January 2011 Special Session
2011 - 2012 LEGISLATURE
February 10, 2011 - Offered by Senators C. Larson, Holperin, Vinehout, Taylor,
Hansen, Lassa, Miller, Risser, Wirch
and Carpenter.
AB8-SA8,1,21 At the locations indicated, amend the bill, as shown by assembly substitute
2amendment 1, as follows:
AB8-SA8,1,4 31. Page 2, line 8: after "rules;" insert "acceptance of campaign contributions
4from persons consulted as to the effect of proposed rules;".
AB8-SA8,1,5 52. Page 7, line 1: before that line insert:
AB8-SA8,1,6 6" Section 1d. 11.361 of the statutes is created to read:
AB8-SA8,2,2 711.361 Acceptance of contributions from persons who may be affected
8by proposed rules prohibited.
Neither the governor nor his or her personal
9campaign or authorized support committee under s. 11.05 (3) (p) may accept a
10contribution from any person who was consulted under s. 227.137 (3) (e) as to the
11effect of a proposed rule, as defined in s. 227.01 (10), the statement of the scope of
12which was presented to the governor for approval under s. 227.135 (2) or the final
13draft of which was presented to the governor for approval under s. 227.185 during

1the period beginning on the earliest date of presentment and continuing for the
2duration of the governor's campaign, as defined in s. 11.26 (17).
AB8-SA8, s. 1g 3Section 1g. 13.625 (1) (c) (intro.) of the statutes is amended to read:
AB8-SA8,2,124 13.625 (1) (c) (intro.) Except as permitted in this subsection, make a campaign
5contribution, as defined in s. 11.01 (6), to a partisan elective state official for the
6purpose of promoting the official's election to any national, state or local office, or to
7a candidate for a partisan elective state office to be filled at the general election or
8a special election, or the official's or candidate's personal campaign committee. A
9campaign contribution to a partisan elective state official or candidate for partisan
10elective state office or his or her personal campaign committee may be made in the
11year of a candidate's election between June 1 and the day of the general election,
12except a contribution that may not be accepted under s. 11.361 and except that:".
AB8-SA8,2,13 133. Page 7, line 1: delete " Section 1" and substitute "Section 1r".
AB8-SA8,2,1414 (End)