Period ending December 31, 2008

Pursuant to Joint Rule 77 (2), "In the author indexes, the brief description of each proposal shall be shown routinely only under the first and second author, and under the first cosponsor, of each proposal. For additional authors and cosponsors, the proposal shall be listed in the author index by number only."

Table of Contents
Albers, Rep. Sheryl (50th A.Dist.; Rep.)
Ballweg, Rep. Joan A. (41st A.Dist.; Rep.)
Benedict, Rep. Charles P. (45th A.Dist.; Dem.)
Berceau, Rep. Terese (76th A.Dist.; Dem.)
Bies, Rep. Garey D. (1st A.Dist.; Rep.)
Black, Rep. Spencer (77th A.Dist.; Dem.)
Boyle, Rep. Frank (73rd A.Dist.; Dem.)
Colon, Rep. Pedro A. (8th A.Dist.; Dem.)
Cullen, Rep. David A. (13th A.Dist.; Dem.)
Davis, Rep. Brett H. (80th A.Dist.; Rep.)
Fields, Rep. Jason (11th A.Dist.; Dem.)
Fitzgerald, Rep. Jeff (39th A.Dist.; Rep.)
Friske, Rep. Donald R. (35th A.Dist.; Rep.)
Garthwaite, Rep. Phil C. (49th A.Dist.; Dem.)
Gottlieb, Rep. Mark (60th A.Dist.; Rep.)
Grigsby, Rep. Tamara D. (18th A.Dist.; Dem.)
Gronemus, Rep. Barbara (91st A.Dist.; Dem.)
Gunderson, Rep. Scott L. (83rd A.Dist.; Rep.)
Gundrum, Rep. Mark (84th A.Dist.; Rep.)
Hahn, Rep. Eugene (47th A.Dist.; Rep.)
Hebl, Rep. Gary A. (46th A.Dist.; Dem.)
Hilgenberg, Rep. Steve J. (51st A.Dist.; Dem.)
Hines, Rep. J.A. (42nd A.Dist.; Rep.)
Hintz, Rep. Gordon N. (54th A.Dist.; Dem.)
Hixson, Rep. Kim (43rd A.Dist.; Dem.)
Honadel, Rep. Mark R. (21st A.Dist.; Rep.)
Hraychuck, Rep. Ann M. (28th A.Dist.; Dem.)
Hubler, Rep. Mary (75th A.Dist.; Dem.)
Huebsch, Rep. Michael D. (94th A.Dist.; Rep.)
Jeskewitz, Rep. Suzanne (24th A.Dist.; Rep.)
Jorgensen, Rep. Andy E. (37th A.Dist.; Dem.)
Kaufert, Rep. Dean R. (55th A.Dist.; Rep.)
Kerkman, Rep. Samantha (66th A.Dist.; Rep.)
Kessler, Rep. Frederick P. (12th A.Dist.; Dem.)
Kestell, Rep. Steve (27th A.Dist.; Rep.)
Kleefisch, Rep. Joel M. (38th A.Dist.; Rep.)
Kramer, Rep. Bill (97th A.Dist.; Rep.)
Kreuser, Rep. James (64th A.Dist.; Dem.)
Krusick, Rep. Peggy (7th A.Dist.; Dem.)
Lasee, Rep. Frank G. (2nd A.Dist.; Rep.)
LeMahieu, Rep. Daniel R. (59th A.Dist.; Rep.)
Lothian, Rep. Thomas A. (32nd A.Dist.; Rep.)
Mason, Rep. Cory (62nd A.Dist.; Dem.)
Meyer, Rep. Dan L. (34th A.Dist.; Rep.)
Molepske, Rep. Louis J. (71st A.Dist.; Dem.)
Montgomery, Rep. Phil (4th A.Dist.; Rep.)
Moulton, Rep. Terry A. (68th A.Dist.; Rep.)
Mursau, Rep. Jeffrey L. (36th A.Dist.; Rep.)
Murtha, Rep. John P. (29th A.Dist.; Rep.)
Musser, Rep. Terry M. (92nd A.Dist.; Rep.)
Nass, Rep. Stephen L. (31st A.Dist.; Rep.)
Nelson, Rep. Thomas M. (5th A.Dist.; Dem.)
Nerison, Rep. Lee (96th A.Dist.; Rep.)
Newcomer, Rep. Scott A. (33rd A.Dist.; Rep.)
Nygren, Rep. John A. (89th A.Dist.; Rep.)
Ott, Rep. Alvin R. (3rd A.Dist.; Rep.)
Ott, Rep. Jim (23rd A.Dist.; Rep.)
Owens, Rep. Carol (53rd A.Dist.; Rep.)
Parisi, Rep. Joseph T. (48th A.Dist.; Dem.)
