Report received from Agency, March 25, 2005.
To committee on Small Business.
Referred on April 4, 2005 .
Relating to the cancer drug repository program authorized under s. 255.056, Stats., and affecting small businesses.
Report received from Agency, March 30, 2005.
To committee on Health.
Referred on April 4, 2005 .
Introduction and Reference
of Proposals
Read first time and referred:
Assembly Joint Resolution 26
Relating to: commending Ignacio Contreras' courage and determination to overcome the challenges as he faces, most notably his fight against cancer.
By Representative Colon ; cosponsored by Senator Carpenter .
To committee on Rules.
Assembly Bill 280
Relating to: expungement of misdemeanors.
By Representatives Gielow, Kessler, Grigsby, Fields, Toles, Benedict, Turner, Pocan, Colon, Nischke, A. Williams and Berceau; cosponsored by Senators Taylor and Coggs.
To committee on Corrections and the Courts .
Assembly Bill 281
Relating to: designating and marking USH 45 as the Wisconsin Labor Highway.
By Representatives Colon, Hines, Sinicki, Van Akkeren, Parisi, Sheridan, Pocan, Lehman, Seidel and Molepske; cosponsored by Senators Zien, Taylor, Darling, Carpenter, Miller, Decker and Lassa.
To committee on Transportation.
Assembly Bill 282
Relating to: creating an individual income tax subtract modification for jury service.
By Representatives Colon, Musser, Berceau, Kreibich, Lehman, Ott, Gunderson and Seidel; cosponsored by Senators Stepp and Taylor.
To committee on Ways and Means.
To joint survey committee on Tax Exemptions .
A157 Assembly Bill 283
Relating to: creating an optional holiday for state employees to observe the birthday of Cesar E. Chavez.
By Representatives Colon, Sinicki, Fields, Boyle, Black, Zepnick, Sherman, Grigsby, Sheridan, Pocan, Lehman and Parisi; cosponsored by Senators Carpenter, Hansen, Taylor and Erpenbach.
To committee on State Affairs.
Assembly Bill 284
Relating to: permitting an educational agency to refuse to employ or to terminate from employment an unpardoned felon.
By Representatives Petrowski, Nass, Ziegelbauer, Albers, Ballweg, Bies, J. Fitzgerald, Freese, Gard, Gielow, Gunderson, Gundrum, Hahn, Hines, Honadel, Huebsch, Hundertmark, Jensen, Kerkman, Kestell, Kleefisch, Krawczyk, Kreibich, F. Lasee, Loeffelholz, Lothian, McCormick, Montgomery, Moulton, Musser, Nischke, Owens, Pettis, Pridemore, Stone, Suder, Townsend, Vos, Vrakas, Vukmir, M. Williams and Wood; cosponsored by Senators Darling, Brown, Grothman, Harsdorf, Kanavas, A. Lasee, Lazich, Leibham and Roessler.
To committee on Criminal Justice and Homeland Security.
Assembly Bill 285
Relating to: employment discrimination based on creed and exemption from liability and discipline for pharmacists who refuse to dispense for abortions, assisted suicides, and euthanasia.
By Representatives Owens, Albers, Ballweg, Bies, J. Fitzgerald, Freese, Gottlieb, Gunderson, Gundrum, Hahn, Hines, Honadel, Kerkman, Kestell, Kleefisch, Krawczyk, Kreibich, F. Lasee, LeMahieu, Loeffelholz, Lothian, McCormick, Mursau, Nischke, Ott, Petrowski, Pridemore, Suder, Towns, Vos, Vrakas, Wieckert, Wood and Ziegelbauer; cosponsored by Senators Reynolds, Brown, S. Fitzgerald, Grothman, Kanavas, Kedzie, Lazich and Leibham.
To committee on Labor.
Assembly Bill 286
Relating to: bows used for hunting.
By Representatives Kestell, Gunderson, M. Williams, Hines, Pettis, Molepske, Owens, Musser, Hahn, Ott, Mursau, Albers, Kreibich, Lothian, Nerison and Krawczyk; cosponsored by Senators Reynolds and Grothman.
To committee on Natural Resources .
Assembly Bill 287
Relating to: the minimum number of railroad employees required to be present in the cab of the lead control locomotive when the railroad train or locomotive is in motion.
