January 2011 Special Session
2011 - 2012 LEGISLATURE
February 22, 2011 - Offered by Representatives Mason and Roys.
AB11-AA83,1,11 At the locations indicated, amend the bill as follows:
AB11-AA83,1,2 21. Page 63, line 24: delete that line.
AB11-AA83,1,3 32. Page 64, line 6: delete ", 3. and 4." and substitute "and 3.".
AB11-AA83,1,4 43. Page 64, line 10: delete that line and substitute:
AB11-AA83,1,5 5" Section 168b. 111.02 (7m) of the statutes is amended to read:
AB11-AA83,1,126 111.02 (7m) "Fair-share agreement" means an agreement between the
7University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics Authority and a labor organization
8representing employees of that authority, or
between an employer defined under sub.
9(7) (a) 4. and a labor organization representing employees under sub. (6) (am), under
10which all of the employees in a collective bargaining unit are required to pay their
11proportionate share of the cost of the collective bargaining process and contract
12administration measured by the amount of dues uniformly required of all members.".
AB11-AA83,1,13 134. Page 64, line 11: delete that line and substitute:
1" Section 169b. 111.02 (9m) (intro.) and (b) of the statutes are consolidated,
2renumbered 111.02 (9m) and amended to read:
AB11-AA83,2,93 111.02 (9m) "Maintenance of membership agreement" means any of the
4following: (b) An
an agreement between an employer under sub. (7) (a) 4. and a labor
5organization representing employees under sub. (6) (am) which requires that all of
6the employees whose dues are being deducted from earnings under s. 111.06 (1) (i)
7at the time the agreement takes effect shall continue to have dues deducted for the
8duration of the agreement and that dues shall be deducted from the earnings of all
9employees who are hired on or after the effective date of the agreement.
AB11-AA83, s. 169i 10Section 169i. 111.02 (9m) (a) of the statutes is repealed.".
AB11-AA83,2,11 115. Page 64, line 12: delete that line and substitute:
AB11-AA83,2,12 12" Section 170c. 111.02 (10m) of the statutes is amended to read:
AB11-AA83,2,1813 111.02 (10m) "Referendum" means a proceeding conducted by the commission
14in which employees of the University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics Authority
15in a collective bargaining unit or in which employees
under sub. (6) (am) in a
16collective bargaining unit may cast a secret ballot on the question of directing the
17labor organization and the employer to enter into a fair-share or maintenance of
18membership agreement or to terminate such an agreement.".
AB11-AA83,2,19 196. Page 64, line 23: delete that line.
AB11-AA83,2,20 207. Page 143, line 19: delete "(6) (am),".
AB11-AA83,2,21 218. Page 143, line 19: delete "3., and 4." and substitute "and 3.".
AB11-AA83,2,22 229. Page 143, line 19: after "(9m)" insert "(intro.), (a), and (b)".
AB11-AA83,2,23 2310. Page 143, line 20: delete "(6), and (7)" and substitute "and (6)".