2009 - 2010 LEGISLATURE
September 16, 2009 - Offered by Representative Davis.
SB185-AA2,1,21 At the locations indicated, amend the bill, as shown by senate substitute
2amendment 2, as follows:
SB185-AA2,1,3 31. Page 4, line 15: delete "No" and substitute "No".
SB185-AA2,1,4 42. Page 4, line 16: after " village" insert "Except as provided in sub. (7), no".
SB185-AA2,1,6 53. Page 5, line 19: delete "A political" and substitute "Except as provided in
6sub. (7), a political".
SB185-AA2,1,8 74. Page 6, line 14: delete "If a political" and substitute "Except as provided in
8sub. (7), if a political".
SB185-AA2,1,10 95. Page 7, line 7: delete "The political" and substitute "Except as provided in
10sub. (7), the political".
SB185-AA2,1,12 116. Page 7, line 11: delete "A political" and substitute "Except as provided in
12sub. (7), a political".
17. Page 8, line 3: after "subd. 2." insert "and sub. (7)".
SB185-AA2,2,3 28. Page 8, line 14: delete "A political" and substitute "Except as provided in
3sub. (7), a political".
SB185-AA2,2,5 49. Page 10, line 6: delete "If the commission" and substitute "Unless sub. (7)
5applies, if the commission".
SB185-AA2,2,10 610. Page 10, line 9: after "remedy." insert "If sub. (7) applies and the
7commission determines that the political subdivision's decision or enforcement
8action does not represent a reasonable application of the ordinance under sub. (7) or
9is otherwise unreasonable, the political subdivision's decision shall be superseded by
10the commission's decision and the commission may order an appropriate remedy.".
SB185-AA2,2,11 1111. Page 11, line 13: after that line insert:
SB185-AA2,2,12 12" Section 8m. 66.0401 (7) of the statutes is created to read:
SB185-AA2,2,1613 66.0401 (7) Existing ordinance. (a) An ordinance specifically regulating the
14installation or use of a wind energy system that took effect prior to the effective date
15of this paragraph .... [LRB inserts date], shall remain in effect until the ordinance
16is revised and the revised ordinance takes effect.
SB185-AA2,2,1917 (b) A political subdivision that has an ordinance that meets the requirements
18of par. (a) need not enact an ordinance complying with sub. (4) (g) unless the
19ordinance referenced in par. (a) is revised.".
SB185-AA2,2,21 2012. Page 12, line 15: delete "A political" and substitute "Except as provided
21in s. 66.0401 (7), a political".