By Representatives Hahn, Nerison, Pocan, Molepske, Hines, Mursau, Sherman, Musser, Lehman and Albers; cosponsored by Senators A. Lasee, Breske, Hansen and Lassa.
To committee on Highway Safety.
Assembly Bill 288
Relating to: requiring registration of firearms owned by Milwaukee County residents and providing a penalty.
By Representatives Young, Fields, Sinicki, Turner, Toles and Berceau; cosponsored by Senator Coggs .
To committee on Criminal Justice and Homeland Security.
Assembly Bill 289
Relating to: restriction of political contributions to certain elective state officials and committees and exemption of certain candidates from certain contribution limitations.
By Representatives Schneider and Lehman.
To committee on Campaigns and Elections .
Assembly Bill 290
Relating to: prohibiting the required implanting of a microchip in an individual and providing a penalty.
By Representative Schneider .
To committee on Criminal Justice and Homeland Security.
Assembly Bill 291
Relating to: termination of a tenancy if notice given regarding drug or criminal gang activity.
By Representatives Wieckert, Hahn, Krawczyk, Zepnick, Musser, Vos, F. Lasee, Gunderson, Bies, Ott, Ballweg, Townsend, McCormick, Vrakas, Molepske, Shilling, Pridemore, Mursau, Hines and Stone; cosponsored by Senators Stepp, Grothman, Olsen, A. Lasee, Lazich and Roessler.
To committee on Housing.
Assembly Bill 292
Relating to: requiring the Department of Transportation to provide transportation planning and assistance in reviewing the site plan of proposed school construction or enlargement and granting rule-making authority.
By Representatives Wieckert, Petrowski, Gronemus, Pettis, Hahn, Zepnick, Musser, Lehman, Vrakas, Hines and Molepske; cosponsored by Senators Stepp, Breske, Olsen, Roessler, Grothman and Darling.
To committee on Transportation.
Assembly Bill 293
Relating to: authorizing a county to participate in a municipal revenue sharing agreement.
By Representatives Wieckert, Huebsch, Nerison, Shilling, Ainsworth, Ballweg, Gielow, Gunderson, Hahn, Hines, Jeskewitz, LeMahieu, Loeffelholz, Lothian, Molepske, Mursau, Musser, Nass, Ott, Owens, Petrowski, Pridemore, Rhoades, Townsend, Van Roy and Vrakas; cosponsored by Senators Kapanke, Brown, Cowles, A. Lasee, Olsen, Roessler and Wirch.
To committee on Urban and Local Affairs .
Assembly Bill 294
Relating to: prohibiting legislation to change the purpose of the injured patients and families compensation fund.
A158 By Representatives Wieckert, Montgomery, Gard, Kreibich, Nischke, Black, Hines, Pettis, Ainsworth, Vos, Bies, Freese, Owens, F. Lasee, Musser, Davis, Pridemore, Hahn and Petrowski; cosponsored by Senators Kanavas, Stepp, Breske, Olsen, Reynolds and Grothman.
To committee on Insurance.
Assembly Bill 295
Relating to: the location of a town board meeting.
By Representatives LeMahieu, Kestell, Mursau, Musser, Lothian, Underheim, Nischke, Petrowski, Pettis, Jeskewitz, Pridemore, Ainsworth, Hundertmark, Ballweg, Hahn, Loeffelholz, Lehman, Ott, Bies, M. Williams, Strachota, F. Lasee, Vrakas and Owens; cosponsored by Senators Grothman, Kedzie, Brown, Olsen, A. Lasee, Roessler, Breske and Erpenbach.
To committee on Rural Affairs and Renewable Energy .
Assembly Bill 296
Relating to: modifying certain restrictions on admissions to, protective placements in, or transfers to intermediate care facilities for the mentally retarded and nursing homes.
By Representatives LeMahieu, Kestell, Vos, Ott, Krawczyk, Pettis, Hundertmark, Lothian, Townsend, Kaufert, Gronemus, Gunderson, Hahn, Gottlieb, Gielow, Albers, Van Akkeren, Nischke and Freese; cosponsored by Senators Roessler, Grothman, Brown, Kapanke, Lazich, Schultz and Olsen.
To committee on Aging and Long-Term Care .
Committee Reports
The committee on Colleges and Universities reports and recommends:
Assembly Bill 111