2005 - 2006 LEGISLATURE
October 13, 2005 - Introduced by Senators Cowles, Kedzie and Kapanke,
cosponsored by Representatives Gottlieb, Honadel, Davis, Montgomery,
and Hahn. Referred to Joint Committee on Finance.
SB381,1,2 1An Act relating to: low-income assistance grants made from the utility public
2benefits fund.
Analysis by the Legislative Reference Bureau
Under current law, the Department of Administration (DOA) makes grants
from the utility public benefits fund for "low-income assistance," which is defined as
assistance to low-income households for the following: 1) weatherization and other
energy conservation services (weatherization assistance); or 2) payment of energy
bills or early identification or prevention of energy crises (bill payment assistance).
Current law specifies a formula for determining the amount of grants for
weatherization assistance that DOA must make in a fiscal year. The formula
requires DOA to spend 47 percent of the sum of the following on such grants: 1) the
amount of grants made in the fiscal year by DOA for both types of low-income
assistance (i.e., weatherization and bill payment assistance); 2) all moneys received
in the fiscal year by the state under certain federal programs for low-income
assistance; 3) all moneys spent in the fiscal year on certain low-income assistance
programs administered by electric utilities; and 4) 50 percent of certain monthly fees
paid by municipal electric utility customers and members of retail electric
This bill changes the formula for fiscal year 2005-06. Instead of specifying the
amount that DOA must make in grants for weatherization assistance, the bill
specifies the amount that DOA is allowed to make in grants for bill payment
assistance in fiscal year 2005-06. Under the bill, DOA is allowed in fiscal year
2005-06 to spend an amount no greater than $10,000,000 plus 53 percent of the sum

described above on grants for bill payment assistance. The bill's formula applies only
in fiscal year 2005-06. In subsequent fiscal years, the formula under current law
applies to DOA.
For further information see the state fiscal estimate, which will be printed as
an appendix to this bill.
The people of the state of Wisconsin, represented in senate and assembly, do
enact as follows:
SB381, s. 1 1Section 1. Nonstatutory provisions.
SB381,2,72 (1) Notwithstanding section 16.957 (2) (a) of the statutes, in fiscal year
32005-06, the department of administration may expend from the appropriation
4under section 20.505 (3) (r) of the statutes for low-income assistance, as defined in
5section 16.957 (1) (L) of the statutes, other than assistance for weatherization or
6other energy conservation services, an amount not greater than $10,000,000 plus 53
7percent of the sum of the following:
SB381,2,98 (a) All moneys received in fiscal year 2005-06 from the federal government
9under 42 USC 6861 to 6873 and 42 USC 8621 to 8629.
SB381,2,1110 (b) All moneys spent in fiscal year 2005-06 for low-income programs
11established under section 196.374 of the statutes.
SB381,2,1312 (c) All moneys spent in fiscal year 2005-06 on programs established under
13section 16.957 (2) (a) of the statutes.
SB381,2,1514 (d) Fifty percent of the moneys collected in fiscal year 2005-06 in public
15benefits fees under section 16.957 (5) of the statutes.
SB381,2,1616 (End)