Court interpreter pilot project in seventh judicial administrative district authorized [Sec. 609, 9109 (1), 9409 (1)]  -  Act 28
Trespassing liability exemption under set conditions for assessor and staff making an assessment; certain civil liability immunity for owner and notice provisions; municipal assessor must publish a notice prior to revaluation of property and may not enter real property more than once per year to conduct an assessment -  Act 68
tro _temporary restraining order_TRO (Temporary restraining order), see Court — Procedure
trust fundTrust fund, see also Veterans Trust Fund
Dental education: moneys allocated from building trust fund to study the state's role in expanding access to services; emphasis on rural and underserved areas, including construction of new dental school in Marshfield [Sec. 9106 (25f)]  -  Act 28
Joint museum facility for SHSW and DVA: allocation from building trust funds for planning, programming, and site determination [Sec. 9106 (17)] -  Act 28
MA trust fund increase; provision re nursing home operating deficits [Sec. 1293, 9222 (2), (2u), (4q), 9422 (10), (11)] -  Act 28
Stone Barn historic property in the Town of Chase: allocation from building trust funds for restoration; DOA to review and approve plans [Sec. 19gf, 9106 (1)(q), (25)]  -  Act 28
Turtle Island Park in City of Beloit: allocation from building trust funds for restoration; determination re funding from nonstate donations [Sec. 19gg, 9106 (19)]  -  Act 28
Wills and trusts of decedents who died in calendar year 2010: provisions re the repeal of federal estate tax for 2010 only -  Act 341
tuberculosisTuberculosis, see Disease
turkeyTurkey, see Game bird
turtle lake, village ofTurtle Lake, Village of
``Donald J. Schneider Highway": DOT to designate and mark route of USH 8 between USH 53 and the Village of Turtle Lake [Sec. 1924c] [vetoed] -  AB-75
u - U -
Business closing or mass layoff: employer required to provide contact information of the local workforce development board to affected employees; DWD duty and support services information provision -  Act 87
unemployment _ relief measuresUnemployment — Relief measures
Employment service program funding from special federal grants [Sec. 520] -  Act 28
FoodShare employment and training plan: DHS to work with certain counties re increase in federal funding [Sec. 9122 (12u)] -  Act 28
Health insurance for involuntarily terminated employees: ARRA benefits -  Act 11
Milwaukee Area Workforce Investment Board: DWD grant required if City of Milwaukee provides certain funds [Sec. 516v, w, 9156 (2q), 9456 (2q)] [516v, 9156 (2q) — partial veto] -  Act 28
Skills training grants by TCS Board: eligibility specified [Sec. 262s, 758d-t] -  Act 28
Wisconsin Workforce Development Association grants for video conferencing system to be used by job centers around the state -  Act 270
unemployment insuranceUnemployment insurance
Construction employees: penalty for ``willful misclassification" as nonemployees; emergency rules provision [Sec. 2158h, 2210m, n, 2217h, 9156 (3i)] -  Act 28
Construction employees re painting or drywall finishing: penalty for ``willful misclassification" as nonemployees; JRCCP report -  Act 288
Employment service program funding from special federal grants [Sec. 520] -  Act 28
UI administration during 2009-2011 fiscal biennium: additional sums appropriated from special federal grant moneys; appropriation deleted on certain date [Sec. 519, 519a, 521, 521e, 9456 (3x)] -  Act 28
UI benefits eligibility and duration of federal/state extended benefits expanded -  Act 11
UI law revisions -  Act 287
Wisconsin supplemental and extended UI benefits: payment suspended due to available federal funds; Governor authority provision -  Act 1
unfair labor practiceUnfair labor practice, see Labor
unfair trade practiceUnfair trade practice, see Trade practice
uniform legislationUniform legislation, see also Commercial code
Uniform Interstate Family Support Act updates -  Act 321
Uniform Power of Attorney Act adopted re legal or business matters -  Act 319
Uniform Prudent Management of Institutional Funds Act adopted, replacing Uniform Management of Institutional Funds Act -  Act 33
Uniform Unsworn Foreign Declarations Act; JRCCP report -  Act 166
union shopUnion shop, see Labor union
united states _ armyUnited States — Army