Petersen, Rep. Kevin D. (40th A.Dist.; Rep.)
Petrowski, Rep. Jerry (86th A.Dist.; Rep.)
Pocan, Rep. Mark (78th A.Dist.; Dem.)
Pope-Roberts, Rep. Sondy M. (79th A.Dist.; Dem.)
Pridemore, Rep. Donald F. (99th A.Dist.; Rep.)
Rhoades, Rep. Kitty (30th A.Dist.; Rep.)
Richards, Rep. Jon (19th A.Dist.; Dem.)
Roth, Rep. Roger J. (56th A.Dist.; Rep.)
Schneider, Rep. Marlin D. (72nd A.Dist.; Dem.)
Seidel, Rep. Donna J. (85th A.Dist.; Dem.)
Sheridan, Rep. Michael J. (44th A.Dist.; Dem.)
Sherman, Rep. Gary E. (74th A.Dist.; Dem.)
Shilling, Rep. Jennifer (95th A.Dist.; Dem.)
Sinicki, Rep. Christine (20th A.Dist.; Dem.)
Smith, Rep. Jeff E. (93rd A.Dist.; Dem.)
Soletski, Rep. James R. (88th A.Dist.; Dem.)
Staskunas, Rep. Tony (15th A.Dist.; Dem.)
Steinbrink, Rep. John P. (65th A.Dist.; Dem.)
Stone, Rep. Jeff A. (82nd A.Dist.; Rep.)
Strachota, Rep. Patricia A. (58th A.Dist.; Rep.)
Suder, Rep. Scott (69th A.Dist.; Rep.)
Tauchen, Rep. Gary J. (6th A.Dist.; Rep.)
Toles, Rep. Barbara L. (17th A.Dist.; Dem.)
Townsend, Rep. John F. (52nd A.Dist.; Rep.)
Travis, Rep. David (81st A.Dist.; Dem.)
Turner, Rep. Robert L. (61st A.Dist.; Dem.)
Van Akkeren, Rep. Terry (26th A.Dist.; Dem.)
Van Roy, Rep. Karl T. (90th A.Dist.; Rep.)
Vos, Rep. Robin J. (63rd A.Dist.; Rep.)
Vruwink, Rep. Amy Sue (70th A.Dist.; Dem.)
Vukmir, Rep. Leah (14th A.Dist.; Rep.)
Wasserman, Rep. Sheldon A. (22nd A.Dist.; Dem.)
Wieckert, Rep. Steve (57th A.Dist.; Rep.)
Williams, Rep. Annette Polly (10th A.Dist.; Dem.)
Williams, Rep. Mary (87th A.Dist.; Rep.)
Wood, Rep. Jeffrey (67th A.Dist.; Ind.)
Young, Rep. Leon D. (16th A.Dist.; Dem.)
Zepnick, Rep. Josh (9th A.Dist.; Dem.)
Ziegelbauer, Rep. Robert F. (25th A.Dist.; Dem.)
Zipperer, Rep. Rich (98th A.Dist.; Rep.)
A50 Albers, Rep. Sheryl (50th A.Dist.; Rep.)
Academic Excellence Higher Education Scholarship Program: maximum amount eliminated -  AB389
Administrative decision: deadline for appeal made the same for contested and noncontested cases - AB368
Adverse possession establishment modified re party in possession or holding the title must be the same for required number of years -  AB168
Ambulance service providers may certify to DOR for collection of debts from tax refunds -  AB679
American Red Cross Month: March 2007 proclaimed as -  AJR20
Arrearage collection procedure used by municipal utility that provides electric or water service to rental dwellings revised - AB649
Ash resulting from the burning of a structure for practice or instruction of fire fighters or testing of equipment: DNR prohibited from requiring disposal in certain landfills  - AB333
Associate's or bachelor's degree from accredited college or university: individual income tax credit created; person can claim for limited number of years; residency provision  - AB601
ATM access fee or surcharge on international transactions permitted -  AB239
ATV and snowmobile operation: prohibited alcohol concentration is 0.0 for anyone under 21 years of age  - AB965
Automatic dialing announcing device call included in ``telephone solicitation" definition; exceptions to prohibitions re the DATCP directory -  AB648
Birth parent may request DHFS or an agency to provide information on the identity and location of the birth child if the birth child is 18 years or older; prohibitions on contacting or revealing information before the birth child reaches 18 years of age; forfeiture and funding provisions - AB489
Bodily harm or threats of bodily harm to a DA, assistant DA, or their families: felony crime created  - AB245
Campaign finance reports: exception for registrants without an office or street address in this state deleted; report requirements and exceptions provided -  SB160
CDL applicant with a military CDL: procedures modified; DOT duties specified -  AB370
Charitable solicitation campaigns performed by professional fund-raisers: DRL required to compile certain information and post it to its Web site -  AB656
Child abuse restraining orders and injunctions: DA allowed to petition the court -  AB778
Child may be placed for adoption prior to TPR finalization; DHFS not required to pay preadoptive preparation re child welfare agency; Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (ICPC) provision -  AB769
Children's products: sale by commercial suppliers regulated re unsafe products; DATCP duties specified; recall, baby crib, injunction, and forfeiture provisions; residential care center for children and youth, foster home, group home, day care center or provider, or shelter care facility prohibitions and inspection requirements -  SB37
Circuit court branch added to Juneau County -  AB58
Class B deer hunting permit holder may hunt deer of either sex  - AB831
Commercial mobile telephone monthly service contract: expiration of monthly access time specified  - AB98
Community action agencies providing skills enhancement programs: DCF to distribute grants - AB850
Community service: municipal court may order as an initial judgment -  SB407
