Sexual assault of a child by the child's day care provider: penalty enhancement permitted; JRCCP report  -  Act 82
serta _southeastern regional transit authority_SERTA (Southeastern Regional Transit Authority), see Metropolitan transportation
sex crimesSex crimes
Child sex offenses: court may impose lesser sentence than required or place person on probation if person is no more than 48 months older than the victim -  Act 272
Obstructing a law enforcement officer by providing false information or evidence: convicted person may be assessed costs of the investigation; exceptions for recanting reports of or being a victim of abusive conduct or the report did not lead to criminal charges or a conviction -  Act 269
Prosecution may be commenced at any time for first-degree sexual assault of an adult and attempts to commit first- and second-degree intentional homicide and first-degree sexual assault -  Act 282
Repeated domestic abuse offenses: penalties increased; JRCCP report -  Act 277
Sexual assault of a child by the child's day care provider: penalty enhancement permitted; JRCCP report  -  Act 82
Sexual assault: procedures for evidence with DNA on it when no suspect has been identified [Sec. 2682m, 2704m]  -  Act 32
Sexual assault victim services: crime victim and witness surcharge moneys to administer the grant program [Sec. 695] -  Act 32
Sexually explicit conduct by a person under age 18: evidentiary recordings remain in possession of court or law enforcement agency, defense inspection provisions; attempt at specified sex crimes against children made a felony; victim in certain sex crimes against children can be an individual the perpetrator believed to be under 18; JRCCP report  -  Act 284
Trafficking of a child prosecution time limit revised and TPR provision; knowingly accessing certain child pornography materials made a felony; restricting evidence about complaining witnesses expanded re specified sex crimes; crimes expanded re interception of communications by law enforcement with judicial approval; crime victim compensation re sex crimes against children; JRCCP report  -  Act 271
Voluntary and informed consent to an abortion revisions; restrictions on the use of abortion-inducing drugs; repeal of certain abortion prohibitions -  Act 217
sexual assaultSexual assault, see Sex crimes
shared revenueShared revenue
County and municipal aid payments reduced [Sec.770d, f, g, h-m, 896d, 947h, 1323d, g, 2188, 2188e-2190d, 2191b-k, 2192c-2193d, 2195g, k, 9341 (1i), 9441 (2i)]  -  Act 32
Emergency services maintenance of effort requirements for counties and municipalities eliminated [Sec. 2195L]  -  Act 32
Expenditure restraint payments: excluding from calculation a municipality's purchasing agreement with a school district -  Act 106
Expenditure Restraint Program payments: inflation factor reset [Sec. 2195, 9341 (2)] -  Act 32
Public Utility Distribution Account revisions [Sec. 770e, gh, 1719d, 2187p, 2188d, 2191L, n] -  Act 32
sheriffSheriff, see also Jail
Klink, Raymond: life and public service of retired Waukesha County Sheriff commended upon his death [AJR-43]  -  JR-11
shoplifting _retail theft_Shoplifting (Retail theft), see Crime and criminals
shoreland zoningShoreland zoning
Phosphorus and shoreland zoning rules: economic impact analysis and report required [Sec. 9135 (3f)] [partial veto]  -  Act 32
Shoreland zoning standards or ordinances regulating the use, location, maintenance, renovation, or relocation of a nonconforming structure revised -  Act 170
shorewood, village ofShorewood, Village of, see Milwaukee County
skiingSkiing, see Recreation
small businessSmall business, see Business
small claims courtSmall claims court
Small claims actions: jurisdictional limit increased, exceptions specified [Sec. 3484k-q, 9309 (1g)]  -  Act 32
small loanSmall loan
Payday loan revisions re interest, database, and consumer reports to verify income; title loan provisions re certificate of authorization, interest, rescission, and other requirements; certain exemptions for affiliates of financial institutions; Division of Banking duties [Sec. 2637d-kk, 9317 (1u)-(3u)]  -  Act 32
snowSnow, see Weather
Snow sports in a ski area: liability and negligence provisions established, safety requirements set  -  Act 199
Snowmobile supplemental trail aid funding [Sec. 3193] -  Act 32
``Vehicle" and ``motor vehicle" definitions revised re snowmobile, ATV, and EPAMD (remedial legislation)  -  Act 265
snuffSnuff, see Tobacco
social securitySocial security
Actions affecting the family and paternity actions: form for SSN of minor children [Sec. 3478-3481, 9308 (2), (3)]  -  Act 32
soil and soil conservationSoil and soil conservation, see also Water — Pollution
Soil and Water Resource Management Program general obligation bonding authority increased [Sec. 796]  -  Act 32
