Period ending December 31, 2004
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S — Senate Journal
A — Assembly Journal
Table of Contents
addresses to the legislature
adjournment _ assembly
adjournment _ senate
attorney general_s opinion
certificates by the legislature
chaplain _ assembly
chaplain _ senate
chief clerk _ assembly
chief clerk _ senate
claims board
coggs, g. spencer
committees _ appointment to _ assembly
committees _ appointment to _ senate
communication _ assembly
communication _ senate
elections board _ communication to assembly
elections board _ communication to senate
engrossed bills and joint resolutions
executive order
extraordinary session
george, gary
grobschmidt, richard
honadel, mark
huber, greg
kerkman, samantha j
lassa, julie
list of lobbyists
lobbyists and lobbying organizations
majority leader _ assembly
majority leader _ senate
meyer, mark
minority leader _ assembly
minority leader _ senate
molepske, louis john, jr
morris, johnnie e
morris_tatum, johnnie e
mpcp _milwaukee parental choice program_
oath of office
plale, jeff
president of the senate
president pro tempore of the senate
reports to the legislature
administration, department of
agriculture, trade and consumer protection, department of
building commission
child abuse and neglect prevention board
college savings program board
commerce, department of
corrections, department of
environmental education board
gathering waters conservancy
health and family services, department of
housing and economic development authority
ice age park and trail foundation
insurance, commissioner of
investment board
justice, department of
justice assistance, office of
legislative audit bureau
legislative council
legislative reference bureau
medical college of wisconsin
milwaukee public schools
natural resources, department of
physical disabilities, council on
public instruction, department of
public service commission
regulation and licensing, department of
revenue, department of
revisor of statutes bureau
state employment relations, office of
supreme court
technical college system board
transportation, department of
university of wisconsin _ parkside
university of wisconsin hospital and clinics
university of wisconsin system
urban open space foundation
veterans affairs, department of
women_s council
workforce development, department of
riley, antonio r
ruling of the chair _ assembly
ruling of the chair _ senate
schneider, donald j
schooff, dan
seat assignments
secretary of state _ communication to assembly
secretary of state _ communication to senate
sergeant_at_arms _ assembly
sergeant_at_arms _ senate
shibilski, kevin
speaker of the assembly
speaker pro tempore of the assembly
special election
special session proclamation
starzyk, samantha j
taylor, lena c
toles, barbara l
veto message _ assembly
veto message _ senate
welch, robert t
addresses to the legislature Addresses to the Legislature, see also Governor
Allred, Beth (Madison West H.S. junior, sang "Star-Spangled Banner")
 - A 105
Bennett, Jack (coach of U.W. Stevens Point men's basketball team) - A 946
Burney, Julia (Hometown Hero recipient) - A 663
Coggs-Jones, Elizabeth (former Rep. Marcia Coggs' daughter) - A 735
Daniels, Bishop Sedgwick (Holy Redeemer Church of God in Christ, Milwaukee) - A 678
Dawicki, Jayme (Miss Wisconsin, also sang "Star Spangled Banner") - A 168
Dolan, Archbishop Timothy (Milwaukee Archdiocese) - A 126
Freese, Stephen (Speaker Pro Tempore of the Assembly) - A 8
Gard, John G. (Speaker of the Assembly) - A 6
Honadel, Sara (sang "God Bless America") - A 366
Hemauer, Angela (Alice in Dairyland) - A 234
Kenseth, Roy and Kelley (father and sister of Matt Kenseth) - A 735
Megellas, Jim (Ret. Lt. Col.) - A 219
Schiffmann, Dr. Hans (Swiss Parliament) - A 219
Schneider, Donald (retired Senate Chief Clerk) - S 568
Swenor, Amber Jo (Wisconsin's Fairest of the Fair) - A 271
Tribys, John (sang "Star Spangled Banner") - A 862
adjournment _ assembly Adjournment — Assembly
Extraordinary session (2/20/03) adjourned pursuant to SJR-1 - A 84
Extraordinary session (7/1/03) adjourned pursuant to SJR-1 - A 298
Extraordinary session (8/11/03) adjourned pursuant to SJR-1 - A 391
Extraordinary session (12/1/03) adjourned pursuant to SJR-1 - A 689
Extraordinary session (3/11/04) adjourned pursuant to SJR-1 - A 911
Extraordinary session (5/18/04) adjourned pursuant to SJR-1 - A 957
Extraordinary session (7/27/04) adjourned pursuant to SJR-1 - A 973
adjournment _ senate Adjournment — Senate
Extraordinary session (2/20/03) adjourned pursuant to SJR-1 - S 95
Extraordinary session (7/1/03) adjourned pursuant to SJR-1 - S 262
Extraordinary session (8/11/03) adjourned pursuant to SJR-1 - S 379
Extraordinary session (12/1/03) adjourned pursuant to SJR-1 - S 604
Extraordinary session (5/18/04) adjourned pursuant to SJR-1 - S 746
Extraordinary session (7/27/04) adjourned pursuant to SJR-1 - S 839
attorney general_s opinion Attorney General's Opinion
Public records statute, ss. 19.31-19.39, Wis.Stats, re mailing or distribution lists of physical or street addresses, email addresses, or phone numbers compiled and used by individual legislators for official business - S 417
certificates by the legislature Certificates by the Legislature
Aarrestad, Brice - S 205
Abbey Resort and Fontana Spa - S 205
AbuLughod, Sarrah - S 157
Adam, Bethany - S 137
Adedokum, Emmanuel Oluyinka - S 775
Adrian, Linda - S 593
Ahlstrom, Angela - S 504
Albrecht, Eric - S 848
Albrecht, Neil - S 804
Alexander, John - S 804
Allen, Ian Gregory - S 461
Allen, Sara - S 752
Alzheimer's Disease Month - S 889
Aman, Mary Jo - S 821
Amo, Jeff - S 263
AMS - S 804
Andersen, Jack - S 205