Friday, July 31, 2009
Ninety-Ninth Regular Session
Assembly Journal
The Chief Clerk makes the following entries under the above date:
Introduction and Reference
of Proposals
Read first time and referred:
Assembly Bill 358
Relating to: indoor environmental quality in public and private schools.
By Representatives Grigsby, Pope-Roberts, Cullen, Hilgenberg, Black, Benedict, Fields, Berceau, Mason, Toles, Hintz, Molepske Jr., Zepnick, Hebl, Pocan, Parisi, Milroy, Roys and Hixson; cosponsored by Senators Sullivan, Olsen, Miller, Hansen, Vinehout, Lassa, Taylor, Darling, Erpenbach, Schultz, Risser and Lehman.
To committee on Education.
Assembly Bill 359
Relating to: creating a refundable individual income tax credit for certain married couples.
By Representatives Pridemore, Grigsby, Brooks, Gunderson, Mason and Bies; cosponsored by Senators Taylor and Darling.
To committee on Children and Families .
Assembly Bill 360
Relating to: discharges of ballast water and related substances into the waters of the state, aquatic nuisance species, providing an exemption from emergency rule procedures, granting rule-making authority, and making an appropriation.
By Representatives Molepske Jr., Milroy, Danou, Zepnick, Black, Hraychuck, Turner, Zigmunt, Berceau, Hubler, Townsend, Pocan, Mason, Parisi, Clark, Pope-Roberts, Kleefisch, Roys, Hintz, Soletski and Bernard Schaber; cosponsored by Senators Schultz, Wirch, Lassa and Risser.
To committee on Natural Resources .
Administrative Rules
Relating to fishing and clamming on the inland, outlying, and boundary waters of Wisconsin.
Report received from Agency, July 15, 2009.
To committee on Fish and Wildlife .
Referred on July 29, 2009 .
Relating to the assistance to needy veterans grant program.
Report received from Agency, July 15, 2009.
To committee on Veterans and Military Affairs .
Referred on July 29, 2009 .
Relating to medical support and child support guidelines review.
Report received from Agency, July 17, 2009.
To committee on Children and Families .
Referred on July 29, 2009 .
Committee Reports
The committee on Veterans and Military Affairs reports and recommends:
Assembly Bill 198
Relating to: highway maps published by the Department of Transportation.
Ayes: 9 - Representatives Hilgenberg, Schneider, Turner, Hubler, Sinicki, Milroy, Petersen, Petrowski and Meyer.
Noes: 0.
To committee on Rules.
Steve Hilgenberg
Committee on Veterans and Military Affairs
A345 Referral of Agency Reports
State of Wisconsin
Department of Administration
Department of Natural Resources
July 29, 2009
To the Honorable, the Legislature:
Environmental Improvement Fund (EIF) program legislation (s. 281.59 (3)(bm)s, Wis. Stats.) requires the Department of Natural Resources and the Department of Administration to submit to the Legislature and to the State Building Commission the final version of the EIF Biennial Finance Plan following enactment of the biennial budget. The purpose of the Plan is to provide information on loan, loan subsidy and bonding levels for program operations in the 2009-2011 biennium.
If you have any questions regarding the Biennial Finance Plan, please contact Mary Rose Teves at 267-7683 or Michael Wolff at 267-2734.
Mary Rose Teves