106.001 Definitions.
106.01 Apprenticeship indentures.
106.02 Carpenters' apprentices.
106.025 Plumber apprenticeships.
106.03 Real estate apprenticeships excluded.
106.09 Public employment offices.
106.10 Veterans job training.
106.11 Workforce investment programs.
106.12 Governor's work-based learning board.
106.13 Youth apprenticeship, school-to-work and work-based learning programs.
106.14 Job centers.
106.15 Assistance for dislocated workers.
106.16 Notification of position openings.
106.17 Local labor market information.
106.19 Trade adjustment assistance overpayment waiver.
106.20 Pilot Wisconsin job opportunity business subsidy program.
106.21 Wisconsin service corps program.
106.215 Wisconsin conservation corps program.
106.25 Public insurrection; death and disability benefits.
106.26 Employment transit assistance program.
106.50 Open housing.
106.52 Public places of accommodation or amusement.
106.54 Division of equal rights.
106.56 Postsecondary education: prohibition against discrimination on basis of physical condition or developmental disability.
106.58 Discrimination in education prohibited.
Ch. 106 Cross-reference Cross Reference: See the definitions in s. 103.001.
subch. I of ch. 106 SUBCHAPTER I
Subch. I of ch. 106 Cross-reference Cross Reference: See also chs. DWD 295 and 296, Wis. adm. code.
106.001 106.001 Definitions. In this subchapter:
106.001(1) (1) "Apprentice" means any person who enters into an indenture with an employer or organization.
106.001(2) (2) "Indenture" means any contract or agreement of service, express or implied, whereby an apprentice is to receive from or through the apprentice's employer, in consideration for the apprentice's services in whole or in part, instruction in any trade, craft or business.
106.001(3) (3) "Organization" means an organization of employees, association of employers or other similar responsible agency in this state.
106.001 History History: 1999 a. 83.
106.01 106.01 Apprenticeship indentures.
106.01(2) (2) Every indenture shall be in writing and shall be executed in triplicate. One of the triplicate originals shall be delivered to the apprentice, one shall be retained by the employer and one shall be filed with the department at Madison.
106.01(3) (3) Except as provided in ss. 106.02, 106.025 and 106.03, any minor 16 years of age or over or any adult may, by the execution of an indenture, bind himself or herself as provided in this section for a term of service of not less than one year.
106.01(4) (4) Every indenture shall be signed by the apprentice and the employer. If the apprentice has not reached 18 years of age, the indenture shall be signed also by one of the apprentice's parents. If both parents are dead or legally incapable of giving consent, the indenture shall be signed by the guardian of the minor or, if there is no guardian, by a deputy of the department.
106.01(5) (5) Every indenture shall contain:
106.01(5)(a) (a) The names of the parties.
106.01(5)(b) (b) The date of birth of the apprentice.
106.01(5)(c) (c) A statement of the trade, craft or business that the apprentice is to be taught, and the time at which the apprenticeship will begin and end.
106.01(5)(d) (d) An agreement stating the number of hours to be spent in work, and the number of hours to be spent in instruction. During the first 2 years of an apprenticeship, the apprentice's period of instruction shall be not less than 4 hours per week or the equivalent. If the apprenticeship is for a longer period than 2 years, the total hours of instruction shall be not less than 400 hours. The total number of hours of instruction and work shall not exceed 55 per week, except that nothing in this paragraph shall be construed to forbid overtime work as provided in sub. (7).
106.01(5)(e) (e) An agreement as to the processes, methods or plans to be taught, and the approximate time to be spent at each process, method or plan.
106.01(5)(f) (f) A statement of the compensation to be paid the apprentice.
106.01(5)(g) (g) An agreement that a certificate shall be given the apprentice at the conclusion of the apprentice's indenture, stating the terms of indenture.
106.01(5i) (5i)
106.01(5i)(a)(a) The proper persons described in sub. (4) may enter into an indenture with any employer or organization.
106.01(5i)(am)1.1. Upon entering into an indenture, an organization shall, with the written consent of the other parties to the indenture, and the written acceptance of the indenture by the proposed employer, assign the indenture to the proposed employer, and the proposed employer and the apprentice named in the indenture shall be bound by the terms of the indenture.
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