Noes: 0.
Rob Kreibich
Committee on Colleges and Universities
The committee on Transportation reports and recommends:
Assembly Bill 65
Relating to: access by law enforcement agencies to photographs on motor vehicle operators' licenses and identification cards.
Ayes: 13 - Representatives Ainsworth, Petrowski, Ott, Suder, McCormick, Gottlieb, Van Roy, Steinbrink, Sherman, Vruwink, Staskunas, Hebl and Zepnick.
Noes: 0.
To committee on Rules.
John Ainsworth
Committee on Transportation
April 14, 2003
Mr. Patrick Fuller
Assembly Chief Clerk
Room 208
Risser Justice Building
Madison, WI 53702
Dear Mr. Fuller:
I respectfully request that I be added as a co-sponsor to Representative Weber's Assembly Bill 232, related to prohibiting a person from intentionally absconding from a service station, garage, or other place where gasoline or diesel fuel is offered for retail sale without paying for the gasoline or diesel fuel.
If you have questions or comments related to this request, please direct them to my staff member John O'Brien at 6-0703.
With kindest regards,
Dale Schultz
State Senator
17th Senate District