State of Wisconsin
Office of the Secretary of State
June 18 , 2009
The Honorable, the Legislature:
Bill Number Act Number Publication Date
Senate Bill 51Act 24 June 26 , 2009
Secretary of State
Pursuant to Senate Rule 17 (5), Senator Schultz added as a coauthor of Senate Bill 208 .
Pursuant to Senate Rule 17 (5), Senator Carpenter added as a cosponsor of Assembly Joint Resolution 60 .
State of Wisconsin
Department of Natural Resources
June 1, 2009
The Honorable, The Legislature:
Thanks to committed Department of Natural Resources staff, dedicated partners and funding to support aggressive action, we are making progress in protecting Wisconsin's beautiful lakes and streams from the threat of aquatic invasive species.
I am pleased to present the 2007-08 Summary Report on Aquatic Invasive Species - a snapshot of success built upon smart investments and solid partnerships necessary for a future of pristine waters.
No new Wisconsin waters were found contaminated with the deadly viral hemorrhagic septicemia (VHS) virus in 2008. That's progress. A threat to more than 25 species, VHS first was found in the Great Lakes in 2005. Add to the good news the fact 75 percent of Wisconsin lakes with public access ended 2008 free of Eurasian water-milfoil and zebra mussels.
How did we get there? Since 2003 more than $10 million in DNR grants have gone to local communities for AIS projects. Local governments, community organizations and hundreds of volunteers on the front lines are key partners in our fight to stop invasive species.
Over the past several years, Gov. Jim Doyle and the Legislature tripled grant funding for local aquatic invasive species efforts and supported a new nine-member DNR Water Guard to educate boaters about AIS prevention and control. Thirty-one county and tribal coordinators picked up the cause and managed community-based prevention work involving 33,000 hours spent educating boaters at landings in 2008. Our Volunteers in the Citizen Lake Monitoring Network saw 978 volunteers at more than 800 locations in 2008.
Their efforts are paying off.
A University of Wisconsin-Madison Badger Poll documented more than 90 percent of boaters inspect their boats, trailers and remove plants and animals before leaving landings.
I also led two Aquatic Invasive Species summits in Hayward and Eagle River in 2008. Eleven counties, two tribes and numerous local organizations attended the July summits and shared success stories and ways to confront the challenges we still face.
And, our partners cross borders.
The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, Minnesota Sea Grant program and DNR have teamed to conduct boater surveys and share scientific findings. Wisconsin and Minnesota together released about 1 million purple loosestrife-eating beetles at 16 sites near Duluth - most in the St. Louis River and in the watershed.
Also in 2008, a new barrier system in the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal became operational thanks in part to urging from Gov. Doyle to the U.S. Department of Defense and Homeland Security. The barrier is needed to stop Asian carp from entering the Great Lakes through the Illinois and Chicago River systems.
The Asian carp also is a threat to our inland waters. It has been detected in the Mississippi River near La Crosse. Wisconsin DNR is working with its valued partners - including our Mississippi River Team, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the U.S. Geological Survey -- to track and to research ways to stop this invader.
This partner approach is especially important because more than 185 invasive species threaten to move inland from the shores of Lake Michigan and Mississippi River.
The DNR is working to regulate ballast water discharges from commercial ships to reduce the invasive plants, animal and pathogens entering the Great Lakes. We also are continuing to push for strong national action to stop invasives from entering the Great Lakes region altogether.
Together with our partners, Wisconsin is a leader in the prevention, containment and control of invasive species. While we have much more work to do, we have demonstrated that collaboration and partnership do produce results.
S221 AIS is one of Wisconsin's top water quality challenges. But -- it is a fight we can win.
matt frank
State of Wisconsin
Legislative Audit Bureau
June 19, 2009
The Honorable, The Legislature:
As required by s. 13.94(1)(dm), Wis. Stats., we have completed our annual financial audit of State Fair Park. We have issued an unqualified opinion on State Fair Park's fiscal year (FY) 2007-08 financial statements. In addition, we have continued to monitor its financial condition and efforts to improve its financial performance.
In FY 2007-08, State Fair Park's revenue exceeded expenditures by $1.1 million on a cash basis. As a result, State Fair Park was able to reduce its accumulated cash deficit to $8.6 million. The decision to sell the Pettit National Ice Center in 2007 and to license management of the Milwaukee Mile racetrack to a private promoter in 2006 helped State Fair Park achieve positive results in FY 2007-08. However, significant changes at the Milwaukee Mile will adversely affect revenues in FY 2008-09 and beyond. In February 2009, State Fair Park terminated its agreement with Milwaukee Mile Holdings LLC and entered into a license agreement with a new promoter at a significantly reduced license fee. State Fair Park is also involved in a dispute regarding $2.7 million in license fees that it believes is owed by Milwaukee Mile Holdings under the terms of the license agreement. At this point, it appears litigation may be necessary to resolve the dispute.
As part of our audit, we followed up on conflict-of-interest concerns related to the management of State Fair Park's Agriculture Department that were raised in a prior audit. The State Fair Park Board has implemented a number of new policies and procedures to address the concerns, but it will be important for it to ensure they are fully implemented and working as intended.
Finally, we note financial reporting concerns that are discussed in the Report on Control and Compliance included in this report.
We appreciate the courtesy and cooperation extended to us by staff of State Fair Park. A response from State Fair Park's Interim Executive Director follows the appendices.
janice mueller
State Auditor
Referrals and Receipt of Committee Reports Concerning Proposed Administrative Rules
The committee on Health, Health Insurance, Privacy, Property Tax Relief, and Revenue reports and recommends:
Relating to wine collectors and small winery cooperative wholesalers.
No action taken.
Jon Erpenbach
Messages from the Assembly
By Patrick E. Fuller, chief clerk.
Mr. President:
I am directed to inform you that the Assembly has passed and asks concurrence in:
Assembly Bill 86
Assembly Bill 129
Assembly Bill 248
Adopted and asks concurrence in:
Assembly Joint Resolution 54
Assembly Joint Resolution 60
Concurred in:
Senate Bill 31
Senate Bill 112
Senate Bill 126
Senate Bill 167
Senate Bill 216
Senate Joint Resolution 34
Senate Joint Resolution 35
Senate Joint Resolution 38
Messages from the Assembly Considered
Assembly Joint Resolution 54
Relating to: proclaiming Cesky Den.
By Representatives Nerison, Brooks, Spanbauer, Tauchen, Jorgensen, Townsend, Petrowski and M. Williams; cosponsored by Senators Kapanke, Schultz, Taylor and Coggs.
Read and referred to committee on Senate Organization.
Assembly Joint Resolution 60
Relating to: the public service of Anthony D. Hardie.
By Representatives Berceau, Hilgenberg, Schneider, Sherman, Petrowski, Ziegelbauer, Milroy, Hebl, Petersen, M. Williams, Townsend, Molepske Jr., Danou, Vruwink, Van Akkeren, Pasch, Gunderson, Hintz, Hubler, J. Fitzgerald, Roth, Garthwaite, Pope-Roberts, Turner, Kleefisch, Sheridan, Nelson, Zepnick, Richards, Nass, Grigsby, Vos, Kaufert, Spanbauer, Gottlieb and Sinicki; cosponsored by Senators Hansen, Lassa, Taylor, Harsdorf, S. Fitzgerald, Cowles, Miller, Wirch, Lehman, Kedzie, Risser, Olsen, Coggs, Plale, Schultz and Lazich.
Read and referred to committee on Senate Organization.