The committee on Urban and Local Affairs reports and recommends:
Assembly Bill 446
Relating to: authorizing county treasurers to provide notice of unclaimed funds by using the Internet.
Ayes: 6 - Representatives Berceau, Van Akkeren, Hintz, Parisi, Gottlieb and Spanbauer.
Noes: 1 - Representative Ziegelbauer.
To committee on Rules.
Assembly Bill 489
Relating to: public access to certain local government law enforcement records.
Assembly Amendment 1 adoption:
Ayes: 7 - Representatives Berceau, Van Akkeren, Ziegelbauer, Hintz, Parisi, Gottlieb and Spanbauer.
Noes: 0.
Passage as amended:
Ayes: 6 - Representatives Berceau, Van Akkeren, Hintz, Parisi, Gottlieb and Spanbauer.
Noes: 1 - Representative Ziegelbauer.
To committee on Rules.
Terese Berceau
Committee on Urban and Local Affairs
Message from the Senate
From: Robert J. Marchant, Senate Chief Clerk.
Mr. Speaker:
I am directed to inform you that the Senate has
Passed and asks concurrence in:
Senate Bill 146
Senate Bill 263
Senate Bill 303
Senate Bill 362
A622 Senate Bill 383
Action on the Senate Message
Senate Bill 146
Relating to: providing benefits and protections to tribal schools and tribal school pupils and staff similar to those provided to private schools and private school pupils and staff and making an appropriation.
By Joint Legislative Council.
To committee on Education.
Senate Bill 263
Relating to: criteria for determining indigency for purposes of representation by the State Public Defender and requiring the exercise of rule-making authority.
By Senators Coggs, Risser, Sullivan, Miller, Olsen, Vinehout, Wirch, Robson, Lassa, Erpenbach, Lehman, Plale, Hansen, Taylor and Schultz; cosponsored by Representatives Sherman, Hebl, Grigsby, Hintz, Bies, Berceau, Colon, Dexter, Fields, Jorgensen, Kessler, Mason, Molepske Jr., A. Ott, Parisi, Pasch, Petrowski, Pope-Roberts, Richards, Roys, Seidel, Shilling, Smith, Soletski, Spanbauer, Staskunas, Tauchen, Turner, Van Akkeren, Van Roy, A. Williams and Young.
To committee on Rules.
Senate Bill 303
Relating to: requesting a person who operates a vehicle that is involved in an accident that causes death or injury to submit to a test for intoxication.
By Senators Grothman, Risser, Lehman, Olsen, Taylor and Darling; cosponsored by Representatives LeMahieu, Mason, Mursau, Townsend, Brooks, Vos, Knodl, Petersen, Spanbauer, A. Ott, Lothian, Gunderson, Nass, Bies, Ziegelbauer and Ballweg.
To committee on Public Safety.
Senate Bill 383
Relating to: municipal court elections, judges, and procedure, and providing penalties.
By Senators Taylor, Risser, Erpenbach and Wirch; cosponsored by Representatives Seidel, Parisi, Pope-Roberts, Turner, Tauchen, Pasch, Staskunas, Lothian, Berceau, Danou and Townsend.
To committee on Corrections and the Courts.
Enrolled Bills and Joint Resolutions
The following Assembly proposals, which have been approved by both the Assembly and Senate, have been enrolled by the Legislative Reference Bureau:
Assembly Bill 165
Assembly Bill 229
Assembly Bill 236
Assembly Bill 456
Assembly Joint Resolution 100
Assembly Joint Resolution 103
Assembly Joint Resolution 106
Patrick E. Fuller
Assembly Chief Clerk
Reference Bureau Corrections
Senate Amendment 6 to Assembly Bill 458
1. Page 1, line 2: delete "3" and substitute "5".
Assembly Bill 647
1. Page 40, line 19: delete "(d)" and substitute "(e)".
February 1, 2010
Patrick Fuller
Assembly Chief Clerk
17 West Main Street, Suite 401
Madison, WI 53703
Dear Chief Clerk Fuller:
Please remove my name as a co-sponsor of Assembly Bill 680, relating to temporary restraining orders and injunctions.
Julie Lassa
State Senator
24th Senate District
Referral of Agency Reports
State of Wisconsin
University of Wisconsin-Parkside
DATE: December 29, 2009

TO: Patrick E. Fuller, Assembly Chief Clerk
FROM: Paul Haubrich, University of Wisconsin -Parkside
Charter School Office
SUBJECT: Legislative Report pursuant to Chapter 118.40 (2r)(f)
Attached please find the report from University of Wisconsin-Parkside regarding the 21st Century Charter School. Statute requires a report every two years on the status of the school. Copies of this report have been shared with Representatives Turner and Mason as part of the distribution to interested parties.
A623 Should you or your office have any questions please feel free to email me at for further information.
Referred to committee on Education Reform.