Tuesday, February 17, 2009
6:30 P.M.
Ninety-Ninth Regular Session
Assembly Journal
The Assembly met in the Assembly Chamber located in the State Capitol.
Representative Benedict in the chair.
Representative Nelson asked unanimous consent for a quorum call. Granted.

A quorum was present.
Speaker Sheridan in the chair.
The prayer was offered by Representative A. Ott.
Representative Pasch led the membership in reciting the pledge of allegiance to the flag of the United States of America.
The roll was taken.
The result follows:
Present - Representatives Ballweg, Barca, Benedict, Berceau, Bernard Schaber, Bies, Black, Brooks, Clark, Colon, Cullen, Danou, Davis, Dexter, Fields, J. Fitzgerald, Friske, Garthwaite, Gottlieb, Grigsby, Gunderson, Gundrum, Hebl, Hilgenberg, Hintz, Hixson, Honadel, Hraychuck, Hubler, Huebsch, Jorgensen, Kaufert, Kerkman, Kessler, Kestell, Kleefisch, Knodl, Kramer, Krusick, LeMahieu, Lothian, Mason, Meyer, Milroy, Molepske Jr., Montgomery, Mursau, Murtha, Nass, Nelson, Nerison, Newcomer, Nygren, A. Ott, J. Ott, Parisi, Pasch, Petersen, Petrowski, Pocan, Pope-Roberts, Pridemore, Radcliffe, Rhoades, Richards, Ripp, Roth, Roys, Schneider, Seidel, Sherman, Shilling, Sinicki, Smith, Soletski, Spanbauer, Staskunas, Steinbrink, Stone, Strachota, Suder, Tauchen, Toles, Townsend, Turner, Van Akkeren, Van Roy, Vos, Vruwink, Vukmir, A. Williams, M. Williams, Wood, Young, Zepnick, Ziegelbauer, Zigmunt, Zipperer and Speaker Sheridan - 99.
Absent with leave - None.
Vacancies - None.
Amendments Offered
Assembly amendment 1 to Assembly Bill 3 offered by committee on Natural Resources.
Assembly amendment 2 to Assembly Bill 3 offered by committee on Natural Resources.
Assembly amendment 1 to Assembly Bill 14 offered by Representative Pope-Roberts.
Assembly substitute amendment 1 to Assembly Bill 15 offered by Representative Hixson.
Introduction and Reference
of Proposals
Read first time and referred:
Assembly Resolution 6
Relating to: expressing the sense of the assembly that Congress should invest in the manufacturing sector, including the domestic auto industry.
By Representative Sheridan .
To committee on Rules.
Assembly Joint Resolution 11
Relating to: status of seats of legislators on ordered military duty and appointment of temporary acting legislators for legislators performing ordered military duty (first consideration).
By Representatives Schneider, Kaufert and Suder; cosponsored by Senators S. Fitzgerald and Schultz.
To committee on Elections and Campaign Reform .
Assembly Joint Resolution 12
Relating to: renaming the decorated tree on display in the capitol rotunda during the Christmas holiday season as the Wisconsin State Christmas Tree.
By Representatives Schneider, Ziegelbauer, Pridemore, Kleefisch, Nygren, Kerkman, Roth, Kaufert, Hubler, Huebsch, Vos, Mursau, Vruwink, Bies, M. Williams, Suder, Honadel, Vukmir, Lothian, Gunderson, Strachota and Ballweg; cosponsored by Senators Lazich, Olsen, A. Lasee and Plale.
To committee on State Affairs and Homeland Security .
Assembly Joint Resolution 13
Relating to: the life and public service of John A. Volk.
By Representative Mursau ; cosponsored by Senator Holperin .
To committee on Rules.
Assembly Joint Resolution 14
Relating to: the life and public service of Frank H. Urban, M.D.
A60 By Representative Vukmir ; cosponsored by Senator Sullivan .
To committee on Rules.
Assembly Joint Resolution 15
Relating to: opposing a federal mandate requiring the suspension or revocation of driver's licenses in all circumstances in which a person has been convicted of a drug or other controlled substances violation and exercising the state's option to opt out of this federal mandate.
By Representatives Grigsby, Kessler, Berceau, Colon, Fields, Mason, Roys, Sinicki, Toles, Turner, A. Williams, Young and A. Ott; cosponsored by Senators Taylor, Grothman, Lehman, Plale and Erpenbach.
To committee on Judiciary and Ethics .
Assembly Joint Resolution 16
Relating to: the dissolution of state funds and accounts and prohibiting the state from changing the purpose of any state fund or program revenue appropriation account (first consideration).
By Representatives Tauchen, Strachota, Gottlieb, Ripp, Ziegelbauer, Nerison, Honadel, Petersen, Suder, Nygren, Kaufert, Montgomery, Bies, Kestell, Knodl, Ballweg, Van Roy, A. Ott, Davis, Lothian, Pridemore, Zipperer, Mursau, Murtha, Gundrum, Nass, Stone, LeMahieu, Brooks, Kleefisch, M. Williams, Gunderson, Vos, Kramer, Kerkman, Roth and Spanbauer; cosponsored by Senators Plale, Cowles, Carpenter, Holperin, Grothman, Kanavas, A. Lasee, Kedzie, Harsdorf, Olsen, Kapanke, Lazich, S. Fitzgerald, Schultz, Darling, Leibham and Hopper.
To committee on Ways and Means.
Assembly Bill 42
Relating to: acceptance of certain political contributions by certain elective state officials, officials elect, and committees and providing a penalty.
By Representatives Gottlieb, Kaufert, Ballweg, Bies, Brooks, Cullen, Davis, Gunderson, Lothian, Meyer, Mursau, Murtha, Nass, Nygren, A. Ott, Petrowski, Roth, Strachota, Van Roy and Ripp; cosponsored by Senators Harsdorf, Olsen, Cowles and Schultz.
To committee on Elections and Campaign Reform .
Assembly Bill 43
Relating to: designating portions of the Totogatic River as a wild river.