2007 - 2008 LEGISLATURE
January 30, 2007 - Introduced by Senators Darling, Cowles, Ellis, Grothman,
Kanavas, A. Lasee, Schultz
and Risser, cosponsored by Representatives J.
Ott, Ballweg, Berceau, Gundrum, Hahn, Jeskewitz, Kerkman, Kessler,
Nerison, A. Ott, Schneider, Sherman, Townsend, Ziegelbauer
Gunderson. Referred to Committee on Senate Organization.
SJR7,1,1 1Relating to: the life and public service of Jerris Leonard.
SJR7,1,32 Whereas, Jerris Leonard was born on January 17, 1931, in Chicago, Illinois,
3and died on July 27, 2006, in Bethesda, Maryland; and
SJR7,1,54 Whereas, he was a 1955 graduate of the Marquette University School of Law
5in Milwaukee; and
SJR7,1,76 Whereas, Mr. Leonard was first elected to the Wisconsin Assembly in 1956,
7serving in the 1957 and 1959 sessions; and
SJR7,1,98 Whereas, he served the Wisconsin Assembly as the Assistant Minority Leader
9in 1959 and 1960; and
SJR7,1,1110 Whereas, Mr. Leonard was subsequently elected to the Wisconsin Senate in
111960, serving two terms during the 1961, 1963, 1965 and 1967 sessions; and
SJR7,1,1312 Whereas, he served as the Wisconsin Senate Assistant Majority Leader from
131961 to 1966, and served as the Senate Majority Leader in 1967 and 1968; and
1Whereas, during his tenure in the legislature, Mr. Leonard was a member of the
2Joint Finance Committee, State Building Commission, and Republican Policy
3Committee; and
SJR7,2,54 Whereas, Mr. Leonard was the Republican Party nominee for the United States
5Senate in 1968; and
SJR7,2,76 Whereas, he was appointed by President Richard Nixon in 1969 to serve as the
7assistant United States Attorney General in the Department of Justice; and
SJR7,2,98 Whereas, during his tenure in the Department of Justice, Mr. Leonard headed
9the Civil Rights Division and aided the desegregation of schools; and
SJR7,2,1010 Whereas, he served as an advisor to President George H.W. Bush in 1989; and
SJR7,2,1211 Whereas, Mr. Leonard was the first recipient of the Lifetime Achievement
12Award from Marquette University School of Law in 2000; now, therefore, be it
SJR7,2,16 13Resolved by the senate, the assembly concurring, That the members of the
14Wisconsin legislature commend the devoted public service that Jerris Leonard
15contributed to the country, this state, and his community, express their sorrow at his
16death, and extend their condolences to his family and friends; and, be it further
SJR7,2,22 17Resolved, That the senate chief clerk shall provide a copy of this joint
18resolution to Mr. Jerris Leonard's wife, Mariellen Leonard of Bethesda, Maryland,
19and his sons and daughters, Gib Leonard of Bethesda, Maryland, John E. Leonard
20of Virginia Beach, Virginia, Francis X. Leonard of Gainesville, Virginia, Daniel J.
21Leonard of Falls Church, Virginia, Mary Alice Leonard Ralston of Clifton, Virginia,
22and Kathleen Ann Leonard of the District of Columbia.
SJR7,2,2323 (End)