Relating to: removal of a shopping cart and providing a penalty.
By Representatives Walker, Plale, Freese, Gronemus, Grothman, Gundrum, Huebsch, Jeskewitz, Kestell, Ladwig, Leibham, Lippert, Loeffelholz, M. Lehman, McCormick, Montgomery, Musser, Ott, Petrowski, Pettis, Rhoades, Ryba, Starzyk, Stone, Suder, Sykora, Urban and Vrakas; cosponsored by Senators Burke, Breske, Darling, Huelsman, Kanavas, M. Meyer, Roessler, Schultz and Wirch.
To committee on Criminal Justice .
Assembly Bill 682
Relating to: official action in return for providing or withholding political contributions, services, or other things of value and providing a penalty.
By Representatives Gundrum, Jensen, Travis, Freese, Lassa, Ladwig, Ziegelbauer, Stone, McCormick, Olsen, Starzyk, Kestell, Skindrud, Nass, Hahn, Albers, Krawczyk, D. Meyer, Kreibich, Duff, Petrowski, Huebsch, Vrakas, Bies and Lippert; cosponsored by Senators Rosenzweig, Huelsman, Roessler and Harsdorf.
To committee on Campaigns and Elections .
Assembly Bill 683
Relating to: driving while under the influence of an intoxicant and providing a penalty.
By Representatives Stone, Montgomery, Albers, Berceau, J. Fitzgerald, Gunderson, Hines, Krawczyk, Leibham, Loeffelholz, D. Meyer, Plale, Starzyk, Staskunas, Townsend, Turner, Urban, Vrakas, Walker and Wieckert; cosponsored by Senators Darling, Harsdorf and Roessler.
To committee on Highway Safety.
Assembly Bill 684
Relating to: authorizing a town board to exercise village powers.
By Representatives Freese, Owens, Gronemus, Hahn, Hubler, Huebsch, Hundertmark, Ladwig, F. Lasee, M. Lehman, Lippert, McCormick, Musser, Ott, Petrowski, Pettis, Plouff, Ryba, Schneider, Schooff, Seratti, Sherman, Starzyk, Sykora, Townsend and Vrakas; cosponsored by Senators Breske, A. Lasee, Erpenbach, Wirch, Shibilski and M. Meyer.
To committee on Urban and Local Affairs .
Assembly Bill 685
Relating to: medical leave for the purpose of receiving prenatal health care check-ups.
A561 By Representatives Wasserman, F. Lasee, Freese, McCormick, Miller, Richards, Berceau, La Fave, Carpenter, Sinicki, Musser, Krug, Pocan, Boyle, Bock, Williams, Loeffelholz, Balow, Lassa, Plale, Ott, Black, J. Lehman, Cullen, Gronemus and Turner; cosponsored by Senators Grobschmidt, Moen, Hansen, Wirch, Erpenbach, Risser, Moore, Burke and Plache.
To committee on Labor and Workforce Development .
Committee Reports
The committee on Highway Safety reports and recommends:
Assembly Bill 593
Relating to: The Type 1 motorcycle, moped, and motor bicycle safety program and making an appropriation.
Assembly amendment 1 adoption:
Ayes: 7 - Representatives Petrowski, Bies, Ainsworth, Musser, Urban, Young and Sherman.
Noes: 0.
Passage as amended:
Ayes: 7 - Representatives Petrowski, Bies, Ainsworth, Musser, Urban, Young and Sherman.
Noes: 0.
To committee on Rules.
Jerry Petrowski
Committee on Highway Safety
Enrolled Joint Resolutions
The following Assembly proposals, which have been approved by both the Assembly and Senate, have been enrolled by the Legislative Reference Bureau:
Assembly Joint Resolution 69
John A. Scocos
Assembly Chief Clerk
Chief Clerk Reports
The Chief Clerk records:
Assembly Bill 110
Assembly Bill 135
Assembly Bill 142
Assembly Bill 246
Assembly Bill 512
Assembly Bill 514
Assembly Bill 553
Presented to the Governor on Wednesday, December 12.
John A. Scocos
Assembly Chief Clerk
Executive Communications
State of Wisconsin
Office of the Governor
December 17, 2001
To the Honorable Members of the Assembly:
The following bills, originating in the Assembly, have been approved, signed and deposited in the office of the Secretary of State:
Bill Number Act Number Date Approved
Assembly Bill 14234December 17, 2001
Assembly Bill 55335December 17, 2001
Assembly Bill 51238December 17, 2001
Assembly Bill 51439December 17, 2001
Assembly Bill 13540December 17, 2001
Assembly Bill 11041December 17, 2001
Assembly Bill 24642December 17, 2001
Respectfully submitted,
Scott McCallum
Speaker's Communications
December 12, 2001
The Honorable John Scocos
Assembly Chief Clerk
Dear Chief Clerk:
As Assembly Speaker, I have created from the Committee on Natural Resources the Select Subcommittee on Deer and Deer Management. The subcommittee shall report to the committee on legislation and issues relating to deer to which the state holds title and their management. Additionally, I have appointed Representatives Gunderson - Chair, D. Meyer -Vice Chair, Krawczyk, Gronemus - ranking member, and Steinbrink to the subcommittee.
Please afford them all due consideration and accommodations by custom and rule. If you have any questions, please contact Adam Peer in my office.
Scott R. Jensen
Assembly Speaker
December 10, 2001
To the Honorable, the Legislature:
Re: Cosponsorship of Assembly Bill 636 and Senate Bill 319
A562 I write to request that you make the necessary arrangements to add my name as a cosponsor of the above referenced legislation. These companion bills relate to recycling education and continued funding for the University of Wisconsin-Extension's Solid and Hazardous Waste Education Center. It was my intent to sign on to this legislation while it was first circulated. Unfortunately, my name did not appear in the list of cosponsors.
I appreciate your assistance with this request. As always, please feel free to give me a call should you have any questions or concerns about this or any other matter.