Relating to medical standards for driver licensing and general standards for school bus endorsements.
Report received from Agency, April 4, 2007.
To committee on Transportation .
Referred on April 10, 2007 .
Introduction and Reference
of Proposals
Read first time and referred:
Assembly Bill 232
Relating to: the amount of the exemption from income tax withholding requirements for employees of a county fair association.
By Representatives Gunderson, Nerison, Albers, Ballweg, Bies, Hahn, Hines, Kerkman, Lothian, LeMahieu, Mursau, Musser, Nass, A. Ott, Petrowski, Townsend, Vos and Vruwink; cosponsored by Senators Lassa, Kedzie, Breske, Lehman, A. Lasee, Olsen and Schultz.
To committee on Rural Affairs .
Assembly Bill 233
Relating to: granting high school diplomas to certain veterans with service-connected disabilities.
By Representatives Sheridan, Musser, Bies, Berceau, Gunderson, Hahn, Hebl, Jorgensen, Kreuser, Lothian, Molepske, Petrowski, Sinicki, Travis, Townsend and A. Williams; cosponsored by Senators Sullivan, Leibham, Hansen, Kreitlow, Lassa, Plale, Schultz and Wirch.
To committee on Education.
Assembly Bill 234
Relating to: the use of pesticides by veterinarians and veterinary technicians.
By Representatives Hines, A. Ott, Ballweg, Bies, Davis, Gronemus, Gunderson, Hahn, Jorgensen, Molepske, Mursau, Musser, Nerison, Owens, Petrowski, Tauchen, Townsend, Vruwink, M. Williams and Wood; cosponsored by Senators Lassa, Vinehout, Ellis, Grothman, Harsdorf, Kapanke, Kedzie, A. Lasee, Olsen, Plale, Risser and Schultz.
To committee on Agriculture.
Assembly Bill 235
Relating to: an income and franchise tax credit for workplace wellness programs, granting rule-making authority, and requiring the exercise of rule-making authority.
By Representatives Moulton, Kramer, Sheridan, Van Roy, Vukmir, Nygren, Vruwink, Albers, Musser, Wood, Petersen, Davis, M. Williams, A. Ott, Petrowski, LeMahieu, Gunderson, Montgomery, Kestell, Molepske, Townsend, Hines and Kleefisch; cosponsored by Senators Lassa, Roessler, Plale, Darling, Schultz and Leibham.
To committee on Small Business .
Assembly Bill 236
Relating to: extending the period of wage garnishment.
By Representatives Sheridan, Krusick, Staskunas, Nass and Albers; cosponsored by Senators Coggs, Lassa, Olsen and Roessler.
To committee on Corrections and Courts .
Assembly Bill 237
A114 Relating to: imposing a tax on the sale of soft drinks, creating a dental access trust fund, creating grants for dental public health and dental education projects, and making appropriations.
By Representatives Bies, Zepnick, Albers, Benedict, Berceau, Black, Grigsby, Hebl, Molepske, A. Ott, Pocan, Sheridan, Sherman, Soletski, Townsend, Turner, A. Williams and Young; cosponsored by Senator Miller .
To committee on Health and Healthcare Reform .
Assembly Bill 238
Relating to: requiring the Department of Transportation to study vehicle size and weight limits.
By Joint Legislative Council.
To committee on Transportation .
Assembly Bill 239
Relating to: automated teller machine charges for international accounts.
By Representatives Van Roy, Albers, Gunderson, Hahn, Jeskewitz, Mursau, Musser, A. Ott, J. Ott, Petrowski, Townsend, M. Williams, Vos, Sheridan, Ballweg and Montgomery; cosponsored by Senators Sullivan, Grothman, Hansen, A. Lasee, Lassa, Roessler and Schultz.
To committee on Financial Institutions .
Assembly Bill 240
Relating to: prohibiting certain persons from refusing to honor, or from attempting to avoid honoring, a document of gift for donation of an anatomical gift.
By Representatives Staskunas, Van Akkeren, Pocan, Berceau, Cullen, Hebl, Townsend, Molepske and Sinicki; cosponsored by Senators Lehman, Risser, Darling, Coggs and Kreitlow.
