UI law changes including concealment of benefit claim information, availability for work, interest on delinquent payments, and composition and authority of appeal tribunals  -  Act 236
interstate commerceInterstate commerce
Administrative dissolution of a domestic or foreign business, nonstock corporation, or LLC: DFI notice procedure revised -  Act 234
CDL authorizing operation of commercial motor vehicles in interstate commerce: restriction imposed if certain medical certification is not on file; rules provision [Sec. 3146]  -  Act 32
Surplus lines insurance, automobile insurance, and insurance security fund revisions -  Act 224
Three-tier alcohol beverage distribution system revisions, wholesaler license replaced with permit and may not hold ownership interest in a brewer, fermented malt beverage warehousing and sales, out-of-state shippers and brewers, multiple licenses and permits for brewers, distribution restrictions, restaurant and brewpub provisions, DOR duties and special agent funding [Sec. 751m, 2603m-2604bk, bm-ge, gg-ji, 2637m]  -  Act 32
interstate relationsInterstate relations
DOT revisions re issuance of certificate of title for OWI-related seized vehicle, operating privilege revocation, multijurisdictional proportional registration and motor carrier insurance, and DOT-assigned VIN (remedial legislation)  -  Act 262
International Registration Plan for motor vehicles and commercial motor vehicle out-of-service violations: DOT authority to refuse registration or issue permits [Sec. 3086-3088, 3107, 3108, 3122-3126, 3170, 3171, 9348 (1)]  -  Act 32
Minnesota and Wisconsin interchange of employees and services: liability and legal representation provisions re a civil lawsuit [Sec. 2681, 3500, 3504] -  Act 32
Public education law revisions re pupil expulsion, teacher evaluations, SAGE contracts, special education services, pupil transportation costs, school libraries, MPS teaching days, law enforcement records re conduct of a pupil, physical education credits, and tax levy -  Act 105
intrastate relationsIntrastate relations, see also Reciprocity
``Municipality" definition revised re certifying debt to DOR -  Act 142
Public safety interoperable communication system: OJA may charge fees to non-state agencies for use of [Sec. 332, 333, 730, 733] -  Act 32
Telecommunications utility regulation revisions including alternative telecommunications utility, intrastate switched access rates, tariffs, interconnected VOIP service, universal service, basic voice service, and use of transmission equipment and property; PSC provisions -  Act 22
investment boardInvestment Board
SWIB revisions re FTE positions, appointments outside classified service, operating budget, reports, and open records [Sec. 218g, i, k, 812m, 866d-s, 868e-j, 871m, 875e-s, 2758g, 9126 (1f)] -  Act 32
iris _include respect, i self_direct_IRIS (Include Respect, I Self-Direct), see Persons with disabilities
j - J -
Financial record matching program: DHS to operate for MA applicants and recipients for whom asset verification is required for MA eligibility; confidentiality and penalty provisions -  Act 192
Juvenile placement at a detention facility, jail, or non-secure custody designated by the court revisions; AODA treatment provision [Sec. 3517g, r, 3526g-gk]  -  Act 32
johnson, axel albertJohnson, Axel Albert
Life and public service to the Door County community commended [AJR-14] -  JR-7
joint legislative councilJoint Legislative Council
Administrative rule revisions re state agency authority to promulgate and implement standards, gubernatorial approval, economic impact analysis, legislative review of proposed rules, JCRAR duties, and venue in judicial review actions and in actions against the state -  Act 21
JLC membership modified -  Act 8
joint resolutionsJoint resolutions
Bartz, (LTC) Paul R.: life and military service commended [AJR-33] -  JR-8
Becker, Dismas P.: life and public service [AJR-2] -  JR-12
Brown, Cecil B., Jr.: life and public service [AJR-74] -  JR-18
