By Senators Erpenbach, Ellis, Carpenter, Lehman, Holperin, Schultz, Risser, Harsdorf, Vinehout and Sullivan; cosponsored by Representatives Pope-Roberts, Berceau, Black, Hixson and Hebl.
To committee on Judiciary, Corrections, Insurance, Campaign Finance Reform, and Housing.
Senate Bill 222
Relating to: group deer hunting requirements and restrictions on placing, possessing, or transporting a firearm, bow, or crossbow in or on a vehicle.
By Senators Decker, Holperin, Hansen, Hopper and Taylor; cosponsored by Representatives Jorgensen, Petrowski, Spanbauer and Zigmunt.
To committee on Transportation, Tourism, Forestry, and Natural Resources.
Petitions and Communications
State of Wisconsin
Office of the Governor
May 26 , 2009
To the Honorable, the Senate:
The following bill(s), originating in the Senate, have been approved, signed and deposited in the office of the Secretary of State:
Bill Number Act Number Date Approved
Senate Bill 161 15 May 26 , 2009
Respectfully Submitted,
State of Wisconsin
Office of the Secretary of State
May 26 , 2009
The Honorable, the Legislature:
Bill Number Act Number Publication Date
Senate Bill 27Act 14 June 5 , 2009
Secretary of State
Referrals and Receipt of Committee Reports Concerning Proposed Administrative Rules
The committee on Ethics Reform and Government Operations reports and recommends:
Relating to technical standards for electronic recording of documents in the County Register of Deeds Offices in Wisconsin.
No action taken.
Fred Risser