Period ending December 31, 2008
Prepared by Patricia Reichert and Marian Rogers, Librarians
Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau
"Act" at the end of each entry refers to one of the 2007 Wisconsin Acts (e.g., "Act 20" is a reference to 2007 WisAct 20). Any number preceded by "JR-" is a reference to an enrolled Joint Resolution deposited with the Secretary of State. The reference "SCO" indicates a change in a statutory court rule, effective beginning on the date shown, made by Supreme Court Order.
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acquired immunodeficiency syndromeAcquired immunodeficiency syndrome
Black Health Coalition of Wisconsin, Inc.: DHFS one-time funding for HIV infection outreach and other services [Sec. 9121 (9p)] -  Act 20
Drugs to treat HIV infections: DHFS may use federal project aids moneys rather than federal project operations moneys to reimburse costs (remedial legislation)  -  Act 89
HIRSP pilot program for certain drugs for persons with HIV; DHFS report on modifying pilot program re purchase of drugs [Sec. 402, 1646, 2883, 2884, 3035r, s, 9121 (7p)]  -  Act 20
Medicare Part D re persons with HIV infections: restriction on DHFS subsidization of premiums revised [Sec. 3037, 3038] -  Act 20
actions against the stateActions against the state, see Claims
adams countyAdams County
Manufacturing devaluation property tax loss in certain counties: grant from WDF required [Sec. 195, 9108 (10q)]  -  Act 20
adjutant generalAdjutant General
Depleted uranium affecting veterans: Adjutant General and DVA required to assist and provide information; committee to study the effects of exposure created, report required  -  Act 46
Emergency powers: prohibition against restricting firearms or ammunition during an emergency -  Act 87
Executive salary group changes [Sec. 617-619, 620, 621, 623-626, 630] -  Act 20
Military Affairs, Department of: chap.21, Wis.Stats, recodified  -  Act 200
administration, department of _ agency and general functionsAdministration, Department of — Agency and general functions
Campaign finance database conversion funding [Sec. 9101 (7k)]  -  Act 20
DETF information technology system reengineering: funding, planning, and report requirements [Sec. 9114 (1c)]  -  Act 20
DOA information technology reporting re strategic plans, high-risk projects and costs, off-the-shelf systems, master leases, vendor contracts, and information provided to legislative committees; written policies are not considered administrative rules [Sec. 9rg, 101d, 128d, t, v, 2994d, 9101 (8i), (8j)] [128t, 9101 (8i) — partial veto; 9rg, 9101 (8j) — vetoed] -  Act 20
E-Rate funds: use expanded [Sec. 529] -  Act 20
Energy efficiency and renewable resource programs established and funded by utilities: appropriation created; employee transfer from DOA to PSC; Office of Energy Independence created [Sec. 25, 35m, 117m, 215, 217, 699, 2932, 2933, 9101 (2)] -  Act 20
Hmong cultural centers in Dane and La Crosse counties [Sec. 9nd, 583, 596kd, 602c, 9105 (1) (L), (5i)]  -  Act 20
Human trafficking and trafficking of a child: crimes created; AG, DA, DHFS, OJA, and DOA duties specified  -  Act 116
Indigent civil legal services: DOA grants to Wisconsin Trust Account Foundation, Inc., to provide; conditions specified [Sec. 76r, 516e] -  Act 20
Integrated business information system (IBIS): DOA to implement and operate for executive branch agencies; use by non-executive agencies, authorities, and local governments allowed, charges for use permitted [Sec. 128c, 517is-kL, 580i, r, 611p] -  Act 20
MPS pupil academic achievement initiatives: DPI grants; Milwaukee Board of School Directors to submit plan for DOA approval [Sec. 241, 2692] -  Act 20
Off-duty police officer liability appropriation funding revised; DOA report to JCF [Sec. 519, 2921]  -  Act 20
Power and waste water treatment plants (state-owned): certain FTE positions renewed [Sec. 9101 (1), 9109, 9121, 9137, 9152, 9153] -  Act 5
