Major Mathew Schram.
Sergeant Daniel Gabrielson.
Specialist Paul Sturino.
Private Rachel Bosveld.
Sergeant Warren Hansen.
Specialist Eugene Uhl.
Lieutenant Jeremy Wolfe.
And Major Christopher Splinter.
They are a roster of heroes. They make Wisconsin proud. And we will never forget them.
In honor of those nine families, we're joined tonight by Julie and Marvin Bosveld, whose daughter Rachel became the first Wisconsin woman killed in action in Iraq. Rachel was an incredibly courageous 19 year-old who enlisted right after high school because she loved her country and wanted to serve.
Mr. and Mrs. Bosveld, this state owes you a profound debt of gratitude, for you truly raised a hero.
Tonight, let us also salute the men and women of our Wisconsin National Guard.
More than 2,000 of them were deployed last year, the most since the Berlin Crisis in 1961. They sustained the first combat injuries for the Wisconsin Guard since World War II, and were awarded more than 20 Purple Hearts.
Won't you join me in recognizing Major General Al Wilkening and members of our Wisconsin Army and Air National Guard.
Last spring, I had the opportunity to help release a bald eagle back into the wild. Its wings had been injured, and it had been found lying on the ground, unable to fly. The family that found it brought it to the DNR, and they got it to Marge Gibson, Executive Director of the Raptor Education Group, who slowly nursed the eagle back to health.
Months later, we stood with Ms. Gibson, high on the banks of the Wisconsin River. As she handed me the eagle, I asked her what would happen to it.
She explained that within a day, it would find its nest again. And more than likely, its lifelong mate would be waiting for it.
And so I threw the eagle up in the air, and as I did, it took one beat of its wings. It rose up about 10 feet, took one more beat of its wings, and began soaring again, high above the Wisconsin River.
Wisconsin is that eagle, strong and proud. We've taken a few hits, and we had fallen from where we should have been, but like that eagle, we have always found our way home.
We've worked hard to lift this state up, and now, Wisconsin is ready to soar again.
Let all of us who love this state come together to make Wisconsin a place full of hope, full of promise, full of opportunity for all who seek it.
I am humbled and honored to be your Governor.
On Wisconsin.
The Joint Convention arose at 8:15 P.M.
10:00 A.M.
The Senate reconvened.
Senator A. Lasee in the chair.
quorum call
The Chair noted the possible lack of a quorum.
The roll was called and the following Senators answered to their names:
Senators Brown, Carpenter, Chvala, Coggs, Darling, Ellis, Erpenbach, Hansen, Kanavas, Kedzie, A. Lasee, Lazich, Plale, Reynolds, Risser, Robson, Stepp, Welch, Wirch and Zien - 20.
Absent - Senators Breske, Cowles, Decker, Fitzgerald, Harsdorf, Jauch, Lassa, Leibham, Meyer, Moore, Panzer, Roessler and Schultz - 13.
Absent with leave - None.
petitions and communications
Senate Bill 214
Relating to: carrying or going armed with a concealed weapon, requiring the exercise of rule-making authority, making appropriations, and providing penalties.
The question was: Shall Senate Bill 214 pass notwithstanding the objections of the governor?
The ayes and noes were required and the vote was: ayes, 23; noes, 10; absent or not voting, 0; as follows:
Ayes - Senators Breske, Brown, Cowles, Darling, Decker, Ellis, S. Fitzgerald, Harsdorf, Kanavas, Kedzie, A. Lasee, Lassa, Lazich, Leibham, Panzer, Plale, Reynolds, Roessler, Schultz, Stepp, Welch, Wirch and Zien - 23.
Noes - Senators Carpenter, Chvala, Coggs, Erpenbach, Hansen, Jauch, M. Meyer, Moore, Risser and Robson - 10.
Absent or not voting - None.
Passed not withstanding objections of the governor.
referrals and receipt of committee reports concerning proposed administrative rules
Relating to licenses, certifications, and registrations.
Submitted by Department of Commerce.
Report received from Agency, January 20, 2004.
Referred to committee on Labor, Small Business Development and Consumer Affairs, January 21, 2004.
Relating to hunting limits.
Submitted by Kickapoo Reserve Management Board.
Report received from Agency, January 20, 2004.
Referred to committee on Environment and Natural Resources, January 21, 2004.
The committee on Health, Children, Families, Aging and Long Term Care reports and recommends:
Relating to the child care local pass through program.
No action taken.
Carol Roessler
The committee on Transportation and Information Infrastructure reports and recommends:
Relating to allowing the operation of double bottoms and certain other vehicles on certain specified highways.
No action taken.
Joseph Leibham
messageS from the assembly
By Patrick E. Fuller, chief clerk.
Mr. President:
I am directed to inform you that the Assembly has passed and asks concurrence in:
Assembly Bill 86
Assembly Bill 209
Assembly Bill 284
Assembly Bill 286
Assembly Bill 326
Assembly Bill 332
Assembly Bill 341
Assembly Bill 345
Assembly Bill 426
Assembly Bill 468
Assembly Bill 488
Assembly Bill 570