Assembly Bill 872
Relating to: the size of the county board of supervisors in populous counties.
By Representatives Krug, Jeskewitz, Staskunas, Gundrum, Richards, Walker, La Fave, Duff, J. Lehman, Gunderson, Ziegelbauer and Sinicki; cosponsored by Senators Rosenzweig, Darling and Burke.
To committee on Urban and Local Affairs .
Assembly Bill 873
Relating to: required testing for E. coli or another appropriate indicator organism and posting of advisories at beaches on the shores of Lake Michigan and Lake Superior.
By Representatives Richards, Sinicki, Carpenter, Berceau, Turner, J. Lehman and Colon; cosponsored by Senators Grobschmidt, Schultz, Burke and Cowles.
To committee on Public Health.
Assembly Bill 874
Relating to: licensing of electricians and electrical contractors, regulation of electrical construction, granting rule-making authority, and providing a penalty.
By Representatives Meyerhofer, Ott, Plouff, Hines, Gronemus, Pettis, J. Lehman and Jeskewitz; cosponsored by Senators Baumgart, M. Meyer and Burke.
To committee on Labor and Workforce Development .
Committee Reports
The committee on Transportation reports and recommends:
Assembly Bill 737
Relating to: investigations by state traffic patrol officers and inspectors.
Ayes: 14 - Representatives Stone, Ainsworth, Gunderson, Hahn, Suder, Leibham, Lippert, Loeffelholz, Sherman, Meyerhofer, Plouff, Plale, Staskunas and Steinbrink.
Noes: 0.
To committee on Rules.
Jeff Stone
Committee on Transportation
Reference Bureau Corrections
Assembly Bill 435
1. Page 2, line 1: delete lines 1 and 2 and substitute:
"Section 1c. The unnumbered subchapter title preceding 943.01 of the statutes is numbered subchapter I (title) of chapter 943 [precedes 943.01] and amended to read:".
A707 2. Page 2, line 6: delete lines 6 and 7 and substitute:
"Section 2c. The unnumbered subchapter title preceding 943.10 of the statutes is numbered subchapter II (title) of the chapter 943 [precedes 943.10] and amended to read:".
3. Page 2, line 11: delete lines 11 and 12 and substitute:
"Section 3c. The unnumbered subchapter title preceding 943.20 of the statutes is numbered subchapter III (title) of chapter 943 [precedes 943.20] and amended to read:".
Assembly Bill 844
1. Page 3, line 7: delete "state or".
Assembly Bill 851
1. Page 3, line 10: on lines 10 and 11, after "(a)" insert "1.".
Representative Foti moved that the Assembly stand adjourned until 8:30 A.M. tomorrow.
The question was: Shall the Assembly stand adjourned?
Motion carried.
The Assembly stood adjourned.
11:56 A.M.