January 2011 Special Session
2011 - 2012 LEGISLATURE
January 20, 2011 - Offered by Representative Mason.
AB4-ASA1,1,4 1An Act to amend 38.28 (1m) (a) 1.; and to create 20.292 (1) (cr) and 38.31 of the
2statutes; relating to: grants to technical college districts to reduce
3unemployment; providing an exemption from emergency rule procedures;
4granting rule-making authority; and making an appropriation.
The people of the state of Wisconsin, represented in senate and assembly, do
enact as follows:
AB4-ASA1, s. 1 5Section 1. 20.005 (3) (schedule) of the statutes: at the appropriate place, insert
6the following amounts for the purposes indicated: - See PDF for table PDF
AB4-ASA1, s. 2 7Section 2. 20.292 (1) (cr) of the statutes is created to read:
120.292 (1) (cr) Grants to reduce unemployment. The amounts in the schedule
2for grants to technical college districts to reduce unemployment under s. 38.31.
AB4-ASA1, s. 3 3Section 3. 38.28 (1m) (a) 1. of the statutes is amended to read:
AB4-ASA1,2,124 38.28 (1m) (a) 1. "District aidable cost" means the annual cost of operating a
5technical college district, including debt service charges for district bonds and
6promissory notes for building programs or capital equipment, but excluding all
7expenditures relating to auxiliary enterprises and community service programs, all
8expenditures funded by or reimbursed with federal revenues, all receipts under sub.
9(6) and ss. 38.12 (9), 38.14 (3) and (9), 118.15 (2) (a), and 118.55 (7r), all receipts from
10grants awarded under ss. 38.04 (8), (20), (28), and (31), 38.14 (11), 38.26, 38.27, 38.31,
1138.33, and 38.38, all fees collected under s. 38.24, and driver education and chauffeur
12training aids.
AB4-ASA1, s. 4 13Section 4. 38.31 of the statutes is created to read:
AB4-ASA1,2,14 1438.31 Grants to reduce unemployment. (1) Definitions. In this section:
AB4-ASA1,2,1515 (a) "Dislocated worker" has the meaning given in 29 USC 2801 (9).
AB4-ASA1,2,1816 (b) "Micropolitan statistical area" means a geographic area defined by the
17federal office of management and budget for use by federal agencies in collecting,
18tabulating, and publishing federal statistics.
AB4-ASA1,2,20 19(2) Eligibility criteria. (a) Subject to par. (b) and sub. (6), a district board is
20eligible for a grant under this section if it meets one or more of the following criteria:
AB4-ASA1,2,2321 1. The district includes a county, city, or micropolitan statistical area with an
22unemployment rate of at least 6 percent in 2 or more months during the 12 months
23preceding the date of the grant application
AB4-ASA1,3,224 2. The district includes a county, city, or micropolitan statistical area with an
25average unemployment rate equal to at least 120 percent of the statewide average

1unemployment rate during the 12 months preceding the date of the grant
AB4-ASA1,3,53 3. The district includes a county, city, or micropolitan statistical area with an
4unemployment rate that has increased by at least 2 percent during the 12 months
5preceding the date of the grant application.
AB4-ASA1,3,86 (b) The board may not award a grant to a district board under this section
7unless the district board demonstrates how the grant will serve the area or areas that
8established the eligibility of the district board for a grant under par. (a).
AB4-ASA1,3,10 9(3) Grants. Subject to sub. (6), the board shall award grants to eligible district
10boards for the following purposes:
AB4-ASA1,3,1411 (a) To recruit, enroll, instruct, provide support services to, and pay the tuition
12and fees of dislocated workers who enroll in the district in an associate degree
13program, collegiate transfer program, vocational diploma program, or
14vocational-adult program.
AB4-ASA1,3,1715 (b) To recruit, enroll, instruct, and provide support services to adults who enroll
16in the district in a program leading to a certificate of general educational
17development or a high school equivalency diploma.
AB4-ASA1,3,2018 (c) To expand existing capacity or create capacity in district board programs for
19which there are student waiting lists or that address projected workforce needs in
20the district.
AB4-ASA1,3,23 21(4) Preference. The board shall give preference in awarding grants under this
22section to district boards serving persons residing in areas with the highest
23unemployment rates.
AB4-ASA1,4,2 24(5) Limitation on use of funds. A district board may not use a grant awarded
25under this section to pay any portion of tuition that would otherwise be paid for by

1a tuition remission, tuition waiver, tuition reimbursement, or any other state or state
2or federal financial aid program.
AB4-ASA1,4,7 3(6) Compliance with federal law. The board may modify the eligibility criteria
4under sub. (2) and the purposes for which grants may be awarded under sub. (3) in
5order to ensure the eligibility of district boards for grants awarded by the federal
6government for programs that improve completion rates and train workers for
7skilled occupations.
AB4-ASA1,4,10 8(7) Report. (a) By January 15, 2012, and annually thereafter, the board shall
9submit a report to the governor and to the legislature under s. 13.172 (2). The report
10shall include all of the following:
AB4-ASA1,4,1211 1. The district boards awarded grants under this section and how they used the
AB4-ASA1,4,1313 2. The rates of unemployment in the areas in which the grants were disbursed.
AB4-ASA1,4,1914 3. The number of people who were assisted with each grant awarded, the
15technical college programs in which they enrolled, the number of people who
16completed such programs, the number of people who found employment in the
17district and elsewhere upon completing such programs and their annual salaries,
18and the tax revenue generated as a result, as estimated by the department of
AB4-ASA1,4,2120 (b) Beginning with the report submitted in 2013, the board shall include
21longitudinal data.
AB4-ASA1,4,23 22(8) Rules. The board shall promulgate rules to implement and administer this
AB4-ASA1, s. 5 24Section 5. Nonstatutory provisions.
1(1) Rules. Using the procedure under section 227.24 of the statutes, the
2technical college system board shall promulgate rules required under section 38.31
3(8) of the statutes, as created by this act, for the period before the effective date of the
4permanent rules promulgated under that section, but not to exceed the period
5authorized under section 227.24 (1) (c) and (2) of the statutes. Notwithstanding
6section 227.24 (1) (a), (2) (b), and (3) of the statutes, the technical college system
7board is not required to provide evidence that promulgating a rule under this
8subsection as an emergency rule is necessary for the preservation of public peace,
9health, safety, or welfare and is not required to provide a finding of an emergency for
10a rule promulgated under this subsection.
AB4-ASA1,5,1211 (2) Required general fund balance. Section 20.003 (4) of the statutes does not
12apply to the action of the legislature in enacting this act.
AB4-ASA1,5,1313 (End)