Greenhouse gas emissions: consideration of in determining requirements applicable to stationary source of air pollution re burning or decomposition of certain organic materials  -  Act 171
Heat exchange drillhole definition, regulations, and ordinance provisions created; regulations of persons engaged in drilling wells revised -  Act 150
Low-income assistance for weatherization and other energy conservation services funding [Sec. 325d-326m]  -  Act 32
Open Enrollment Program revisions re virtual charter school limits, revenue limits for energy efficiency measures, and refunded or rescinded property taxes [Sec. 2507, 2513b-2515, 2600m, 2601m] -  Act 32
PSC revisions re notices, orders, determinations, firm sale of electricity to affiliates, contracts or arrangements between public utilities and affiliated interests, certificate of approval, removal of certain electric and steam lines, renewable portfolio standards, prohibiting commissioners from certain political activities, and penalties for tampering or interfering with utility equipment; JRCCP report -  Act 155
Recycling and renewable energy fund renamed the economic development fund, recycling surcharge renamed the economic development surcharge, recycling tipping fee deposits revised, environmental fund provision [Sec. 374, 376, 382, 577n-578, 600, 602, 603, 628, 712, 753, 867, 887b, 891-894b, 2132, 2177, 2184, 2185-2187, 2984, 2985b] -  Act 32
Special charge under the property assessed clean energy (PACE) program: third party allowed to collect installment payments, lien provision, written guarantee of certain savings-to-investment ratio under set conditions, and third party technical review -  Act 138
english languageEnglish language
Categorical school aid programs and grants eliminated re AODA prevention and treatment, preschool to grade 5, nursing services, advanced placement courses, English instruction for Southeast Asian children, STEM, and improving MPS pupil academic achievement [Sec. 527, 531-534, 538, 539, 2438-2443, 2451, 2457, 2482m, 2533, 2552, 3512-3517, 3519-3525] -  Act 32
Brownfield site assessment grants modified and transferred from DNR to WEDC; brownfields green space grants repealed; payment of brownfield grant program encumbrances [Sec. 501c, 2990r, 2991b, 9155 (3f), (3g)] [2990r — partial veto; 9155 (3g) — vetoed] -  Act 32
DNR regulation of certain activities near navigable waterways and environmental laws: revisions re individual and general permits, piers and wharfs, land grading, bridges and culverts, environmental approvals, houseboat repair and maintenance, expedited procedures for certain plan approvals, general permitting for certain wetland restoration activities, and notices DNR is required to provide; legislative review of general permits; report required -  Act 167
Emissions of hazardous air contaminants re agricultural waste: DNR prohibited from regulating sources except to the extent required by federal law -  Act 122
Environmental contamination remediation activities: bonding authority increased [Sec. 783] -  Act 32
Environmental education consultant: appropriation eliminated [Sec. 524] -  Act 32
Environmental fund: obsolete appropriation eliminated re Indian gaming receipts [Sec. 747, 886]  -  Act 32
Motor vehicle environmental impact fee repealed and certificate of title fee increased [Sec. 878, 880, 888, 2235, 3131-3133, 9348 (5)] -  Act 32
Normal school fund revision re environmental programs; U.W. Stevens Point environmental program funding [Sec. 577m, 866, 1014m] -  Act 32
Ozone-depleting refrigerant substitute re mobile air conditioners: DATCP rule authority revised re sale and noncommercial use of -  Act 187
Small Business Environmental Council transferred to DNR [Sec. 117b, d, 3334b] -  Act 32
Underground storage tank regulations re hazardous substances and secondary containment requirements [Sec. 2330c, g]  -  Act 32
Vehicles transporting hazardous materials required to stop at railroad crossings: statutory enumeration of hazardous materials eliminated, DOT required to promulgate rules on marking or placarding vehicles consistent with federal regulations -  Act 247
Voluntary party liability exemption re environmental contamination cleanup expanded to certain landfills and revisions re removal of voluntary party and limit on amount spent on cleanup -  Act 103
epamd _electric personal assistive mobility device_EPAMD (Electric personal assistive mobility device), see Recreation vehicle
epinephrineEpinephrine, see Drugs
equalized valuationEqualized valuation, see Property tax
evans, terence tEvans, Terence T.
