Report received from Agency, July 29, 2005.
To committee on Insurance.
Referred on August 2, 2005 .
Introduction and Reference
of Proposals
Read first time and referred:
Assembly Bill 586
Relating to: hunting and firearm possession by persons who are under 16 years of age.
By Representatives Gunderson, Moulton, Musser, Pettis, Bies, Hines, Kestell, Krawczyk, Lehman, Montgomery, Ott, Suder, Townsend, Turner, Vos, Vruwink and M. Williams; cosponsored by Senators Zien, Reynolds, Decker and Breske.
To committee on Natural Resources .
Assembly Bill 587
Relating to: regulation of rental-purchase agreements and granting rule-making authority.
By Representatives Stone, Huebsch, Gronemus, J. Fitzgerald, Hahn, Townsend, Honadel, Pettis, Vrakas, Kleefisch, Kreibich, Gunderson, Vos, Albers, Krawczyk, Ott, Jeskewitz, Ainsworth, Loeffelholz, Montgomery, Davis and Freese; cosponsored by Senators Brown, Plale, Schultz, Kapanke, Risser, Darling, S. Fitzgerald, Kanavas, Zien, Breske and Olsen.
To committee on State Affairs.
Assembly Bill 588
Relating to: repealing provisions that may be inconsistent with federal law of, and modernizing, chapters 189 to 192 and 195 and other provisions related to railroad regulation and providing a penalty.
By Representatives Townsend, Ainsworth, Albers, Bies, Hahn, Krawczyk and Ott; cosponsored by Senators Grothman, Olsen and Roessler.
To committee on Highway Safety.
Assembly Bill 589
Relating to: providing information about meningococcal disease to parents of pupils in grades 6 to 12.
By Representatives Lamb, Kreibich, Gard, Strachota, J. Fitzgerald, Vos, Lothian, Musser, Pope-Roberts, Gunderson, Albers, Pettis, Ott, Schneider, Gronemus, Ward, Bies, Hundertmark, Jensen, Townsend, Hahn, Owens, Kleefisch, Davis, Berceau, McCormick, Hines, Vrakas and Moulton; cosponsored by Senators S. Fitzgerald, Olsen, Roessler, Breske and Darling.
To committee on Public Health.
Assembly Bill 590
Relating to: payment of annuities under the Wisconsin Retirement System.
By Representatives Vrakas, Petrowski, Krawczyk, Mursau, Hines, Van Roy, Musser, Gunderson, Lothian, Berceau, Ott, Molepske, Pettis, Suder, Pocan, Lehman and Turner; cosponsored by Senators Brown, Grothman, Wirch, Roessler, Erpenbach, Hansen, Breske and Miller.
To joint survey committee on Retirement Systems .
Assembly Bill 591
Relating to: global positioning system tracking for certain sex offenders while on probation, extended supervision, parole, supervised release, or conditional release and providing a penalty.
A427 By Representatives Suder, Kleefisch, Gronemus, Gard, Stone, Kaufert, Vrakas, M. Williams, Pettis, Gundrum, Davis, Musser, Kessler, Strachota, Krawczyk, Lothian, Ott, LeMahieu, Owens, Kreibich, Wood, Albers, Vos, Nass, McCormick, F. Lasee, Gunderson, Vruwink and Hundertmark; cosponsored by Senators Darling, Lassa, A. Lasee, Brown, Olsen and Roessler.
To committee on Criminal Justice and Homeland Security.
Assembly Bill 592
Relating to: time for service of court documents in child abuse and harassment injunction cases.
By Representatives Wieckert, Musser, Turner, Bies, Sheridan, Shilling, Kleefisch, Gunderson, Hundertmark, Hines, Ott and Molepske; cosponsored by Senators Lassa and Olsen.
To committee on Judiciary.
Assembly Bill 593
Relating to: various modifications to housing loan programs and loan guarantee programs, increasing the bonding authority of the Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority (WHEDA), and removing limitations on WHEDA's authority to acquire property.
By Representatives Wieckert, Young, Strachota, Fields, Sheridan, Townsend, Turner, Grigsby, Ballweg, Ott, Berceau, McCormick, Hines and Sinicki; cosponsored by Senators Kanavas, Taylor, Olsen, Roessler and Brown.
To committee on Housing.
Assembly Bill 594
Relating to: repossession of goods in consumer credit transactions and certain consumer leases.
By Representatives Hundertmark, Freese, Van Roy, Hahn, Hines, Townsend, Ballweg, Strachota, LeMahieu, Ainsworth, Suder, Lamb, Schneider and Vos; cosponsored by Senators Leibham, Harsdorf, Wirch and Olsen.
To committee on Financial Institutions .
Committee Reports
The committee on Campaigns and Elections reports and recommends:
Relating to conversion of federal campaign committee funds.
Objection recommended:
Ayes: 4 - Representatives Freese, Towns, Ward and Hahn.
Noes: 2 - Representatives Travis and Pocan.
To joint committee for review of Administrative Rules .
Stephen Freese
Committee on Campaigns and Elections
Executive Communications
State of Wisconsin
Office of the Governor
July 29, 2005
To the Honorable Members of the Assembly:
The following bill, originating in the Assembly, has been approved, signed and deposited in the office of the Secretary of State:
Bill Number Act Number Date Approved
Assembly Bill 39926July 29, 2005
Respectfully submitted,
JIM Doyle
State of Wisconsin
Office of the Secretary of State
To Whom It May Concern:
Acts, Joint Resolutions and Resolutions deposited in this office have been numbered and published as follows:
Bill Number Act Number Publication Date
Assembly Bill 39926August 12, 2005
Douglas La Follette
Secretary of State
August 1, 2005
Patrick Fuller
Assembly Chief Clerk
Risser Justice Building, Room 208
Dear Patrick:
I ask that the Journal of the Assembly note that had I been present for floor session on July 20, 2005, I would have voted aye on the following bills: Senate Bill 261, Senate Bill 262, Senate Bill 263, Senate Bill 264 and Senate Bill 265.
Spencer Black
State Representative