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2009-2010 Wisconsin Legislature

Senate Bill 450

Relating to: goals for reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, for construction of zero net energy buildings and for energy conservation; information, analyses, reports, education, and training concerning greenhouse gas emissions and climate change; energy efficiency and renewable resource programs; renewable energy requirements of electric utilities and retail cooperatives; requiring electric utilities to purchase renewable energy from certain renewable facilities in their service territories; authority of the Public Service Commission over nuclear power plants; motor vehicle emission limitations; a low carbon standard for transportation fuels; the brownfield site assessment grant program, the main street program, the brownfields grant program, the forward innovation fund, grants to local governments for planning activities, the transportation facilities economic assistance and development program, a model parking ordinance; surface transportation planning by the Department of Transportation and metropolitan planning organizations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions; environmental evaluations for transportation projects; idling limits for certain vehicles; energy conservation codes for public buildings, places of employment, one- and two-family dwellings, and agricultural facilities; design standards for state buildings; energy efficiency standards for certain consumer audio and video devices, boiler inspection requirements; greenhouse gas emissions and energy use by certain state agencies and state assistance to school districts in achieving energy efficiencies; creating an exception to local levy limits for amounts spent on energy efficiency measures; creating an energy crop reserve program; identification of private forest land, promoting sequestration of carbon in forests, qualifying practices and cost-share requirements under the forest grant program established by the Department of Natural Resources; air pollution permits for certain stationary sources reducing greenhouse gas emissions; allocating a portion of existing tax-exempt industrial development revenue bonding to clean energy manufacturing facilities and renewable power generating facilities; requiring a report on certain programs to limit greenhouse gas emissions; granting rule-making authority; requiring the exercise of rule-making authority; and providing a penalty.

Status: S-Clean Energy

Important Actions (newest first)

Date / House Action Journal
4/28/2010 Sen.Failed to pass pursuant to Senate Joint Resolution 1782


Date / House Action Journal
1/7/2010 Sen.Introduced by Senators Miller and Plale, by request of Governor James E. Doyle;
Cosponsored by Representatives Black and Soletski
1/7/2010 Sen.Read first time and referred to select committee on Clean Energy470
1/20/2010 Sen.Public hearing held 
1/27/2010 Sen.Public hearing held 
2/1/2010 Sen.Fiscal estimate received 
2/10/2010 Sen.Public hearing held 
2/11/2010 Sen.Public hearing held 
2/17/2010 Sen.Fiscal estimate received 
2/22/2010 Sen.Fiscal estimate received 
2/24/2010 Sen.Fiscal estimate received 
2/26/2010 Sen.Fiscal estimate received 
3/1/2010 Sen.Fiscal estimate received 
3/9/2010 Sen.Fiscal estimate received 
3/9/2010 Sen.Fiscal estimate received 
4/13/2010 Sen.Senate substitute amendment 1 offered by Senators Plale and Miller693
4/28/2010 Sen.Failed to pass pursuant to Senate Joint Resolution 1782
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