Tuesday, March 13, 2007
11:00 A.M.
Ninety-Eighth Regular Session
Senate Journal
The Senate met.
The Senate was called to order by President Risser.
Call of Roll
The roll was called and the following Senators answered to their names:
Senators Breske, Carpenter, Coggs, Cowles, Darling, Decker, Ellis, Erpenbach, S. Fitzgerald, Grothman, Hansen, Harsdorf, Jauch, Kanavas, Kapanke, Kedzie, Kreitlow, A. Lasee, Lassa, Lazich, Lehman, Leibham, Miller, Olsen, Plale, Risser, Robson, Roessler, Schultz, Sullivan, Taylor, Vinehout and Wirch - 33.
Absent - None.
Absent with leave - None.
The Senate stood for the prayer which was offered by The Most Reverend Timothy M. Dolan, Archbishop of Milwaukee.
The Senate remained standing and Senator Plale led the Senate in the pledge of allegiance to the flag of the United States of America.
Chief Clerk's Entries
Corrections In:
2007 Senate Bill 54
Prepared by the Legislative Reference Bureau
(March 8, 2007)
1.   Page 1, line 1: delete “notary" and substitute “notaries".
2.   Page 1, line 2: delete “publics" and substitute “public".
INTRODUCTION, First Reading, and
reference of Proposals; reference of appointments
Read and referred:
Senate Joint Resolution 25
Relating to: celebrating March 25, 2007, as the 186th anniversary of Greek independence.
By Senators Kanavas, Grothman, Plale, Darling, Schultz and Wirch; cosponsored by Representatives Zepnick, Gronemus, Hahn, Petrowski and Townsend.
To committee on Senate Organization.
Senate Joint Resolution 26
Relating to: recognizing Alexis Deignan for her selection as Miss Wisconsin Preteen.
By Senator Kreitlow ; cosponsored by Representative Moulton .
To committee on Senate Organization.
Senate Joint Resolution 27
Relating to: calling for changes to the state's public school funding formula to be enacted by July 1, 2009.
By Senators Breske, Carpenter, Coggs, Erpenbach, Hansen, Lassa, Lehman, Miller, Plale, Risser, Sullivan, Taylor, Vinehout, Wirch and Ellis; cosponsored by Representatives Pope-Roberts, Sherman, Toles, Benedict, Berceau, Black, Boyle, Colon, Cullen, Fields, Garthwaite, Grigsby, Gronemus, Hebl, Hilgenberg, Hintz, Hixson, Hraychuck, Hubler, Jorgensen, Kessler, Kreuser, Molepske, Nelson, Parisi, Pocan, Richards, Schneider, Seidel, Sheridan, Shilling, Sinicki, Smith, Soletski, Staskunas, Steinbrink, Travis, Turner, Van Akkeren, Vruwink, Wasserman, A. Williams, Young and Zepnick.
To committee on Education.
Read first time and referred:
Senate Bill 90
Relating to: creating an income and franchise tax credit for motor vehicles that use gasoline and ethanol mixtures as fuel and for fuel efficient hybrid motor vehicles.
By Senators Harsdorf, Kreitlow, Olsen and Schultz; cosponsored by Representatives Hahn, Rhoades, Gronemus, Lothian, Wood, Cullen, Mursau, Musser and Gunderson.
To committee on Environment and Natural Resources.
Senate Bill 91
Relating to: creating a new license authorizing retail sales of wine by certain restaurants for consumption on or off the premises where sold and the penalty for certain alcohol beverage violations.
By Senator Harsdorf ; cosponsored by Representatives Hraychuck, Ballweg, Bies, F. Lasee and Mursau.
To committee on Transportation, Tourism and Insurance.
Senate Bill 92
Relating to: a sales and use tax exemption for equipment and supplies used by nonprofit cemeteries.
By Senators Leibham, Grothman, A. Lasee and Kedzie; cosponsored by Representatives Sheridan, Kerkman, Hahn, Hubler and Sinicki.
To joint survey committee on Tax Exemptions.
Senate Bill 93
Relating to: the investment by certain local units of government of funds held in trust to provide post-employment benefits.
By Senators Lassa, Darling, Grothman and Olsen; cosponsored by Representatives Gottlieb, Ballweg, Fields, Hahn, Mursau, A. Ott, Petrowski and Van Roy.
To committee on Labor, Elections and Urban Affairs.
S134 Senate Bill 94
Relating to: an income and franchise credit for property taxes paid on restaurant kitchen machinery and equipment.
By Senators Leibham, Lazich, Plale, Grothman and Kanavas; cosponsored by Representatives Van Roy, Gronemus, Nygren, Shilling, Albers, Ballweg, Gunderson, Hahn, Jeskewitz, Owens, A. Ott, Seidel, Townsend, Vos and Wood.
To committee on Small Business, Emergency Preparedness, Workforce Development, Technical Colleges and Consumer Protection.