Monday, January 28, 2008
Ninety-Eighth Regular Session
Senate Journal
The Chief Clerk makes the following entries under the above date.
Chief Clerk's Entries
Amendments Offered
Senate amendment 1 to Senate Bill 124 offered by Senator Lassa.
Senate amendment 2 to Senate substitute amendment 1 to Senate Bill 273 offered by Senators A. Lasee and Cowles.
Senate Enrolled Proposals
The Chief Clerk records:
Senate Bill 116
Senate Bill 264
Senate Joint Resolution 4
Report correctly enrolled on 1-28-2008.
Deposited with the Secretary of State
The Chief Clerk records:
Senate Joint Resolution 5
Senate Joint Resolution 69
Deposited in the office of the Secretary of State on 1-28-2008.
Legislative Reference Bureau Corrections
Corrections In:
Senate Amendment 1,
to 2007 Senate Bill 116
Prepared by the Legislative Reference Bureau
(January 25, 2008)
In enrolling, the following correction was made:
1.   Page 1, line 3: delete “7m" and substitute “7y".
Introduction, First Reading, and
Reference of Proposals; Reference of Appointments
Read and referred:
Senate Joint Resolution 83
Relating to: the Professional Ambulance Association of Wisconsin.
By Senators Wirch, Hansen, Harsdorf, Schultz, Lazich, Cowles, Lehman, Olsen, Plale, Roessler, Taylor and Lassa; cosponsored by Representatives Davis, Sheridan, Sinicki, Hebl, Boyle, Hahn, Turner, Kerkman, Jeskewitz, Ballweg, Van Roy, Townsend, Berceau, Bies, Steinbrink, Gunderson, Soletski, A. Ott, Hraychuck, Albers and Petrowski.
To committee on Senate Organization.
Senate Joint Resolution 84
Relating to: recognizing February 2008 as American Heart Month and February 1, 2008, as Wear Red For Women Day.
By Senators Kreitlow, Taylor, Darling, Lehman, Olsen and Roessler.
To committee on Senate Organization.
Read first time and referred:
Petitions and Communications
State of Wisconsin
Department of Health and Family Services
January 28, 2008
The Honorable, Legislature:
Wis. Stats. s.46.03(26) requires the Department of Health and Family Services to report annually on information systems projects under development including the implementation schedule, an estimate of costs, and proposed methods of determining charges where applicable.
The Department currently has the following three systems under development: (1) Public Health Information Network - Wisconsin Electronic Disease Surveillance System (WEDSS), (2) the Vital Records Reengineering Project, and (3) the Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS) and related subsystems. The required information is provided in the attached report.
With warm regards,
Kevin R. Hayden
Referred to committee on Health, Human Services, Insurance and Job Creation.