Life and public service commended [AJR-60] -  JR-19
evidenceEvidence, see also Lie detector
Foreclosure on abandoned properties: redemption period, court procedures, and notice of sale printed in a newspaper modified -  Act 136
Hearsay evidence is admissible at a preliminary examination -  Act 285
Obstructing a law enforcement officer by providing false information or evidence: convicted person may be assessed costs of the investigation; exceptions for recanting reports of or being a victim of abusive conduct or the report did not lead to criminal charges or a conviction -  Act 269
Sexual assault: procedures for evidence with DNA on it when no suspect has been identified [Sec. 2682m, 2704m]  -  Act 32
Sexually explicit conduct by a person under age 18: evidentiary recordings remain in possession of court or law enforcement agency, defense inspection provisions; attempt at specified sex crimes against children made a felony; victim in certain sex crimes against children can be an individual the perpetrator believed to be under 18; JRCCP report  -  Act 284
Tort reform: actions against manufacturers, distributors, sellers, and promoters of a product; strict liability; noneconomic damages limited; punitive damages; frivolous claims; health care service reviews confidentiality; use of health care reports or employee statements; hospital quality indicators reporting; expert and lay witness testimony; crimes of abuse, homicide, or negligence re health care providers and treatment or residential care facilities in specified cases  -  Act 2
Trafficking of a child prosecution time limit revised and TPR provision; knowingly accessing certain child pornography materials made a felony; restricting evidence about complaining witnesses expanded re specified sex crimes; crimes expanded re interception of communications by law enforcement with judicial approval; crime victim compensation re sex crimes against children; JRCCP report  -  Act 271
Videotape procedure re evidence and depositions (Wis.Stat., s.885.42), 11/5/10 [SCO no.10-06] -  SCO
excise taxExcise tax
Moist snuff: excise tax based on weight [Sec. 2637n, p, 9441 (3u)] [vetoed] -  AB-40
executive officeExecutive office, see also Governor
Read to Lead Development Council created; assessing reading readiness of kindergarteners; knowledge of reading development and instruction required for certain initial teacher licenses; teacher education programs to report on number of graduates and performance of recent graduates used to evaluate the programs; educator effectiveness evaluation system and equivalency process developed; intervention or remedial reading services for certain pupils; DPI duties; LAB audit  -  Act 166
executive orderExecutive order, see Governor
expenditure restraint programExpenditure Restraint Program, see Shared revenue
expert witnessExpert witness, see Witness
f - F -
County fair association employee wages: income tax withholding exemption revised -  Act 131
Winery may make retail sales and provide taste samples on fairgrounds under a ``Class B" license issued to the fair association, DATCP aid provision -  Act 129
false statementFalse statement, see Evidence; Fraud
Administration of prescription and nonprescription drug products to pupils: types of drug products requiring training expanded, school nurse definition amended, requirement that drug product be supplied by a parent or guardian eliminated, and private school provisions -  Act 86
Child placed in out-of-home care revisions re permanency plans, concurrent planning, trial reunifications, and other planned permanent living arrangements  -  Act 181
College savings programs and College Savings Program Board transferred to DOA from Office of the State Treasurer; certain family members who are not account members allowed to contribute and claim deductions [Sec. 74, 75-77, 207, 208, 758-766, 868, 904-907, 1756-1760, 3491, 3492, 9149 (1), 9341 (5f)] -  Act 32
Dependent health insurance coverage revisions [Sec. 1477r, 3472b-p, 9325 (2f), 9425 (2f)] -  Act 32
Exempting from taxation payments from employer to employee to reimburse medical care costs for employee's adult child, JSCTE appendix report -  Act 49
Family and medical leave: state law construed as an enactment of statewide concern and preempts city, village, town, or county ordinances -  Act 16
Irrevocable burial trust for individuals enrolled in MA: DHS to seek approval for contributions from friends and family [Sec. 1459bn] -  Act 32
Actions affecting the family and paternity actions: form for SSN of minor children [Sec. 3478-3481, 9308 (2), (3)]  -  Act 32
Child support incentive payments to counties: DCF to develop plan, JCF approval required [Sec. 9108 (2i)] [partial veto] -  Act 32
Child support payment distribution revision [Sec. 3482, 9308 (1)] -  Act 32
family planningFamily planning, see Birth control
Dairy and livestock farm investment credit extended -  Act 15
Overweight vehicles or combination of vehicles with six or more axles and transporting certain agricultural products to a farm or from field to farm, storage facility, or processing facility: DOT may issue overweight permits under set conditions; exception to DOT report requirement -  Act 56
farm and farming _ machineryFarm and farming — Machinery
Vehicles or vehicle combinations transporting manure to or from a farm: seasonal weight limit exception created, forfeiture provision; DOT appendix report -  Act 279
farm produceFarm produce
Overweight vehicles or combination of vehicles with six or more axles and transporting certain agricultural products to a farm or from field to farm, storage facility, or processing facility: DOT may issue overweight permits under set conditions; exception to DOT report requirement -  Act 56
Vehicles or combination of vehicles carrying agricultural crops: dates extended re exceeding weight limit exception  -  Act 52
farmland preservationFarmland preservation
Agricultural conservation easement purchase program modified and report required; conservation fee requirement for rezoning land out of a farmland preservation zoning district eliminated [Sec. 377, 379, 797, 889, 2279-2287, 2307c, 9103 (1i), (2i)] -  Act 32
Agricultural enterprise areas: DATCP allowed to use emergency rule-making procedures to designate  -  Act 253
Qualified production activities credit created re manufacturing property and agricultural property [Sec. 1755g, 1881n, 1887d, 1889n, 1896f, 2011d, 2012d, 2013f, 2015e, 2122d, 2123d, 2184n] -  Act 32
Qualified production activities credit: technical changes -  Act 232
federal aidFederal aid
Airport improvement project involving federal aid: state aid limits modified -  Act 248