Peshek, Peter Arjo Wiggins Appleton Limited
Peshek, Peter Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, Wisconsin Chapter
Peshek, Peter Madison Gas & Electric Company
Peshek, Peter Nestle Waters North America
Peshek, Peter Wisconsin Rental Dealers Association
Peshek, Peter Wisconsin Transportation Builders Association
Petak, George Nestle Waters North America
Petak, George Wisconsin Rental Dealers Association
Petersen, Eric J Georgia-Pacific Corporation
Petersen, Eric J Madison Gas & Electric Company
Petersen, Eric J R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company
Petersen, Eric J United States Cellular Corporation
Petersen, Eric J Wisconsin Transportation Builders Association
Peterson, Craig Arjo Wiggins Appleton Limited
Peterson, Craig Nestle Waters North America
Peterson, Craig Rime Management Group Inc
Plautz, Jolene Naturist Action Committee
Plautz, Jolene Wisconsin Association of Assessing Officers
Plautz, Jolene Wisconsin Curves Association
Plautz, Jolene Wisconsin State Horse Council
Plautz, Jolene Wisconsin Towns Association
Plautz, Jolene Wisconsin Utility Tax Association
Pugal, Trisha Wisconsin Innkeepers Association
Quinn, George Wisconsin Hospital Association Inc (WHA)
Ramey, Melanie Hospice Organization and Palliative Experts of Wisconsin
(HOPE), The
Reid, William S Eli Lilly & Company
Reihl, Mark Wisconsin State Council of Carpenters
Roys, Esq., Kelda Helen NARAL Pro-Choice Wisconsin
S35 Scholz, Brandon Water Quality Association of Wisconsin
Scholz, Brandon Wisconsin Grocers Association, Inc.
Serpe, Michael J Kenosha County
Sicula, Paul Wisconsin Academy of Trial Lawyers
Sink, Daren Pfizer Inc
Snyder, Chris Wisconsin Automobile & Truck Dealers Association Inc
Speerschneider, Timm Wisconsin Transportation Builders Association
Spitzer-Resnick, Jeffrey Wisconsin Coalition for Advocacy
Springer, Thomas J Golden Rule Insurance Company
Stadelman, Richard J Wisconsin Towns Association
Stenger, Scott Madison Gas & Electric Company
Stenger, Scott Miller Brewing Company
Stenger, Scott Municipal Taxpayer Commission
Stenger, Scott Tavern League of Wisconsin
Stenger, Scott Wisconsin Athletic Trainers Association Inc
Strohl, Joseph Menominee Indian Tribe of Wisconsin
Strohl, Joseph Truck Manufacturers Association
Tackett, Chris C Wisconsin Merchants Federation
Tenuta, James Wisconsin Alliance of Cities Inc
Tenuta, James Wisconsin Public Power Inc
Theo, Michael Wisconsin Energy Corporation
Thompson, Brett Wisconsin Credit Union League
Thompson, Daniel R League of Wisconsin Municipalities
Thompson, James McLeod USA
Tierney, Jodie 3M
Tierney, Jodie ATTIC Correctional Services Inc
Tierney, Jodie Barr Laboratories
Tierney, Jodie Cingular Wireless
Tierney, Jodie Nestle Waters North America
Tierney, Jodie Oakwood Lutheran Homes Association, Inc.
Tierney, Jodie Wisconsin Energy Corporation
Turner, Miles Wisconsin Association of School District Administrators
Tussler, Sherrie Hunger Task Force
Twigg, George City of Madison
Vaughan, Michael Wisconsin Chiefs of Police Association Inc
Viohl, Bridget Arjo Wiggins Appleton Limited
Viohl, Bridget Rime Management Group Inc
Watermolen, Abby Wisconsin Primary Health Care Association
Wegenke, Rolf Wisconsin Association of Independent Colleges and
Welch, Robert Georgia-Pacific Corporation
Williams, Gary Wisconsin Automobile & Truck Dealers Association Inc
Winters, Amy CropLife America
Witynski, Curtis League of Wisconsin Municipalities
Wood, Stephen Citigroup Global Markets Inc
Woods, Kent Wisconsin Towns Association
Zuleger, Chad American Medical Security
R. Roth Judd
referrals and receipt of committee reports concerning proposed administrative rules
Relating to department standards for erosion control of inland lakes and impoundments.
Submitted by Department of Natural Resources.
Report received from Agency, January 11, 2005.
Referred to committee on Natural Resources and Transportation, January 12, 2005.
Relating to ambient air quality standards.
Submitted by Department of Natural Resources.