Period ending December 31, 2006
Prepared by Patricia Helgerson and Marian Rogers, Librarians
Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau
"Act" at the end of each entry refers to one of the 2005 Wisconsin Acts (e.g. "Act 25" is a reference to 2005 WisAct 25). Any number preceded by "JR-" is a reference to an enrolled Joint Resolution deposited with the Secretary of State. The reference "SCO" indicates a change in a statutory court rule, effective beginning on the date shown, made by Supreme Court Order.
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Employment discrimination based on creed expanded to include sterilization, abortion, experiments re in vitro human embryos, procedures re fetal tissue, assisted suicide, euthanasia, and mercy killings; health care providers and health facilities employees revisions; definitions, disciplinary actions, liability, damages, and patient health care records provisions [vetoed] -  AB-207
Voluntary and informed consent for abortions: printed information and physician oral information to include data re pain awareness of unborn child at gestational age of 20 weeks [vetoed] -  SB-138
acquired immunodeficiency syndromeAcquired immunodeficiency syndrome
Mike Johnson life care and early intervention services grants [Sec. 2133] -  Act 25
adjutant generalAdjutant General
Emergency management programs of local governments required to include Mutual Aid Box Alarm System; Adjutant General to promulgate rules -  Act 257
Major disaster assistance: Adjutant General may make payments to local governmental units if Governor's request for a presidential disaster declaration is denied; DMA provision; local governments to pay certain percentage  -  Act 269
administration, department of _ agency and general functionsAdministration, Department of — Agency and general functions
Administrative positions: Regents to submit reduction plan to DOA; if not approved, Regents lose authority to create or abolish faculty or staff positions during 2006-07 fiscal year [Sec. 9152 (3)] -  Act 25
Air pollution management revisions re general permit, term of registration permit, and challenge to an emission limitation; report required -  Act 28
Attorney positions: 13.0 FTE vacant positions eliminated; exception re U.W. Regents, DETF, and Investment Board; DOA Secretary to ensure required total is met and to lapse balances to general fund [Sec. 9155 (1w), (2)] [partial veto] -  Act 25
Biodiesel fuel for school bus transportation purposes: DPI to provide state financial assistance to certain school districts; application for federal assistance in conjunction with DOA provision -  Act 43
Comprehensive plan requirements and planning grants repealed [Sec. 1c, 90t, u, 388h, n, 389m, 400m, 695g, 1235z, 1238m, n, 1242q, 1250e-m, 1254m, 2118r] [vetoed]  -  AB-100
Contractual services: DOA rules revised re determining when contracting is appropriate and uniform cost-benefit analysis; report requirements; fiscal estimate for bills, definition, and DOT provisions; minimum expenditure specified  -  Act 89
Data center and business management system projects and reports [Sec. 9101 (11k), (12k)] [vetoed]  -  AB-100
DHFS information technology help desk and desktop support positions and employees transferred to DOA [Sec. 9121 (12)] -  Act 25
Elections Board database projects: DOA assistance re vendor selection for computer conversion project and creation of campaign finance database [Sec. 9101 (10q)]  -  Act 25
Energy costs study by U.W. System Regents and DOA: report to Building Commission [Sec. 9152 (6q)]  -  Act 25
Grain inspection funding and program plan; DOA and JCF duties [Sec. 81, 141, 9103 (4e)] -  Act 25
Health care claims information: contract with a data organization for the collection, analysis, and dissemination of required and conditions set; Board on Health Care Information, Interagency Coordinating Council, and Independent Review Board eliminated; report required -  Act 228
Information technology integration standards: DOA to prescribe for state agencies and enable local governments to integrate data, application, and business processes  -  Act 220
Interfund transfers re state government: transfer date must be during the fiscal year the law takes effect [vetoed]  -  SB-446
