Tuesday, June 26, 2001
12:30 P.M.
Ninety-Fifth Regular Session
Assembly Journal
The Assembly met in the Assembly Chamber located in the State Capitol.
Speaker Pro Tempore Freese in the chair.
The Assembly dispensed with the call of the roll.
Amendments Offered
Assembly amendment 1 to Assembly Bill 355 offered by Representative Sherman.
Administrative Rules
Relating to revising requirements for insurers offering medicare + choice, medicare supplement and replacement plans in order to comply with recent changes in federal laws.
Report received from Agency, June 22, 2001.
To committee on Health.
Referred on June 26, 2001 .
Relating to the nurse licensure compact.
Report received from Agency, June 22, 2001.
To committee on Health.
Referred on June 26, 2001 .
Introduction and Reference
of Proposals
Read first time and referred:
Assembly Bill 453
Relating to: sales tax on motor vehicles purchased after a consumer receives a refund under a new motor vehicle warranty.
By Representatives Ladwig, Schneider, Stone, Albers, Bies, Freese, Gronemus, Gunderson, Hundertmark, Johnsrud, Krawczyk, Musser, Nass, Ott, Owens, Pettis, Powers, Skindrud, Staskunas, Sykora, Turner and Petrowski; cosponsored by Senator Plache .
To committee on Ways and Means.
Assembly Bill 454
Relating to: exempting from taxation retirement plan income received by an individual.
By Representatives Kedzie, Krawczyk, Walker, Montgomery, Suder, J. Fitzgerald, Jensen, Huebsch, Gundrum, Kreibich, Starzyk, Jeskewitz, Musser, Plale, Townsend, Wade, Ladwig, Owens, Kestell, Lassa, Rhoades, Sykora, Hoven, Kreuser, Urban, Gronemus and Freese; cosponsored by Senators Roessler and Lazich.
To committee on Ways and Means.
To joint survey committee on Tax Exemptions .
Referral of Agency Reports
State of Wisconsin
Department of Regulation and Licensing
June 19, 2001
RE: 2000 Controlled Substances Board Annual Report
To the Honorable, the Assembly:
In accordance with WSS 961.36 (3), enclosed please find the 2000 Controlled Substances Board Annual Report.
It is hoped that the Assembly will find this report useful.
Patrick D. Braatz
Administrator, Division of Health Professionals and Services Licensing
Referred to committee on Health.
Agency Reports
DATE: June 19, 2001

TO: John A. Scocos
Assembly Chief Clerk
A299 FROM: Charles B. Hoslet
Senior Special Assistant to the Chancellor
Director, State Relations

SUBJECT: Recidivism Report
Pursuant to 1999 Wisconsin Act 9, s. 911 (4xx), enclosed please find a report on the correlation between prior convictions and the propensity to commit future acts of abuse, neglect or misappropriation. The report, The Risks of Recidivism: An Employment Perspective, was prepared by Herbert M. Kritzer, Professor of Political Science and Law at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
If you have any questions about this report, please do not hesitate to contact me at 263-5510 or hoslet@bascom.wisc.edu.
State of Wisconsin
Legislative Audit Bureau
June 21, 2001
To the Honorable, the Legislature:
On April 30, 2001, we completed our fiscal year 1999-2000 single audit and issued our report (01-08). During the course of our audit, we identified approximately $2.1 million in available funds that the Legislature may wish to consider during the current 2001-03 biennial budget deliberations. This amount includes potential revenue of $1.8 million for the General Fund, $246,000 for the Conservation Fund, and $40,000 for the Transportation Fund.
First, if the Legislature directed the Department of Workforce Development to immediately claim all federal funds available to the State through the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program, an estimated $800,000 in additional interest earnings would be generated during the 2001-03 biennium. These additional interest earnings could be used for any purpose.
Second, the State receives rebates related to use of certain purchasing cards it has authorized state agencies to use to make purchases of less than $5,000. As of December 31, 2000, the State received $285,000 in purchasing card rebates, and we estimate that an additional $400,000 will be received during the 2001-03 biennium. If it desired, the Legislature could direct the Department of Administration to lapse the purchasing card rebates to the funds that were the source of payments for the purchases and, in the future, record the rebates as miscellaneous revenues of the affected funds. If this action were taken, approximately $620,000 could be deposited to the General Fund, $40,000 to the Transportation Fund, and $25,000 to other funds.