94.01 Plant inspection and pest control authority.
94.02 Abatement of pests.
94.03 Shipment of pests and biological control agents; permits.
94.10 Nursery stock; inspection and licensing.
94.11 Special inspections; fees.
94.26 Cranberry culture; maintenance of dams, etc.
94.27 Liability for damages.
94.28 Arbitrators to fix damages.
94.29 Appeal.
94.30 Rights on payment.
94.31 Service of notice.
94.32 Pay of arbitrators.
94.35 Cranberry Growers Association.
94.38 Agricultural and vegetable seeds; definitions.
94.385 Seed label locations.
94.39 Seed labeling requirements.
94.40 Seed certification.
94.41 Prohibitions.
94.42 Exemptions.
94.43 Seed labeler's license.
94.44 Records.
94.45 Powers and authority of the department.
94.46 Stop sale; penalties; enforcement.
94.50 Cultivated ginseng.
94.64 Fertilizer.
94.645 Fertilizer and pesticide storage.
94.65 Soil and plant additives.
94.66 Sale of agricultural lime; license; penalty.
94.67 Pesticides; definitions.
94.675 Pesticides; adulteration.
94.676 Pesticides; misbranding.
94.68 Pesticides; licensing of manufacturers and labelers.
94.681 Pesticide manufacturers and labelers: fees and surcharges.
94.685 Pesticides; licensing of dealers and distributors of restricted-use pesticides.
94.69 Pesticides; rules.
94.695 Pesticide sales and use reporting system.
94.70 Pesticides; prohibited acts.
94.701 Pesticides; local regulation.
94.702 Veterinary clinic permit.
94.703 Pesticides; licensing of commercial application businesses.
94.704 Pesticides; licensing of individual commercial applicators.
94.705 Pesticides; certification requirements and standards.
94.707 Distribution and sale of certain pesticides.
94.708 Pesticides; sale and use to control bats.
94.709 Distribution and sale of DDT prohibited.
94.71 Pesticides; penalties; enforcement.
94.715 Pest management for schools.
94.72 Commercial feed.
94.73 Agricultural chemical cleanup program.
94.76 Honeybee disease and pest control.
94.761 Beekeepers, etc.; agricultural pursuit.
94.77 Penalties.
Ch. 94 Cross-reference Cross-reference: See definitions in s. 93.01.
94.01 94.01 Plant inspection and pest control authority.
94.01(1)(1) In the conduct of survey and inspectional programs for the detection, prevention and control of pests, the department may impose quarantines or such other restrictions on the importation into or movement of plants or other material within this state as necessary to prevent or control the dissemination or spread of injurious pests.
94.01(2) (2) In accordance with sub. (1), the department, by summary order, may prohibit the removal of any plant, host plant, or other pest-harboring material from any private or public property, or any area of the state which in its judgment contains or is exposed to injurious pests, except under such conditions as in its judgment are necessary to prevent the dissemination or spread of pests, giving written notice thereof to the owner or person in charge of the property. While such order is in effect no person with knowledge thereof shall cause or permit the removal of any such plant, host plant or other pest-harboring material from such property or area, unless it is in compliance with the conditions of such order. Orders issued under this subsection shall be in writing, have the force and effect of an order issued under s. 93.18, and are subject to right of hearing before the department, if requested within 10 days after date of service. Any party affected by the order may request a preliminary or informal hearing pending the scheduling and conduct of a full hearing.
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