Cates, Richard Lyman: life, public service, and contributions to the legal profession commended upon his death [AJR-57]  -  JR-20
Enrolled bills to the Governor: modifying the 2011-12 session schedule to extend the March 15, 2012 deadline [SJR-72]  -  JR-22
Evans, Judge Terence T.: life and public service commended [AJR-60] -  JR-19
Floorperiod beginning on February 22, 2011 extended to March 7, 2011 [Jr1 AJR-1] -  JR-5
Floorperiods for 2011-12 session established and budget deadline extended [SJR-1] -  JR-1
Franke, Harry: life and public service [SJR-70] -  JR-23
Gassen, (PFC) Jacob A. ``Jake": life and military service commended [SJR-53] -  JR-25
Governor's budget message deadline extended [SJR-15] -  JR-2
Gower, John: life and public service [AJR-107] -  JR-15
Hephner, Gervase A.: life and public service [AJR-61] -  JR-10
Hidalgo, (1LT) Daren Miguel: life and military service commended [SJR-51] -  JR-26
Hilgenberg, Steve: life and public service [AJR-22] -  JR-6
Johnson, Axel Albert: life and public service to the Door County community commended [AJR-14] -  JR-7
Joint rules revised, new rules created [Joint rules 2, 3 (title), (1)(a), (c), 7 (intro.), (1), (3), (4)(b), (c), 11 (2) (intro.), 12 (2) (intro.), (a), (f), 13, 14 (3), 21, 22, 23 (2), (3), (4), 27, 31 (1)(intro.), (d), (4), 32 (1)(b), (e), (f), (j), 33 (1), 34, 41 (3)(b), 43, 44 (2), 45 (1)(a), 48 (title), (1), (2), (4), 51 (intro.), (2), (4), 51m, 52 (intro.), (1)(c), (e), (5) (intro.), (a), (b), 53 (1), (2)(a), 54 (1), (2), (2m)(a), 55 (1), 57 (2) (intro.), (a), 59, 60 (2), 62 (1), 64 (1)(a), (2), 73 (1), (2), (3), (4), (5), 74, 75, 76 (1), 77 (3), (4), (7), (8), (9), 78, 79 (intro.), (1), (4), (6), 81 (1), (2)(b), (3) (intro.), (b), (4), 81m (2) (intro.), (b), 82 (intro.), (1), (1m)(g), (2)(a), (b), 83 (1), (2), (3), (4)(a), (5), 84 (intro.), (4), 87 (intro.), (3) (intro.), (a), (b), (c), 96, 98 (3), 99 (intro.), (3), (4), (5), (14), (16), (27m), (28), (36), (38), (40), (50), (50m), (54), (58), (59), (63), (66), (71), (75), (82), (83), (89)] [SJR-2]  -  JR-29
Kachel, David: life and public service to the Whitewater community commended [SJR-17] -  JR-28
Klink, Raymond: life and public service of retired Waukesha County Sheriff commended upon his death [AJR-43]  -  JR-11
Lucey, Jean: life and public service of the wife of Governor Patrick Lucey commended [AJR-102] -  JR-17
McCormick, John E.: life and public service of former state legislator and Milwaukee Circuit Court judge [AJR-30]  -  JR-13
Nikolay, Frank L.: life and public service [AJR-113] -  JR-14
Otte, Carl: life and public service [SJR-18] -  JR-3
Peterson, Richard: life, public service, and military service commended [AJR-68] -  JR-9
Renner, Darin Arthur: life and public service of LFB fiscal analyst commended upon his death [AJR-105]  -  JR-16
Roberts, Virgil D.: life and public service [AJR-44] -  JR-21
Ross, (CPL) Justin David: life and military service commended [SJR-54] -  JR-24
Wheeler, Dick: life and dedicated service commended upon his death; Room 235SW to be known as the Dick Wheeler Capitol Press Room [SJR-50] -  JR-27
judgeJudge, see also Supreme Court
Evans, Judge Terence T.: life and public service commended [AJR-60] -  JR-19
Sexual assault of a child by the child's day care provider: penalty enhancement permitted; JRCCP report  -  Act 82
judge _ appellate courtJudge — Appellate court
Judicial Compensation Commission created; Governor, Director of State Courts, and JCOER duties; sunset provision [Sec. 9155 (1j)] [vetoed] -  AB-40
judge _ circuit courtJudge — Circuit court
Judicial Compensation Commission created; Governor, Director of State Courts, and JCOER duties; sunset provision [Sec. 9155 (1j)] [vetoed] -  AB-40
Municipal wards, county supervisory districts, and aldermanic districts: laws revised re redistricting; incorporation of census corrections permitted; three-judge panel to hear challenges to apportionment of congressional and legislative districts -  Act 39