To committee on Judiciary and Ethics .
Assembly Bill 241
Relating to: graffiti and providing a penalty.
By Representatives Staskunas, Zepnick, Sinicki, Lothian, Hahn, Vos, Musser, Sheridan and Ziegelbauer; cosponsored by Senators Plale, Carpenter, A. Lasee, Leibham, Darling, Schultz and Lassa.
To committee on Criminal Justice .
Assembly Bill 242
Relating to: notice for child abuse, vulnerable adult, and harassment injunctions.
By Representatives Kramer, Hines, Musser, Vukmir, Berceau, A. Ott, Nass, M. Williams, Gunderson, Hraychuck, Cullen and Ballweg; cosponsored by Senators Lassa, Lazich, Olsen, Darling, Hansen, Coggs, Roessler and Lehman.
To committee on Criminal Justice .
Assembly Bill 243
Relating to: prohibiting consideration of veterans disability payments when ordering maintenance.
By Representatives Musser, Bies, Albers, A. Ott, Turner, Hines, Lothian and Owens; cosponsored by Senator Plale .
To committee on Children and Family Law .
Assembly Bill 244
Relating to: eliminating the personal property tax.
By Representatives Albers, Fields, Vukmir, Ballweg, Vos, Bies, Strachota, Gunderson, Townsend, Musser, Owens and Mursau; cosponsored by Senators Schultz and Lazich.
To committee on Ways and Means .
Assembly Bill 245
Relating to: battery to a district attorney or assistant district attorney and providing a penalty.
By Representatives Molepske, Albers, Montgomery, Musser, Zepnick, Travis, J. Ott, Wood, Ballweg, Townsend, Bies, Gunderson, Gundrum, Hixson, Sinicki, Berceau, Black, Hraychuck, A. Ott and Mursau; cosponsored by Senators Sullivan, Harsdorf, Lehman, Roessler, Lassa, Schultz, Plale and Darling.
To committee on Criminal Justice .
Assembly Bill 246
Relating to: identification for purposes related to the purchase of alcohol beverages.
By Representatives Sheridan, Musser, Albers, Berceau, Boyle, Hahn, Kaufert, Montgomery, Mursau, Nass, Sinicki and Vruwink; cosponsored by Senators Breske, Darling, Grothman, Lehman, Miller and Plale.
To committee on State Affairs .
Assembly Bill 247
Relating to: notification of the state regarding a medical malpractice claim.
By Representatives Montgomery, Berceau, Sheridan, Staskunas, A. Ott, Hahn and Newcomer; cosponsored by Senators Risser, Sullivan, Grothman, Coggs and Plale.
To committee on Judiciary and Ethics .
Assembly Bill 248
Relating to: powers and duties of part-time court commissioners.
By Representatives Molepske, Ballweg, Hahn, Berceau, Cullen and Mursau; cosponsored by Senators Lassa and Grothman.
To committee on Corrections and Courts .
Assembly Bill 249
Relating to: conditions prior to disposition for a juvenile who is not being held in secure or nonsecure custody and providing a penalty.
By Representatives Albers, J. Ott, Berceau, Hahn, Gunderson and Townsend; cosponsored by Senators Roessler and Grothman.
To committee on Corrections and Courts .
Assembly Bill 250
Relating to: public financing of campaigns for the office of justice of the supreme court, making appropriations, and providing penalties.
By Representatives Hintz, Hilgenberg, Berceau, Black, Boyle, Benedict, Cullen, Garthwaite, Hebl, Kreuser, Mason, Musser, Parisi, Pocan, Richards, Shilling, Sinicki, Smith, Soletski, Travis and Pope-Roberts; cosponsored by Senators Coggs, Erpenbach, Jauch, Lassa, Lehman, Risser and Schultz.
To committee on Elections and Constitutional Law .
A115 Assembly Bill 251
Relating to: discharge of firearm near municipality park and providing a penalty.
By Representatives Bies, Mursau, Townsend and Sheridan; cosponsored by Senators Roessler, Darling and Lassa.
To committee on Criminal Justice .
Assembly Bill 252