Tuesday, February 13, 2007
6:53 P.M.
Ninety‐Eighth Regular Session
Assembly Journal
The Assembly met in the Assembly Chamber located in the State Capitol.
Speaker Huebsch in the chair.
Representative J. Fitzgerald asked unanimous consent for a quorum call. Granted.

  A quorum was present.
The prayer was offered by Representative Hahn.
Representative Albers led the membership in reciting the pledge of allegiance to the flag of the United States of America.
The roll was taken.
The result follows:
Present - Representatives Albers, Ballweg, Benedict, Berceau, Bies, Black, Boyle, Colon, Cullen, Davis, Fields, J. Fitzgerald, Friske, Garthwaite, Gottlieb, Grigsby, Gunderson, Gundrum, Hahn, Hebl, Hilgenberg, Hines, Hintz, Hixson, Honadel, Hraychuck, Hubler, Jeskewitz, Jorgensen, Kaufert, Kerkman, Kessler, Kestell, Kleefisch, Kramer, Kreuser, Krusick, F. Lasee, LeMahieu, Lothian, Mason, Meyer, Molepske, Montgomery, Moulton, Mursau, Murtha, Musser, Nass, Nelson, Nerison, Newcomer, Nygren, A. Ott, J. Ott, Owens, Parisi, Petersen, Petrowski, Pocan, Pope-Roberts, Rhoades, Richards, Roth, Schneider, Seidel, Sheridan, Sherman, Shilling, Sinicki, Smith, Soletski, Staskunas, Steinbrink, Stone, Strachota, Suder, Tauchen, Toles, Townsend, Travis, Turner, Van Akkeren, Van Roy, Vos, Vruwink, Vukmir, Wasserman, Wieckert, A. Williams, M. Williams, Wood, Young, Zepnick, Ziegelbauer, Zipperer and Speaker Huebsch - 97.
Absent with leave - Representatives Gronemus and Pridemore - 2.
Vacancies - None.
Leaves of Absence
Representative Honadel asked unanimous consent for a leave of absence for today's session for Representative Pridemore. Granted.
Representative Staskunas asked unanimous consent for a leave of absence for today's session for Representative Gronemus. Granted.
Administrative Rules
Relating to nutrient management on farms and affecting small businesses.
Report received from Agency, January 29, 2007.
To committee on Agriculture.
Referred on February 12, 2007.
Relating to commercial fishing open seasons in Lake Michigan for chubs.
Report received from Agency, February 1, 2007.
To committee on Natural Resources .
Referred on February 12, 2007.
Relating to implementing a woman-owned business certification program, and affecting small business.
Report received from Agency, January 26, 2007.
To committee on Small Business .
Referred on February 9, 2007.
Relating to notice to home care consumers and workers and affecting small businesses.
Report received from Agency, January 31, 2007.
To committee on Aging and Long Term Care .
Referred on February 12, 2007.
Introduction and Reference
of Proposals
Read first time and referred:
Assembly Joint Resolution 14
Relating to: proclaiming May 18, 19, and 20, 2007, Syttende Mai Weekend.
A55 By Representatives Nerison, Hebl, Musser, Kerkman, Hahn, Vos, Albers, Mursau, Jeskewitz, Meyer, Petrowski, Townsend, Gunderson, Owens and M. Williams; cosponsored by Senators Miller, Kapanke, Olsen, Schultz, Risser, Plale, Lassa, Erpenbach and Hansen.
To committee on Rules.
Assembly Joint Resolution 15
Relating to: recognizing July 31, the birthday of Nobel Prize-winning economist Milton Friedman, as Milton Friedman Day in the state of Wisconsin.
By Representatives Vukmir, Ziegelbauer, Suder, Fields, Kramer, Jeskewitz, F. Lasee, Gunderson, Hahn, Vos, Lothian, Mursau, Wood, Nass, Townsend, Kleefisch, Kestell, Owens, Stone, M. Williams, Tauchen, Newcomer, Pridemore, Gundrum, Rhoades and Nygren; cosponsored by Senators S. Fitzgerald, Cowles, Olsen, Lazich, Roessler, Grothman, Schultz and Darling.
To committee on Rules.
Assembly Joint Resolution 16
Relating to: commending the University of Wisconsin-Madison Badger football team.
By Representatives Black, Hebl, Travis, Pocan, Berceau, Pope-Roberts, Boyle, Kerkman, Newcomer, Mason, Ballweg, Lothian, A. Ott, Hahn, Nass, Bies, Jeskewitz, Gundrum, Molepske, Wieckert, Seidel, Turner, Townsend, LeMahieu, Hintz, Petrowski, Staskunas, Mursau, Smith, J. Ott and Ziegelbauer; cosponsored by Senators Risser, Miller, Erpenbach, Lazich, Olsen, Hansen, Lehman, Decker, Lassa, Darling, Kedzie, Coggs, Roessler, Wirch, Plale, Sullivan and Schultz.
To committee on Rules.
Assembly Bill 57
Relating to: disciplinary procedures for certain local law enforcement officers and fire fighters.