Transportation projects: borrow site and material disposal site provisions and definitions created, local zoning exemption [Sec. 2245k] -  Act 32
solid waste managementSolid waste management, see also Recycling
Oil absorbent materials that contain waste oil: disposal in solid waste disposal facility prohibited unless certain conditions are met, free-flowing oil provision -  Act 152
Plastic bulk merchandise containers: sale to scrap plastic dealer regulations created; definitions and penalty provisions; JRCCP report -  Act 194
Recycling and renewable energy fund renamed the economic development fund, recycling surcharge renamed the economic development surcharge, recycling tipping fee deposits revised, environmental fund provision [Sec. 374, 376, 382, 577n-578, 600, 602, 603, 628, 712, 753, 867, 887b, 891-894b, 2132, 2177, 2184, 2185-2187, 2984, 2985b] -  Act 32
Recycling program requirements and financial assistance programs for local governments modified, disposal restrictions modified, and recycling consolidation grants created [Sec. 591, 591b, 593, 595-597e, 2728b, 2956-2977n, 2980b-2983]  -  Act 32
Tipping fee exemptions for waste from natural disasters [Sec. 2984n-z, 2985f, g] -  Act 32
Voluntary party liability exemption re environmental contamination cleanup expanded to certain landfills and revisions re removal of voluntary party and limit on amount spent on cleanup -  Act 103
southeastern regional transit authority _serta_Southeastern Regional Transit Authority (SERTA), see Metropolitan transportation
special session, 2011 _ januarySpecial session, 2011 — January
Administrative rule revisions re state agency authority to promulgate and implement standards, gubernatorial approval, economic impact analysis, legislative review of proposed rules, JCRAR duties, and venue in judicial review actions and in actions against the state -  Act 21
Economic development tax credit program: credits allocated by Comm.Dept increased; JCF approval required  -  Act 4
Health savings account: adopting Internal Revenue Code provisions for state income and franchise tax purposes  -  Act 1
Jobs creation income and franchise tax deduction created -  Act 5
Relocated business credit created; DOR duties -  Act 3
State finances: public employee trust fund reserve accounts, public debt refunding, executive branch agency lapses, MA funding revisions, TANF moneys for EITC, and adult correctional services funding -  Act 13
Tax rate increases in certain cases: two-thirds vote required; statewide advisory referendum provision  -  Act 9
Telecommunications utility regulation revisions including alternative telecommunications utility, intrastate switched access rates, tariffs, interconnected VOIP service, universal service, basic voice service, and use of transmission equipment and property; PSC provisions -  Act 22
Tort reform: actions against manufacturers, distributors, sellers, and promoters of a product; strict liability; noneconomic damages limited; punitive damages; frivolous claims; health care service reviews confidentiality; use of health care reports or employee statements; hospital quality indicators reporting; expert and lay witness testimony; crimes of abuse, homicide, or negligence re health care providers and treatment or residential care facilities in specified cases  -  Act 2
Wetland in Village of Ashwaubenon: water quality standards in compliance and exemption to certain laws administered by DNR if specified criteria are met -  Act 6
Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) created; Comm.Dept and LAB duties, public employee and WRS provisions, reports required [partial veto]  -  Act 7
special session, 2011 _ septemberSpecial session, 2011 — September
Agricultural production loan guarantees administered by WHEDA: revisions re amount and term of loan  -  Act 80
Attorney fees: factors a court must consider in determining reasonableness -  Act 92
DOR duties re administering taxes or fees revised re assessments, penalty for negligence, Tax Appeals Commission rulings, petition for declaratory ruling, petition to adopt a standard by rule, inspection of tax returns or claims, and prohibiting class action lawsuits against the state in certain cases; 2013-15 budget proposal provision re relying on past audits  -  Act 68
Film production services tax credit application fee revised -  Act 67
Interest rate on judgments in civil actions revised -  Act 69
Small business development loan guarantee program revisions -  Act 79
Trespassers: duty of care owed and limitations on civil liability of possessor of real property -  Act 93
sports officialSports official, see Athletics
spouseSpouse, see Marriage
ssn _social security number_SSN (Social security number), see Social security
stateState, see specific department or subject
state agenciesState agencies, see also specific agency or department