100.01 Produce wholesalers, unfair conduct, liability for damages.
100.02 Commission merchants, duties, must account.
100.025 Classification of dairy heifer calves.
100.04 Livestock production contracts.
100.05 Butter and cheese manufacturers; accounts accessible.
100.057 Wisconsin cheese logotype.
100.07 Milk payments; audits.
100.12 Refusal of commission merchant to furnish written statement of transaction prima facie evidence of gambling.
100.14 Uniform labels and trademarks.
100.15 Regulation of trading stamps.
100.16 Selling with pretense of prize; in-pack chance promotion exception.
100.17 Guessing contests.
100.171 Prize notices.
100.173 Ticket refunds.
100.174 Mail-order sales regulated.
100.175 Dating service contracts.
100.177 Fitness center and weight reduction center contracts.
100.178 Fitness center staff requirements.
100.18 Fraudulent representations.
100.182 Fraudulent drug advertising.
100.183 Fraud, advertising foods.
100.184 Advertising foods for sale.
100.185 Fraud, advertising musical performances.
100.186 Linseed oil, white lead, zinc oxide, turpentine; standards; sale.
100.19 Distribution methods and practices.
100.195 Unfair billing for consumer goods or services.
100.20 Methods of competition and trade practices.
100.201 Unfair trade practices in the dairy industry.
100.202 Contracts in violation void.
100.203 Vehicle protection product warranties.
100.205 Motor vehicle rustproofing warranties.
100.206 Music royalty collections; fair practices.
100.207 Telecommunications services.
100.208 Unfair trade practices in telecommunications.
100.209 Video programming service subscriber rights.
100.2095 Labeling of bedding.
100.21 Substantiation of energy savings or safety claims.
100.22 Discrimination in purchase of milk prohibited.
100.23 Contract to market agricultural products; interference prohibited.
100.235 Unfair trade practices in procurement of vegetable crops.
100.24 Revocation of corporate authority.
100.25 Cumulative remedies.
100.26 Penalties.
100.261 Consumer protection surcharge.
100.263 Recovery.
100.264 Violations against elderly or disabled persons.
100.265 List of gasohol and alternative fuel refueling facilities.
100.27 Dry cell batteries containing mercury.
100.28 Sale of cleaning agents and water conditioners containing phosphorus restricted.
100.285 Reduction of toxics in packaging.
100.29 Sale of nonrecyclable materials.
100.295 Labeling of recycled, recyclable or degradable products.
100.297 Plastic container recycled content.
100.30 Unfair sales act.
100.305 Prohibited selling practices during periods of abnormal economic disruption.
100.31 Unfair discrimination in drug pricing.
100.33 Plastic container labeling.
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