16.001 Organization of department.
16.002 Definitions.
16.003 Department of administration.
16.004 Secretary, powers and duties.
16.005 Bradley Center Sports and Entertainment Corporation.
16.006 Treatment of classified employees.
16.007 Claims board.
16.008 Payment of special charges for extraordinary police service to state facilities.
16.009 Board on aging and long-term care.
16.01 Women's council.
16.02 Acid deposition research council.
16.023 Wisconsin land council.
16.03 Interagency coordinating council.
16.04 Fleet management and maintenance.
16.045 Gasohol, alternative fuels, and hybrid-electric vehicles.
16.05 Interstate agreements.
16.06 American Indian assistance.
16.10 Ratification of the midwest interstate low-level radioactive waste compact.
16.11 Midwest interstate low-level radioactive waste compact.
16.115 Fees.
16.12 Violation of midwest interstate low-level radioactive waste compact.
16.13 Data collection.
16.135 Low-level radioactive waste council.
16.15 Resource recovery and recycling program.
16.18 Management assistance grants to certain counties.
16.22 National and community service.
16.25 Volunteer fire fighter and emergency medical technician service award program.
16.255 College savings program vendor.
16.26 Weatherization assistance.
16.27 Low-income energy assistance.
16.40 Department of administration, duties, powers.
16.401 Treasury management.
16.405 Requests for issuance of operating notes.
16.41 Agency and authority accounting; information; aid.
16.412 Agency payments.
16.415 Certification of payrolls.
16.417 Dual employment or retention.
16.42 Agency requests.
16.423 Base budget review reports.
16.425 Summary of tax exemption devices.
16.43 Budget compiled.
16.44 Budget hearings.
16.45 Budget message to legislature.
16.46 Biennial budget, contents.
16.461 Biennial budget, summary of funds.
16.465 Budget stabilization fund reallocations.
16.47 Budget bill.
16.48 Unemployment reserve financial statement.
16.50 Departmental estimates.
16.501 Forward Wisconsin, Inc.; funds.
16.505 Position authorization.
16.51 Department of administration; preauditing and accounting; additional duties and powers.
16.513 Program and segregated revenue sufficiency.
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