Friday, January 22, 2010
Ninety-Ninth Regular Session
Assembly Journal
The Chief Clerk makes the following entries under the above date:
Amendments Offered
Assembly amendment 1 to Assembly Bill 651 offered by Representative Nygren.
Introduction and Reference
of Proposals
Read first time and referred:
Assembly Joint Resolution 103
Relating to: recognizing February 2010 as American Heart Month.
By Representatives Zigmunt, Ballweg, Benedict, Berceau, Bernard Schaber, Cullen, Fields, Gunderson, Hebl, Hintz, Hixson, Jorgensen, Kaufert, Molepske Jr., A. Ott, Pasch, Pope-Roberts, Pridemore, Seidel, Shilling, Soletski, Townsend, Turner, Vruwink and Ziegelbauer; cosponsored by Senators Hansen, Darling, Erpenbach, Lazich, Lehman, Risser, Taylor and Wirch.
To committee on Rules.
Assembly Joint Resolution 104
Relating to: the life and military service of Sergeant Nickolas A. Mueller.
By Representative Nelson ; cosponsored by Senator Cowles .
To calendar.
Assembly Joint Resolution 105
Relating to: the life and military service of U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Amy S. Krueger.
By Representative Kestell ; cosponsored by Senator Leibham .
To calendar.
Assembly Bill 663
Relating to: restricting access to and limiting information contained in the Consolidated Court Automation Programs and providing a penalty.
By Representatives Schneider, Roys, A. Williams and Kessler.
To committee on State Affairs and Homeland Security .
Assembly Bill 664
Relating to: requiring certain chain restaurants to post or provide nutritional information, providing immunity for restaurants that provide inaccurate nutritional information, and providing a penalty.
By Representatives Benedict, Pope-Roberts, Hilgenberg, Pasch, Kessler, Dexter, Colon, Hixson and Sinicki; cosponsored by Senators Miller, Lehman and Taylor.
To committee on Public Health.
Assembly Bill 665
Relating to: requiring an insurer to make payment directly to a provider who provides the insurer with an assignment of benefits.
By Representatives Pocan, Benedict, Berceau, Mason, Sinicki, Soletski, Shilling, Roys, Turner, Vruwink, Gunderson, Zepnick, A. Ott, Hebl and Kaufert; cosponsored by Senators Erpenbach, Hansen, Jauch, Vinehout, Wirch, Lehman and Lassa.
To committee on Public Health.
Assembly Bill 666
Relating to: special distinguishing registration plates supporting motorcycle safety and making appropriations.
By Representatives Vruwink, Honadel, Ziegelbauer, Sinicki, Turner, Fields, Schneider, Zepnick and A. Ott; cosponsored by Senators Sullivan, Lehman, Taylor, Olsen, Schultz, Hansen, Wirch and Plale.
To committee on Transportation.
Assembly Bill 667
Relating to: changing the calculation of the married persons tax credit.
By Representatives Davis, Gundrum, Kerkman, LeMahieu, Mursau, Pridemore, Rhoades, Ripp, Townsend and Nass; cosponsored by Senators Schultz and Taylor.
To committee on Ways and Means.
Assembly Bill 668
Relating to: the purchase of motor vehicles from motor vehicle salvage pools, requiring the exercise of rule-making authority, and providing a penalty.
By Representatives Vruwink, Steinbrink and A. Williams; cosponsored by Senators Miller and Hansen.
To committee on Transportation.
A592 Assembly Bill 669
Relating to: the governance, and election of members of the board of school directors, of a first class city school district, and tenure for school principals.
By Representatives Grigsby, Sinicki, A. Williams, Kessler, Turner, Mason and Toles; cosponsored by Senator Coggs .
To committee on Rules.
Assembly Bill 670
Relating to: requiring sellers of residential real property to disclose whether the property is subject to a shoreland zoning mitigation plan.
By Representative Black ; cosponsored by Senator Holperin .
To committee on Natural Resources .
Assembly Bill 671
Relating to: licensing anesthesiologist assistants and creating the Council on Anesthesiologist Assistants and granting rule-making authority.
By Representatives Shilling, Pasch, Petrowski, Smith, Townsend, Vruwink and Zepnick; cosponsored by Senators Taylor, Darling, Kapanke, Kedzie and Plale.
To committee on Health and Healthcare Reform .
Assembly Bill 672
Relating to: foreclosure and sale of residential property.