Printing, mail, communication, and information technology appropriation modified; server consolidation study [Sec. 128u, w, 611p, 9101 (9q)] [128u, w, 9101 (9q) — vetoed]  -  Act 20
State agency energy conservation construction projects and fuel and utilities appropriations [Sec. 112g, r, 221s, 227m, 234m, 248m, 317d, 339m, 501m, 516c, 534m, 535m, n, 583, 596c, 608, 9105 (1)(o)] -  Act 20
State Fair Park Board: quarterly financial reports and annual plan to address deficits required; sunset provision [Sec. 781v] [vetoed] -  SB-40
State-owned real property: DOA sale provisions; Regents use of net proceeds for operation of U.W. System; DOA cannot sell certain properties [Sec. 9, 113, 114, 252, 254, 255, 258, 657, 694, 787, 2532, 2544, 2682, 3108, 3936, 3937]  -  Act 20
Tax Appeals Commission deposits: administration transferred from DOA to DOR [Sec. 2129, 2140, 2435]  -  Act 20
Telecommunications access grants to school districts and private schools: DOA authority eliminated [Sec. 129, 531, 532, 2930] -  Act 20
UWHCA bonding limit and board membership revisions; JCF and DOA duties; certain obsolete references deleted [Sec. 3w, 28e, m, 30c, g, 68k-n, 235m, 1799m, 2710e-s, 2875e, 2898g, r, 3023a-u, 3036m, 9150(1f), 9151(1f), 9350(1f), 9351(1f), 9451(1f)] [vetoed] -  SB-40
Wisconsin Covenant Scholars Program and office created in DOA; DOA liaison and Wisconsin Covenant Foundation, Inc., duties; report required [Sec. 25, 26, 35p, 78, 225, 520, 748, 3006, 9122 (1), 9322 (3)] [78, 520, 748 — partial veto]] -  Act 20
administration, department of _ boards and other subdivisionsAdministration, Department of — Boards and other subdivisions
National and Community Service Board funding: DOA to determine administrative support amount needed and apportion between DOA, DHFS, DPI, and DWD [Sec. 77]  -  Act 20
People with Developmental Disabilities, Board for: appropriation accounts renumbered (remedial legislation)  -  Act 152
People with Developmental Disabilities, Board for, created; staff, funding, positions, and authority of Council on Developmental Disabilities transferred to [Sec. 52b, 330s, 524w, 1824b, 9101 (10q), 9121 (9i), 9221 (1q), 9255 (1q)] [9221 (1q), 9255 (1q) — vetoed] -  Act 20
State of emergency: state agency status for health care facilities, mass clinics, and certain health care providers revised; governing bodies of counties allowed to make declarations of emergencies; civil liability immunity for donating or selling qualified food and household products modified; State Interoperability Council made a statutory council and renamed the Interoperability Council; tornado or other hazardous drill requirement in public and private schools revised  -  Act 79
administration, department of _ budget and fiscal issuesAdministration, Department of — Budget and fiscal issues
Appropriation changes for 2006-07 fiscal year; DOA Secretary authority specified (budget adjustment bill) [partial veto] -  Act 5
Appropriation lapses or transfer of unencumbered moneys to the general fund, exceptions provided [partial veto]  -  Act 226
Civil War exhibit at the Kenosha Public Museums: bonding authorized; DOA duties [Sec. 9nx, 583, 596k, 606h, 9105 (1)(n), (6i)] -  Act 20
DOA Secretary required to transfer or lapse to general fund from unencumbered balances of executive branch state agencies, other than sum sufficient or federal appropriations for 2007-09 and 2009-11 fiscal biennia; does not apply to U.W. System or TCS [Sec. 9201 (1c)] -  Act 20
DOA Secretary required to transfer or lapse to general fund from unencumbered balances of state operations appropriations certain amount for 2006-07 fiscal year; amount lapsed or transferred to DOT limited [Sec. 9201] -  Act 5
DOT federal appropriation adjustments: DOA prohibited from approving unless it is approved by JCF under a 14-day passive review process [Sec. 85c, e, f] [vetoed]  -  SB-40
DOT required to submit a 10 year bonding policy plan to DOA and LFB with each biennial budget request [Sec. 2542p] [vetoed] -  SB-40
Educational technology infrastructure loans: excess bonding reduced re program sunset [Sec. 596nd, np]  -  Act 20