The prayer was offered by Representative Townsend.
Representative Gronemus led the membership in reciting the pledge of allegiance to the flag of the United States of America.
The roll was taken.
The result follows:
Present - Representatives Ainsworth, Albers, Ballweg, Benedict, Berceau, Bies, Black, Boyle, Colon, Cullen, Davis, Fields, J. Fitzgerald, Freese, Friske, Gielow, Gottlieb, Grigsby, Gronemus, Gunderson, Gundrum, Hahn, Hebl, Hines, Honadel, Hubler, Huebsch, Hundertmark, Jensen, Jeskewitz, Kaufert, Kerkman, Kessler, Kestell, Kleefisch, Krawczyk, Kreibich, Kreuser, Krusick, Lamb, F. Lasee, Lehman, LeMahieu, Loeffelholz, Lothian, McCormick, Meyer, Molepske, Montgomery, Moulton, Mursau, Musser, Nass, Nelson, Nerison, Nischke, Ott, Owens, Parisi, Petrowski, Pettis, Pocan, Pope-Roberts, Pridemore, Rhoades, Richards, Schneider, Seidel, Sheridan, Sherman, Shilling, Sinicki, Staskunas, Steinbrink, Stone, Strachota, Suder, Toles, Towns, Townsend, Travis, Turner, Underheim, Van Akkeren, Van Roy, Vos, Vrakas, Vruwink, Vukmir, Ward, Wasserman, Wieckert, A. Williams, M. Williams, Wood, Young, Zepnick, Ziegelbauer and Speaker Gard - 99.
Absent with leave - None.
Vacancies - None.
Introduction and Reference
of Proposals
Read first time and referred:
Assembly Bill 111
Relating to: allowing an individual income tax deduction for certain amounts contributed by a divorced or legally separated parent to his or her child's college savings account or college tuition and expenses program and limiting the deduction that may be claimed by a married person who files separately.
By Representatives Kreibich, Suder, Gard, Gronemus, Moulton, Parisi, Ballweg, Ott, Zepnick, Petrowski, Berceau, Mursau, Vrakas, Nass, Pocan, Wood, Grigsby, Ainsworth, Hundertmark, Musser, F. Lasee, Kestell, Hahn, Pridemore, Van Roy, Gunderson, Townsend, Albers and Hines; cosponsored by Senators Kanavas, Miller, Darling, A. Lasee, Roessler, Grothman and Stepp.
To committee on Colleges and Universities .
To joint survey committee on Tax Exemptions .
Assembly Bill 112
Relating to: motor vehicle registration plates for disabled veterans.
By Representatives Ainsworth, Ballweg, Bies, Hahn, Hines, Lehman, Ott, Pettis, Suder, Townsend and Van Roy; cosponsored by Senators Cowles, Grothman and Lassa.
To committee on Transportation.
Assembly Bill 113
Relating to: licensure and record-keeping requirements for pawnbrokers and secondhand article and jewelry dealers.
By Representatives Krusick, Suder, Kreibich, Albers, Friske, Hines, Molepske, Ott, Petrowski and Vrakas; cosponsored by Senators Carpenter and A. Lasee, by request of City of Greenfield Police Department, Wisconsin Law Enforcement Coalition, Wisconsin Chiefs of Police Association, Milwaukee Police Association and Wisconsin Pawnbrokers Association.
To committee on Criminal Justice and Homeland Security.
Assembly Bill 114
Relating to: allowing school boards and charter schools to establish single-sex schools and courses.
By Representatives Jensen, Vukmir, Vos, Lothian, Bies, Owens, Pridemore, Hines, Towns, Vrakas, Albers, Colon, Ballweg and Nass; cosponsored by Senators Darling, Reynolds and Grothman.
To committee on Education Reform .
Assembly Bill 115
Relating to: operating certain 3-vehicle combinations on the highways.
A86 By Representatives Suder, Towns, Hines, Van Roy, Gronemus, Gunderson, F. Lasee, Owens, Pettis, Musser, Ballweg, Townsend, Pridemore, Krawczyk and Stone; cosponsored by Senators Zien, Brown, Olsen, Harsdorf, A. Lasee and Reynolds.
To committee on Transportation.
Assembly Bill 116
Relating to: changing the definition of industrial development project, and limiting the scope of certain projects, under the Industrial Development Law.
By Representatives Mursau, Gard, Ainsworth, Albers, Ballweg, Berceau, Friske, Gunderson, Hahn, Hines, Hundertmark, Jeskewitz, Kerkman, LeMahieu, Ott, Petrowski, Pridemore, Staskunas and Van Roy; cosponsored by Senators Hansen and Lassa.
To committee on Small Business.
Assembly Bill 117
Relating to: the color of clothing worn during a firearm deer hunting season.
By Representatives Gunderson, Kestell, Krawczyk, Kreibich, F. Lasee, Lehman, LeMahieu, Petrowski, Stone and Albers; cosponsored by Senators Leibham, A. Lasee and Reynolds.
To committee on Natural Resources .
Assembly Bill 118
Relating to: an income tax and franchise tax credit for training apprentices.
By Representatives Loeffelholz, Gronemus, Ainsworth, Kerkman, Van Roy, Albers, Fields, Freese, Jensen, Townsend, Ott, Vos, Jeskewitz, Gunderson, Pettis and Davis; cosponsored by Senators Grothman, Roessler and Kanavas.
