2005 Senate Joint Resolution 33
To amend section 10 (1) (c) of article V of the constitution; relating to: prohibiting partial vetoes from creating new sentences (first consideration).
Resolved by the senate, the assembly concurring, That:
SJR33, s. 1 Section 1. Section 10 (1) (c) of article V of the constitution is amended to read:
[Article V] Section 10 (1) (c) In approving an appropriation bill in part, the governor may not create a new word by rejecting individual letters in the words of the enrolled bill, and may not create a new sentence by combining parts of 2 or more sentences of the enrolled bill.
Be it further resolved, That this proposed amendment be referred to the legislature to be chosen at the next general election and that it be published for 3 months previous to the time of holding such election.