RTAs eliminated; dissolution and winding down of existing RTAs [Sec. 751g, h, 772g, r, 922e-v, 1139m, 1679d-t, 1720b, 1727m, 1729g, r, 1745m, 1747r, 1754r, 1894r, 1895r, 2014r, 2177m, 2180m, 2183d-r, 2187d-n, 2237e-o, 3182g, r, 3471m, 3567m, 9148 (3u), 9448 (6u)] -  Act 32
Youth diversion program grants to certain counties reduced [Sec. 9101 (1)] -  Act 32
Freight rail service preservation and railroad rehabilitation and construction grants and loans modified [Sec. 2237p, s]  -  Act 32
Motorists required to yield to railroad track equipment as they would a train at railroad crossings; required maintenance of railroad right-of-way modified -  Act 101
Railroad property acquisitions and improvements: DOT bonding authority increased [Sec. 795]  -  Act 32
railroad _ crossingRailroad — Crossing
Motorists required to yield to railroad track equipment as they would a train at railroad crossings; required maintenance of railroad right-of-way modified -  Act 101
OAR, OWS, and OWL provisions of 2005 WisAct 412 repealed, new penalties created; court required to revoke and DOT may revoke operating privilege if violation caused great bodily harm or death, out of state conviction provision; penalties for driving around or through a railroad crossing gate or barrier or failure to stop for a traffic officer or railroad employee at a crossing revised; JRCCP report -  Act 113
Vehicles transporting hazardous materials required to stop at railroad crossings: statutory enumeration of hazardous materials eliminated, DOT required to promulgate rules on marking or placarding vehicles consistent with federal regulations -  Act 247
railroad _ taxationRailroad — Taxation
Railroad company public utility taxes: distribution to local governments [Sec. 2152] -  Act 32
rapeRape, see Sex crimes
reading specialistReading specialist, see Literacy
reading testReading test, see Literacy
reagan, ronaldReagan, Ronald
``Ronald W. Reagan Day": February 6th designated as [Sec. 3567g] -  Act 32
real estateReal estate, see Real property
real propertyReal property, see also Land; Public land
Condominium sales: disclosure of documents, recission of contract of sale, and information on real estate condition report revisions -  Act 203
Foreclosure on abandoned properties: redemption period, court procedures, and notice of sale printed in a newspaper modified -  Act 136
Special charge under the property assessed clean energy (PACE) program: third party allowed to collect installment payments, lien provision, written guarantee of certain savings-to-investment ratio under set conditions, and third party technical review -  Act 138
Trespassers: duty of care owed and limitations on civil liability of possessor of real property -  Act 93
Vacant land disclosure report form created -  Act 107
real property _ taxationReal property — Taxation, see Property tax
reapportionmentReapportionment, see Redistricting
Active duty service member professional or occupational licensure renewal requirements revised, provisions for spouse added; DSPS or licensing board reciprocal license provisions extended to spouse -  Act 210
Carrying a concealed weapon licensing provisions created, background check and training required; other provisions re electric weapons, transporting unloaded firearms and unstrung bow or crossbow, disorderly conduct, photo ID cards for former law enforcement officers, prohibited places and sign specifications, and out-of-state licensees and reciprocity; exemption from emergency rules and penalty provisions; DOJ duties and report required -  Act 35
recreationRecreation, see also Athletics; State park
Chippewa Moraine State Recreation Area's interpretive center designated the ``David R. Obey Ice Age Trail Interpretive Center" [Sec. 861g] -  Act 32
Recreational activities in a school building or on school grounds and granting liability immunity to school districts, school boards, and governing body of a charter school, recreational agreement provision; notice of claims provisions against certain volunteers and procurement or maintenance of insurance by volunteer fire companies and government bodies revised -  Act 162
Room tax re premier resort area: expenditure by a tourism entity [Sec. 1725m, 9332 (2q)] -  Act 32
Snow sports in a ski area: liability and negligence provisions established, safety requirements set  -  Act 199
Snowmaking and snow-grooming machines and equipment: sales and use tax exemptions created [Sec. 2181n, 9441 (3b)] -  Act 32
State Trails Council membership modified -  Act 104
recreation vehicleRecreation vehicle, see also Boat; Snowmobile
ATV landowner incentive program appropriation lapse to conservation fund [Sec. 594, 9235 (8)]  -  Act 32
Bicycle law revisions re definition, use of hand signals, lighting, overtaking and passing by vehicles, and metal or studded tires; motor bicycle and EPAMD provisions; treatment of mopeds re local parking ordinances -  Act 73
Firearms, bows, or crossbows: restrictions on loading, discharging, placing, possessing, or transporting in a vehicle, ATV, or motorboat revised; exception provision  -  Act 51
