q)]  -  Act 16
City-county health department revisions; collective bargaining and WRS provisions [Sec. 1398w, 1563d, 2021n, 2609j, 3128pd-ps] -  Act 16
Provision of benefits appropriation for DETF [Sec. 910q, r, 9416 (1mk)] -  Act 16
Sick leave conversion program for public employees: JSCRS study re conversion of accumulated unused leave for certain retired employees not eligible for immediate WRS annuity; report and proposed legislation requirement [Sec. 9132 (3xx)] -  Act 16
TCS executive director treatment re WRS and compensation [Sec. 24m, 71g, 100g, 365d, g, 9448 (2x)]  -  Act 109
WRS annuitants' health insurance: enrollment period for [Sec. 1398s-u, 3095r] -  Act 16
reuss, henry sReuss, Henry S.
Life and public service [AJR-93] -  JR-32
revenue, department ofRevenue, Department of, see also specific subject
Air carrier hub facility property tax exemption; Airport financing committee created, report required; ad valorem tax determination [Sec. 937m, 1123m, 2110, 2231, 2236m, 2255, 9152 (3), 9344 (12)] -  Act 16
Appropriations decreased [Sec. 9244 (1), (2)-(5)] [9244 (1), (2)-(4) — partial veto] -  Act 109
Biennial appropriation for expert tax services [Sec. 918] -  Act 16
Campaign finance law revisions; tax credit provision; attorney general directed to seek declaratory judgment re treatment of chap.11, Wis.Stats, is constitutional [Sec. 1bc, bf, psb, psc, sb-sw, tu-ude, udh-ugL, 2d, 23p, 25c-x, 52gj, 79t, 170mj-t, 519m, 9115 (2v)-(2y), 9132 (4v), 9215 (3v), 9244 (6v), 9315 (2v), (2w), 9344 (2v), 9415 (1zx)]  -  Act 109
Debt collection administration appropriation [Sec. 917m] -  Act 16
Depository selection board membership: DOR secretary to replace executive director of Investment board [Sec. 139] -  Act 16
Dry cleaner program changes [Sec. 594, 618, 628, 2251-2254, 3288-3322, 3325, 9137 (1), 9344 (1), 9437 (1)]  -  Act 16
Economic growth promotion study re restructuring shared revenue [Sec. 9144 (1c)] -  Act 16
Electronic mail option for correspondence between DOR and certain companies [Sec. 157m, n] -  Act 109
Estate tax references to federal estate tax; DOR to submit proposed legislation to JCF in certain cases [Sec. 2200d-L, 9144 (1q), 9444 (5ak)] [2200L — partial veto]  -  Act 16
Internal services appropriation [Sec. 920, 9344 (15)] -  Act 16
Land information board abolished; Wisconsin land council membership and duties revised; land information system provisions; land records fee and register of deeds duties; report and sunset provided [for section numbers and vetoes, see entry under ``Reorganization of state government"]  -  Act 16
Lapse of DOR's service appropriation eliminated [Sec. 919] -  Act 16
Large-case auditors in New York and agents in alcohol and enforcement section: DOR to retain [Sec. 9144 (1vv), (1vw)] [vetoed] -  Jr2 AB-1
Local exposition district taxes retained for administrative purposes: amount revised [Sec. 917, 934]  -  Act 16
Lottery and gaming property tax credit application process revised [Sec. 933j, 2294ec-eh, 9144 (4p), 9344 (2p)]  -  Act 16
Multistate tax commission audit program: participation in [Sec. 52Lk, 232m] -  Act 109
Municipal lottery credit payment corrections [Sec. 933, 2292-2294] -  Act 16
National guard tuition grant program: restrictions on eligibility; DOR to collect through tax intercept program [Sec. 1024bg-bk, e-m, 2200cm] [1024bg, m — vetoed]  -  Act 16
Operations appropriation reduced; may submit request to JCF re reallocation [Sec. 9259 (7z)] -  Act 109
Renew Wisconsin pilot program and cooperation regions; performance standards provisions; LAB to report annually [Sec. 2022s, t, 9156 (1d)] [2022t — partial veto]  -  Act 16
Shared revenue population adjustment: DOA to provide to DOR re shared revenue and county mandate relief payments [Sec. 9144 (2e)] -  Act 16
State agency budget reductions due to efficiency measures; submission of requests to JCF for reallocating appropriations reductions [Sec. 9159 (1)] [partial veto]  -  Act 16
State mandates: political subdivisions may request waiver; DOR report required [Sec. 151] -  Act 109
Tax-processing activities move from Madison to southwestern Wisconsin: DOR to study feasibility of [Sec. 9144 (2z)] -  Act 16
Tax refund offsetting agreements with other states authorized [Sec. 2205] -  Act 16
TID creation by city re public notice deficiencies: DOR must proceed in certain cases -  Act 11
Volunteer income tax assistance program: DOR to work with IRS and U.W. Extension [Sec. 2205m, 9144 (2x)] [partial veto] -  Act 16
Zeuske, Cate: public service commended [AJR-30] -  JR-14
revenue limits for schoolsRevenue limits for schools, see School — Finance
revenue sharing, stateRevenue sharing, State, see Shared revenue
revisor of statutesRevisor of statutes, see also Statutes — Revision
Revisor's revision bill -  Act 30
Revisor's revision bill -  Act 38
Revisor's revision bill -  Act 39
Revisor's revision bill -  Act 62
Revisor's revision bill -  Act 63
Revisor's revision bill -  Act 64
Revisor's revision bill -  Act 102
Revisor's revision bill -  Act 103
Revisor's revision bill -  Act 104
Revisor's revision bill -  Act 105
Revisor's revision bill -  Act 106
Revisor's revision bill -  Act 107
reynolds, john w., jrReynolds, John W., Jr.
Life and public service [AJR-83] -  JR-33
rhinelander, city ofRhinelander, City of
Rhinelander, City of: repayment of overpayment of state transit operating aids waived [Sec. 9152 (3mp)] [vetoed]  -  SB-55