Tuesday, March 6, 2001
10:00 A.M.
Ninety-Fifth Regular Session
Senate Journal
The Senate met.
The Senate was called to order by Senator Fred Risser.
The roll was called and the following Senators answered to their names:
Senators Baumgart, Breske, Burke, Chvala, Cowles, Darling, Decker, Ellis, Erpenbach, Farrow, S. Fitzgerald, George, Grobschmidt, Hansen, Harsdorf, Huelsman, Jauch, A. Lasee, Lazich, M. Meyer, Moore, Panzer, Plache, Risser, Robson, Roessler, Rosenzweig, Shibilski, Welch, Wirch and Zien - 31.
Absent - Senators Moen and Schultz - 2.
The Senate stood for a moment of silent meditation.
The Senate remained standing and Senator Burke led the Senate in the pledge of allegiance to the flag of the United States of America.
Senator Chvala, with unanimous consent, asked that Senator Moen be granted a leave of absence for today's session.
Senator Panzer, with unanimous consent, asked that Senator Schultz be granted a leave of absence for today's session.
INTRODUCTION and reference of resolutions and joint resolutions
Read and referred:
Senate Joint Resolution 25
Relating to: the life and public service of Blair L. Testin.
By Senators Wirch, Grobschmidt, Risser, Ellis, Burke, Breske, Cowles, Darling, Decker, Erpenbach, Farrow, Huelsman, Lazich, Moen, Plache and Roessler; cosponsored by Representatives Vrakas, Black, Ladwig, Plale, Albers, Berceau, Bock, Boyle, Coggs, Freese, Gronemus, Gunderson, Hahn, Huber, Jensen, Jeskewitz, Krawczyk, Lassa, J. Lehman, Lippert, Loeffelholz, D. Meyer, Miller, Montgomery, Musser, Olsen, Ott, Owens, Plouff, Ryba, Schneider, Shilling, Townsend, Travis, Turner, Wade and Wood.
To committee on Senate Organization.
Senate Joint Resolution 26
Relating to: proclaiming April as Child Abuse Prevention Month.
By Senators Roessler, Baumgart, Burke, Decker, Grobschmidt, A. Lasee, Plache, Risser, Rosenzweig, Erpenbach and Cowles; cosponsored by Representatives Krug, Kestell, Lassa, Berceau, Bies, Bock, Coggs, Friske, Hahn, Hebl, Jeskewitz, Krawczyk, Kreuser, Ladwig, La Fave, J. Lehman, Lippert, McCormick, D. Meyer, Miller, Musser, Olsen, Owens, Pettis, Plouff, Pocan, Rhoades, Sinicki, Starzyk, Staskunas, Suder, Underheim, Urban, Wade, Wasserman and Young.
To committee on Senate Organization.
Senate Joint Resolution 27
Relating to: proclaiming the month of May as "Community Action Month" in the state of Wisconsin.
By Senators Wirch, Roessler, Burke, Shibilski, Schultz, Moen, Rosenzweig, Erpenbach, Risser, Hansen, Decker, Baumgart, Darling, A. Lasee and Chvala; cosponsored by Representatives Olsen, Krug, Ladwig, Shilling, Krawczyk, Turner, Miller, Wade, Gronemus, Bock, Ryba, Loeffelholz, Albers, Sherman, Coggs, Musser, Jeskewitz, Johnsrud, Owens, Plouff, Reynolds, Lippert, Rhoades, Townsend, Huber, Vrakas, Ott, Lassa, Kreuser, Friske, Gunderson, Underheim, Freese, J. Lehman, Berceau, Riley, Sykora and Hubler.
To committee on Senate Organization.
Senator Robson, with unanimous consent, asked that the Senate recess until 11:58 A.M..
10:12 A.M.
11:58 A.M.
The Senate reconvened.
Senator Risser in the chair.
INTRODUCTION, first reading and reference of bills
Read first time and referred:
Senate Bill 73
Relating to: eliminating school district revenue limits and making an appropriation.
By Senator Risser ; cosponsored by Representatives Boyle, J. Lehman, Young, Reynolds, Turner, Black, Pocan, Ryba, Coggs, Miller, Berceau and Balow.
To committee on Education.
Senate Bill 74
Relating to: excusing persons from jury service.
By Senators Risser and Schultz; cosponsored by Representatives Carpenter, J. Lehman, Ryba, Pettis, Staskunas and Albers.
To committee on Judiciary, Consumer Affairs, and Campaign Finance Reform.
S104 Senate Bill 75
Relating to: fees charged by notary publics.
By Senators Risser, Schultz and Huelsman; cosponsored by Representatives Musser, Ryba and Pettis.
To committee on Universities, Housing, and Government Operations.
Senate Bill 76
Relating to: an income and franchise tax credit for small businesses that pay a guarantee fee.
By Senators Moore, Robson, Burke, Roessler, George, Schultz, Darling and Rosenzweig; cosponsored by Representatives Seratti, Pocan, Turner, Morris-Tatum, Miller, Schooff, Plale, Townsend, Berceau, Lassa, Riley and Leibham.
To committee on Universities, Housing, and Government Operations.
report of committees
The committee on Labor and Agriculture reports and recommends:
Assembly Bill 7