Adams, (SGT) Ryan C.: life and military service commended [AJR-124] -  JR-33
Christofferson, (SGT) Steven J.: life and military service commended [SJR-33] -  JR-8
Drees, (PFC) Steven: life and military service commended [AJR-66] -  JR-17
Krueger, (SSG) Amy S.: life and military service commended [AJR-105] -  JR-26
Mueller, (SGT) Nickolas A.: life and military service commended [AJR-104] -  JR-25
Naseman, (MSG) Brian K.: life and military service commended [AJR-69] -  JR-16
Seager, (CPT) Russell: life and military service commended [AJR-107] -  JR-30
Sikorski, (SGT) Clint A.: life and military service commended [AJR-45] -  JR-10
Thompson, (SGT) Daniel James: life and military service commended [AJR-38] -  JR-11
Vrooman, (SSG) Jeremy Dale: life and military service commended [SJR-50] -  JR-19
Wetland map review, wetland identification, or wetland confirmation: DNR to provide, for a fee, upon request of person who owns or leases the land; building permits or other construction approvals required to include information re construction on or near wetlands; memorandum of agreement with Army Corps of Engineers provision; DNR informational brochure on laws that apply to wetlands -  Act 373
united states _ army corps of engineersUnited States — Army Corps of Engineers, see United States — Army
united states _ congressUnited States — Congress
Cornell, Rev. Robert J.: life and public service of the former U.S. Representative from Wisconsin commended [AJR-53]  -  JR-20
Johnson, Jay W.: life and public service of the former U.S. Representative from Wisconsin commended [AJR-88]  -  JR-23
Kennedy, Sen. Edward Moore ``Ted": life and public service as a U.S. Senator from Massachusetts commended [AJR-72]  -  JR-21
united states _ defense, department ofUnited States — Defense, Department of
Authorization for final disposition of a person's remains: U.S. armed forces may use form provided by U.S. Department of Defense -  Act 197
united states _ environmental protection agencyUnited States — Environmental Protection Agency
Great Lakes contaminated sediment removal: bonding authority and program revision; requirement re EPA providing federal funds eliminated [Sec. 646, 2628] -  Act 28
united states _ federal highway administrationUnited States — Federal Highway Administration
I 90/94/39 at Cuba Valley Road, Dane County: DOT to construct interchange; funding requirement; FHWA to approve location [Sec. 1918h] -  Act 28
united states _ food and drug administrationUnited States — Food and Drug Administration
Pharmacist duty to dispense contraceptive drugs or devices: requirements created, does not abrogate pharmacist's legal and ethical obligations re Wisconsin law; DHS duty re hospital pharmacy complaint [Sec. 1419c, 2995nd]  -  Act 28
united states _ health and human services, department ofUnited States — Health and Human Services, Department of
Birth to 3 Program: DHS to request waiver of federal Medicaid law; counties to pay nonfederal share; reimbursement by MA program [Sec. 363, 438, 912, 1316, 1317, 1324, 1325]  -  Act 28
Electronic health information exchange: DHS may organize and maintain a corporation or designate a nonprofit corporation meeting certain criteria to receive federal Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH Act) grants -  Act 274
Family child care provider insurance coverage: DHS study re expansion of BadgerCare Plus coverage; federal waiver provisions [Sec. 9122 (5f)] -  Act 28
Family planning demonstration project: DHS may request federal waiver to include men [Sec. 1302, 1303]  -  Act 28
HIV-related care coordination services provided to MA recipients created, DHHS approval required  -  Act 221
Subsidized private sector employment position program created as part of W-2; provisions re hours per week, monthly grant, and federal waiver [Sec. 1161c, 1172c, 1173c] [1173c — partial veto] -  Act 28
united states _ house of representativesUnited States — House of Representatives, see United States — Congress
united states _ interior departmentUnited States — Interior Department
Historic building rehabilitation: tax credit provisions [Sec. 823, 1585-1588, 1663-1666, 1729-1732, 9343 (17)]  -  Act 28
united states _ internal revenue serviceUnited States — Internal Revenue Service
DOR debt offset program expansion; IRS agreement provisions [Sec. 1805-1812, 1815d, 3224-3226, 9443 (6)]  -  Act 28