2007 - 2008 LEGISLATURE
January 29, 2008 - Introduced by Senators Sullivan, Olsen, Risser, Harsdorf,
Lehman, Hansen, Cowles
and Roessler, cosponsored by Representatives
Musser, Jeskewitz, Sheridan, Townsend, Ballweg, Kerkman, Bies, Cullen,
Gronemus, Schneider, M. Williams, Turner, Hahn, Hebl, Travis, A. Ott,
Hintz, Kleefisch, Boyle
and Soletski. Referred to Committee on Senate
SJR87,1,1 1Relating to: the life and public service of John R. Moses.
SJR87,1,42 Whereas, John R. Moses, who after 21 years became the longest serving
3secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs, passed away on
4Saturday, December 8, 2007, at the age of 88 in Madison, Wisconsin; and
SJR87,1,75 Whereas, John R. Moses entered military service in September 1941 and served
614 months in an anti-aircraft unit at Dutch Harbor, Aleutian Islands, during which
7time it came under Japanese air carrier attack; and
SJR87,1,108 Whereas, in 1943, John R. Moses graduated from Armored Force Officer
9Candidate School at Fort Knox, Kentucky, was later assigned to the 10th Armored
10Division, and ordered overseas in August 1944; and
SJR87,1,1411 Whereas, John R. Moses participated in the attack of German forts at Metz,
12France, led the point platoon in General Patton's drive across Moselle River to
13Siegfried Line, was severely wounded in combat on the German border, and was
14subsequently hospitalized for 13 months; and
1Whereas, John R. Moses retired as a first lieutenant on permanent disability
2in December 1945; and
SJR87,2,6 3Whereas, John R. Moses was educated at the University of North Dakota and
4George Washington University and graduated from the University of Wisconsin
5School of Law in 1951; and he practiced law for ten years in Madison and Gays Mills;
SJR87,2,117 Whereas, John R. Moses was active in the Gays Mills community serving as a
8senior Boy Scout leader, a member of the board of trustees of Our Savior's Lutheran
9Church, master of the Masonic Lodge, and as president of the Gays Mills School
10Board for ten years, taking pride in increasing the size of the school district,
11broadening the curriculum, and improving school facilities; and
SJR87,2,15 12Whereas, John R. Moses was appointed by Governor Gaylord Nelson as director
13and then secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs, serving from
14November 1961 to October 1982, a tenure far longer than any of his predecessors or
15successors; and
SJR87,2,2016 Whereas, John R. Moses greatly expanded state programs of assistance to
17veterans, including the part-time study grant program to enhance veterans' job
18skills, and created a new veterans home loan program and the only statewide
19outreach program in the nation to find and assist returning Vietnam War veterans;
SJR87,2,2321 Whereas, John R. Moses directed the conversion of the Wisconsin Veterans
22Home from an old soldiers' home to one of the largest skilled nursing care facilities
23for veterans in the nation; and
SJR87,3,324 Whereas, John R. Moses improved and expanded the exhibits at the Grand
25Army of the Republic (G.A.R.) Memorial Hall in the state capitol in the 1960s, a

1veterans museum dedicated to Civil War memorabilia that eventually was
2transformed into the Wisconsin Veterans Museum, considered to be the finest state
3veterans museum in the United States; and
SJR87,3,6 4Whereas, John R. Moses served as chairman of the Governor's Educational
5Advisory Committee and secretary of the National Association of State Directors of
6Veterans Affairs; and
SJR87,3,10 7Whereas, John R. Moses was a member of Disabled American Veterans,
8Veterans of Foreign Wars, the Military Order of the Purple Heart, Retired Officers
9Association, Wisconsin Association of Concerned Veterans Organizations, 206th CA
10(AA) Association, and the 10th Armored Division Veterans Association; and
SJR87,3,14 11Whereas, John R. Moses was always very proud of the many friendships and
12relationships he developed over the years, and countless people whose lives he
13touched took pride in calling him their friend, including so very many veterans whose
14service and sacrifice spanned generations; now, therefore, be it
SJR87,3,21 15Resolved by the senate, the assembly concurring, That the members of the
16Wisconsin legislature commend and honor John R. Moses for his decades of public
17service, his distinguished leadership and extraordinary vision while becoming the
18longest serving secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs in Wisconsin history
19and his amazing grace and inspirational ways; express their deep sorrow at his
20death; and extend their sincere condolences to his widow, Mildred Jaynes Moses,
21family, and friends; and be it further
SJR87,4,2 22Resolved, That the senate chief clerk shall provide a copy of this joint
23resolution to John R. Moses' widow, Mildred Jaynes Moses, for herself, and so she

1may share it with his children, stepchildren, grandchildren, and
2great-grandchildren and all of his other family members and friends.
SJR87,4,33 (End)