To committee on Workforce Development .
Assembly Bill 119
Relating to: exempting amounts claimed for depreciation for purposes of calculating farm and self-employment income under the Medical Assistance and Badger Care health care programs.
By Representatives Hubler, Vruwink, Kreuser, Zepnick, Gronemus, Sherman, Berceau, Van Akkeren, Richards, Pocan, Ainsworth, Musser, Hines, Freese, Hahn, Staskunas, Pope-Roberts, Shilling, Molepske, Gunderson, Black, Albers, Seidel and Ott; cosponsored by Senators Jauch, Miller, A. Lasee, Harsdorf, Lassa and Hansen.
To committee on Health.
Assembly Bill 120
Relating to: restrictions on the operation of motor vehicles by persons holding instruction permits or probationary licenses and providing a penalty.
By Representatives Petrowski, Gard, Lehman, Ainsworth, Albers, Black, Boyle, Cullen, Gunderson, Hahn, Hines, Jeskewitz, Kerkman, Kreibich, LeMahieu, Ott, Pettis, Seidel, Stone, Travis, Van Roy, Vos and Zepnick; cosponsored by Senators Olsen, Lassa, Roessler, Stepp and Taylor.
To committee on Highway Safety.
Assembly Bill 121
Relating to: exempting school districts from the motor vehicle fuel tax.
By Representatives Friske, Gronemus, Hundertmark, Freese, Ott, Shilling, Gunderson, Bies, Staskunas, M. Williams, Mursau, Pope-Roberts, Ballweg, Musser, Pettis, Strachota, Hines, Lehman, McCormick, Lothian and Albers; cosponsored by Senators Brown, Lassa, Reynolds and Miller.
To committee on Ways and Means.
To joint survey committee on Tax Exemptions .
Assembly Bill 122
Relating to: Medical Assistance reimbursement for transportation by specialized medical vehicle.
By Representatives Friske, Ainsworth, Hundertmark, Kerkman, Gunderson, Albers, Vos, Hines, Mursau, Hahn, Musser and Ballweg; cosponsored by Senators Roessler, Grothman and Breske.
To committee on Health.
Assembly Bill 123
Relating to: supplementing special education funding with lapsed student achievement guarantee contract moneys and making an appropriation.
By Representatives Towns, Davis, Ainsworth, Wood, Nischke, Kerkman, Gielow, LeMahieu, Musser, Hines, Bies, Hahn, Petrowski, Van Roy, Jeskewitz, Underheim, Albers, Pridemore, Vukmir, Kestell, Gunderson, Hundertmark and Ott; cosponsored by Senators Olsen, Kapanke, Darling and Kanavas.
To committee on Education.
Assembly Bill 124
Relating to: provision of home and community-based services under a community integration program to persons relocated from facilities, during the period of the relocation.
By Representatives Wood, Moulton, Albers, LeMahieu, Hines, Pope-Roberts, Vos and Jeskewitz; cosponsored by Senator Grothman .
To committee on Aging and Long-Term Care .
Assembly Bill 125
Relating to: the dairy investment tax credit.
By Representatives Ott, Nerison, Towns, Davis, Suder, Gard, Hahn, Hines, Ainsworth, Freese, Musser, Nass, Townsend, McCormick, Loeffelholz, F. Lasee, Albers, Van Roy, Gronemus, M. Williams, Lothian, Petrowski, Vrakas, Gunderson, Mursau, Vruwink and Ballweg; cosponsored by Senators Kapanke, Roessler, Brown, Grothman, Kanavas, Leibham, Harsdorf, Lassa, Cowles, Hansen and Kedzie.
To committee on Agriculture.
Assembly Bill 126
Relating to: a sales and use tax exemption for building materials that become a part of a facility for a local unit of government's or nonprofit organization.
By Representatives Vrakas, Petrowski, Jensen, Owens, Krawczyk, Kestell, Vos, Towns, Kerkman, Van Roy, Hahn, Musser, LeMahieu, Freese, Townsend, Hines, Nass, Albers, Gunderson, Suder, Stone, J. Fitzgerald, F. Lasee, Loeffelholz, Rhoades, Ott, Wood, Kreibich, Ballweg, Molepske and Moulton; cosponsored by Senators Grothman, A. Lasee, Reynolds, Roessler, Lassa, Leibham, Stepp, Kedzie, Zien, Kapanke, Lazich and Darling.
To committee on Ways and Means.
To joint survey committee on Tax Exemptions .
A87 Assembly Bill 127
Relating to: falsifying title insurance documents and providing a penalty.
By Representatives Townsend, Nass, Van Roy, Hines, Lehman, Nelson, F. Lasee, Petrowski, Albers and Hundertmark; cosponsored by Senators Roessler and Miller.
To committee on Insurance.
Assembly Bill 128
Relating to: the removal of fishing shanties or similar shelters.
By Representatives Pettis, Gronemus, Jeskewitz, Albers, Freese, Gunderson and Stone; cosponsored by Senators Grothman and Kedzie.
To committee on Natural Resources .
Assembly Bill 129
Relating to: late payments of property tax installments and providing penalties.
By Representatives Ziegelbauer, Kaufert, Ainsworth, Albers, Black, Boyle, Gielow, Kreibich, Lehman, LeMahieu, Musser, Nass, Pettis, Pridemore, Towns and Zepnick; cosponsored by Senators Leibham and Reynolds.
To committee on Ways and Means.