Renewable energy requirements re electric utilities and cooperatives modified; certain state agencies required to generate or purchase renewable energy; energy efficiency standards imposed in certain state contracts; energy conservation code changed; anaerobic digestor research funding; public benefits program revisions; corn-burning furnace pilot program; PSC duties; report provisions -  Act 141
Sale of state property: DOA to review, inventory, and report to Building Commission; certain exceptions provided; U.W. provision re use of net proceeds for operation of U.W. System; sunset provided [for section numbers and vetoes, see entry under ``Public building"] -  Act 25
Secretary of Administration to submit certain reports to JCF re lapses or transfers to the general fund from certain allocations [vetoed] -  AB-1182
State budget report and compilation publications discontinued; distribution in optical disk format in lieu of printed format permitted [Sec. 63, 64, 682-684, 686-692]  -  Act 25
State building projects: laws governing revised re threshold for approval by Building Commission, threshold re bids on contracts that must be publicly solicited, threshold for which the Governor may authorize repairs or construction in emergency situations and the definition of emergency, and Governor may delegate certain approval authority to DOA Secretary; allocation of assets and liabilities and disposing of property upon dissolution of a village changed -  Act 391
State Fair Park Board expenditures over certain level: plan and approval procedure [Sec. 9144 (1f)] [vetoed]  -  AB-100
State-owned buildings, facilities, or structures: state agencies to report annually re total cost of occupancy; DOA consolidated report to Building Commission required [Sec. 85m, 9355 (2)] -  Act 25
State-owned heating, cooling, and power plants and wastewater treatment facilities: sale or contract for operation by private entity required, not subject to PSC review or approval; JCF duties [Sec. 16m, n, 83m, 85g, 85r-87L, 163m, 167m, 172m, 193m, 286m, 288m, 364c, 384t, 413m, 795f, 9101 (10v), 9455 (3w)] [vetoed] -  AB-100
Video gaming devices and pari-mutuel racetrack licensing [Sec. 1430m, o, 2422b-2423o, 9101 (9r), 9401 (2q)] [vetoed]  -  AB-100
Volunteer Health Care Provider Program expanded to certain public elementary schools, charter schools, and MPCP participating schools; conditions set; definition expanded to include nurse practitioner; DOA approval required  -  Act 188
administration, department of _ boards and other subdivisionsAdministration, Department of — Boards and other subdivisions
Electronic funds transfer re payments to the state permitted; Depository Selection Board to charge fee re insufficient funds [Sec. 485, 486] -  Act 25
Land recording fee revision; most LIB functions transferred to DOA; Wisconsin Land Council eliminated, duties transferred to DOA; land information aids funding lapse [Sec. 40m, 91-93, 389, 390, 391, 496-498 695, 696, 1231-1234, 1236-1238, 1742, 2032, 2493-2495, 9201 (1q), 9455 (2)] [92, 389 — partial veto; 390, 391, 9201 (1q) — vetoed]  -  Act 25
Uniform Real Property Electronic Recording Act established, electronic signature and register of deeds provisions; Electronic Recording Council created -  Act 421
Vacant position reports by state agencies to DOA: requirement eliminated [Sec. 67] -  Act 25
Waste Facility Siting Board changes re executive director, state agency assistance with duties, and appropriation lapse; fee revised [Sec. 47, 48, 2109, 2198t, 9201 (1f), 9335 (2f), 9435 (2f)] -  Act 25
administration, department of _ budget and fiscal issuesAdministration, Department of — Budget and fiscal issues
Appropriation accounts re clerks for certain firearms cases: one separate account in DOA eliminated [Sec. 372, 2490, 2491] -  Act 25
Debts owed to state agency, county, or municipality: intercepting state disbursements [Sec. 1437-1445, 1447-1450, 1468] -  Act 25
Educational Telecommunications Access Program: educational agencies may request expanded services; DOA to apply for aid under E-Rate Program; agencies required to pay monthly fee to cover costs [Sec. 94, 95-103, 104, 408, 409, 458]  -  Act 25