Snow sports in a ski area: liability and negligence provisions established, safety requirements set  -  Act 199
Three-vehicle combination on highways: requirements revised -  Act 59
UTV regulations established and pilot program eliminated; age restrictions, ATV trails, registration decals and plates, commercial ATV and UTV certificate, nonresident trail pass, and public-use registration certificate provisions  -  Act 208
``Vehicle" and ``motor vehicle" definitions revised re snowmobile, ATV, and EPAMD (remedial legislation)  -  Act 265
Plastic bulk merchandise containers: sale to scrap plastic dealer regulations created; definitions and penalty provisions; JRCCP report -  Act 194
Recycling and renewable energy fund renamed the economic development fund, recycling surcharge renamed the economic development surcharge, recycling tipping fee deposits revised, environmental fund provision [Sec. 374, 376, 382, 577n-578, 600, 602, 603, 628, 712, 753, 867, 887b, 891-894b, 2132, 2177, 2184, 2185-2187, 2984, 2985b] -  Act 32
Recycling program requirements and financial assistance programs for local governments modified, disposal restrictions modified, and recycling consolidation grants created [Sec. 591, 591b, 593, 595-597e, 2728b, 2956-2977n, 2980b-2983]  -  Act 32
Congressional redistricting based on 2010 census; LRB duty specified -  Act 44
Legislative redistricting based on 2010 census; LRB duty specified -  Act 43
Municipal wards, county supervisory districts, and aldermanic districts: laws revised re redistricting; incorporation of census corrections permitted; three-judge panel to hear challenges to apportionment of congressional and legislative districts -  Act 39
Capital expenditure by technical college district board for student housing: exemption from referendum, restrictions specified [Sec. 1094g, 9346 (3f)] -  Act 32
MERA and SELRA changes: collective bargaining limited to base wages, exception for certain public safety employees; referendum and consumer price index provisions  -  Act 10
Tax rate increases in certain cases: two-thirds vote required; statewide advisory referendum provision  -  Act 9
Technical college district board's tax levy set; TCS Board and DOR duties; referendum to exceed limit provision [Sec. 1095] -  Act 32
register of deedsRegister of deeds, see also Notary public
Name changes: confidentiality provisions and exemption from newspaper publication requirement; confidential information may not be disclosed except by court order  -  Act 274
registered nurse _rn_Registered nurse (RN), see Nurses
Human resources: 2 FTE positions transferred from DOA to DORL and State Fair Park Board [Sec. 9101 (4q)]  -  Act 32
Real Estate Board eliminated, Real Estate Examining Board created and transfer of DRL duties and powers re real estate practice [Sec. 86-90, 149, 150, 163, 3199, 3202, 3207, 3208, 3217-3255, 3256-3265, 3276-3280, 9140 (1)-(4)]  -  Act 32
Tort reform: actions against manufacturers, distributors, sellers, and promoters of a product; strict liability; noneconomic damages limited; punitive damages; frivolous claims; health care service reviews confidentiality; use of health care reports or employee statements; hospital quality indicators reporting; expert and lay witness testimony; crimes of abuse, homicide, or negligence re health care providers and treatment or residential care facilities in specified cases  -  Act 2
relative responsibilityRelative responsibility, see Family
religion and societyReligion and society
MPCP and parental choice program for eligible school districts: revisions re verification of income eligibility, approved accrediting and preaccrediting organizations, a school's retention of a disqualified person, fees and tuition, and certificates of occupancy -  Act 47
religious societiesReligious societies
Identification requirement for voting in elections created, ``proof of identification" and noncompliant REAL ID provisions; use of corroborating electors to verify residence discontinued; DOT ID card fee may be waived and obtaining a card without a photo for religious reasons; special voting deputies to certain adult family homes and residential care apartment complexes permitted; GAB public informational campaign; signature requirement re voting in person; durational residency requirement increased; straight party ticket eliminated; deadline for late registration and absentee voting in person changed; GAB special registration deputies discontinued; voter registration information and list revisions; proof of residence modified re university, college, and technical college student IDs -  Act 23
REAL ID noncompliant driver's license or ID card process created; religious belief photo exception [Sec. 3144, 3145, 3147-3152, 3153-3164, 3172-3176, 3179, 3180, 9448 (4)]  -  Act 32
remedial readingRemedial reading, see Literacy
renewable energy resourceRenewable energy resource, see Energy conservation
renner, darin arthurRenner, Darin Arthur
Life and public service of LFB fiscal analyst commended upon his death [AJR-105] -  JR-16
reorganization of state governmentReorganization of state government