2007 Senate Joint Resolution 89
Relating to: proclaiming March of every year as Irish-American Heritage Month.
Whereas, America has been shaped by the principles of liberty and freedom, guided by the pursuit of justice, and enriched by the diversity of its people, and Irish Americans have been an essential part of this development, greatly contributing to our nation's and state's progress and prosperity; and
Whereas, since the founding of our nation, millions of Irish have emigrated to this country, and to Wisconsin, to embrace the vibrant promise of new opportunity that America offers; and
Whereas, some came seeking the freedom to worship as they pleased, while others came in the wake of the devastating Irish potato famine of 1845-1849, which caused 1 million deaths in Ireland and led to the emigration of nearly 1.5 million Irish; and
Whereas, this convergence of cultures contributed to the rich fabric of our great state and nation, uniquely threading together many divergent ideas, tastes, and traditions; and
Whereas, the many successes of the Irish immigrants in America proved to be a continuing draw to their friends and family who remained in Ireland; and
Whereas, the Irish brought with them a spirit of life and a work ethic that helped to enliven our culture and enabled them to prosper in their new land; and
Whereas, Irish Americans helped settle the American frontier, build our cities, and defend our homeland; and, through their service in government and the military, they helped to uphold our democracy and advance liberty and peace around the world; and, through their dedication to faith and family, they have strengthened our communities and enriched our state and nation's character; and
Whereas, many Irish Americans have made Wisconsin and America better and stronger, and, throughout our history, America has been greatly blessed by the innumerable contributions of Irish Americans; and
Whereas, in March, we shall celebrate these great people and the heritage of their beautiful ancestral homeland, Ireland; now, therefore, be it
Resolved by the senate, the assembly concurring, That the members of the Wisconsin legislature do hereby proclaim March of every year as Irish-American Heritage Month.