Assembly Bill 262
Assembly Bill 295
Assembly Bill 450
Assembly Bill 521
Assembly Bill 596
Assembly Bill 660
Assembly Bill 717
Assembly Bill 725
Assembly Bill 739
Assembly Bill 742
Assembly Bill 849
Assembly Bill 934
Assembly Bill 935
Assembly Bill 970
Presented to the Governor on Thursday, April 6.
Patrick E. Fuller
Assembly Chief Clerk
Executive Communications
State of Wisconsin
Office of the Governor
April 6, 2006
To the Honorable Members of the Assembly:
The following bills, originating in the Assembly, have been approved, signed and deposited in the office of the Secretary of State:
Bill Number Act Number Date Approved
Assembly Bill 1028269April 5, 2006
Assembly Bill 708271April 6, 2006
Assembly Bill 636272April 6, 2006
Assembly Bill 444273April 6, 2006
Assembly Bill 47276April 6, 2006
Assembly Bill 511277April 6, 2006
Assembly Bill 727279April 6, 2006
Assembly Bill 728280April 6, 2006
Assembly Bill 291281April 6, 2006
Respectfully submitted,
JIm Doyle
State of Wisconsin
Office of the Secretary of State
To Whom It May Concern:
Acts, Joint Resolutions and Resolutions deposited in this office have been numbered and published as follows:
Bill Number Act Number Publication Date
Assembly Bill 479260April 19, 2006
Assembly Bill 1014261April 19, 2006
Assembly Bill 48263April 19, 2006
Assembly Bill 785264April 19, 2006
Assembly Bill 805265April 19, 2006
Assembly Bill 485266April 19, 2006
Assembly Bill 619268April 19, 2006
A1009 Assembly Bill 1028269April 19, 2006
Assembly Bill 708271April 19, 2006
Assembly Bill 636272April 19, 2006
Assembly Bill 444273April 19, 2006
Assembly Bill 47276April 19, 2006
Assembly Bill 511277April 19, 2006
Assembly Bill 727279April 19, 2006
Assembly Bill 728280April 19, 2006
Assembly Bill 291281April 19, 2006
Douglas La Follette
Secretary of State
Referral of Agency Reports
State of Wisconsin
Department of Public Instruction
March 31, 2006
To the Honorable, the Legislature:
The Department of Public Instruction is submitting the 2005 annual report on the status of bilingual-bicultural education programs as required under s. 115.996, Wis. Stats. The reports provide data from the state-aided bilingual-bicultural/ESL education programs for the 2005 fiscal year (July 1, 2004, through June 30, 2005).
This annual report presents details on the state's administration and funding of bilingual education in Wisconsin, including the number of pupils from minority languages served, the locations of the state-aided programs during the 2005 fiscal year, and staff-related data. In addition, the report comments on factors contributing to program growth.
If you have questions, please contact Joseph F. Donovan, DPI Communications Director at 608-266-3559.
Elizabeth Burmaster
State Superintendent
Referred to committee on Education.