Complaint procedure with State Superintendent established re use of ethnic names, nicknames, logos, and mascots by a school; DNR prohibited from using the word ``squaw" in the name of any lake or stream and names in current use must be changed -  AB180
Conferences held by the Supreme Court or court of appeals required to be open to the public - AB934
Congregation of Sisters of St. Agnes: sesquicentennial of congregation's founding commended - AJR112
Construction location restrictions on one- and two-family dwellings prohibited if in compliance with dwelling code; ``location of construction" definition  - AB508
Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine: sales and use tax exemptions created -  AB724
Contractor and subcontractor registration requirements created; Comm.Dept duties specified; Contractor Advisory Committee created -  AB466
Contractual services purchased by executive branch agencies to be performed within the U.S. when available  - AB307
Converting agricultural land: county payment of penalty to taxation district modified -  AB33
Customer access to toilet facility designated for use by employees of a retail establishment: permitting use by customers with certain medical conditions required; forfeiture, civil liability immunity, and forged statement provisions  - AB859
Dam that affects the water level of a drain re agricultural land: certain approvals for the construction, enlargement, or modification of required -  AB117
Drainage board may impose a mandatory setback distance or no-build zone near a main drain; zoning ordinance, register of deeds, and local plan commission provisions  - AB119
Drainage board public contract minimum bid requirements: amount increased -  AB116
Drainage district: local governmental units required to consider relationship with re comprehensive plans, notification provision; requiring disclosure to potential buyer or transferee of land located in -  AB118
Drainage district: local governmental units required to consider relationship with re comprehensive plans; real estate condition report must disclose if property is near a military base or drainage district -  AB120
Drainage district: procedure for landowner to withdraw property from revised -  AB114
Drunken driving offense: terms of imprisonment increased for second or subsequent conviction - AB490
Dykman, Peter J.: service to the legislature and the LRB commended and wishes for a happy retirement  - AJR84
Ear-piercing establishment: child's parent or legal guardian must sign informed consent in presence of person performing the piercing -  AB453
Election administration law changes -  AB904
Employment discrimination because of military status revised and expanded; exception if the individual has been less than honorably discharged -  AB32
Endangered or threatened species: admissibility, in certain proceedings, of evidence of discovery by a person on private property of another under certain conditions  - AB479
Extraterritorial plat: denying approval based on proposed use of land prohibited -  AB423
Fair market value of private real property: owner may seek compensation from governmental unit if a land use regulation restricts use of the property and reduces its fair value - AB805
False report of a crime: knowingly making or causing another person to make prohibited, misdemeanor and felony penalties; court may order convicted person to reimburse certain costs to the responding law enforcement or emergency response agency - AB699
Fire fighter injury or death due to heart or respiratory disease or stroke: presumption for WC purposes that the condition is related to employment created; criteria specified  - AB275
Fire occurrence reports and records: requiring fire departments to report certain information to Comm.Dept  - AB756
Foster youth scholarship fund: individual income tax checkoff created; DHFS duty set -  AB573
Gluten-free food purchases: nonrefundable individual income tax credit created -  AB786
GPR appropriations: legislature prohibited from passing bills that would exceed certain percentage deposited in general fund; if amount deposited exceeds amount appropriated the excess is transferred to the budget stabilization fund; bill re tax relief required under certain conditions - AB329
Group health insurance coverage of nervous and mental disorders, alcoholism, and AODA: specified minimum amounts of coverage removed; equal coverage to treatment of physical condition re deductibles, copayments, etc.; coverage of annual screening for mental health and substance abuse treatment and prepartum and postpartum depression required  - AB922
Group health insurance coverage of nervous and mental disorders, alcoholism, and AODA: specified minimum amounts of coverage removed; equal coverage to treatment of physical condition re deductibles, copayments, etc.; coverage of annual screening for mental health and substance abuse treatment and prepartum and postpartum depression required  - SB375