2011 - 2012 LEGISLATURE
June 21, 2011 - Offered by Representatives Barca, Pasch, Seidel, Roys, Mason,
Turner, Young
and E. Coggs.
SB93-AA1,1,21 At the locations indicated, amend the bill, as shown by senate substitute
2amendment 2, as follows:
SB93-AA1,1,3 31. Page 59, line 24: after that line insert:
SB93-AA1,2,8 4"(3) If this amendment LRBa1363/1 is adopted, the Legislative Reference
5Bureau shall in enrolling 2011 Wisconsin Act ... (Senate Bill 93) treat the provisions
6of 2011 Wisconsin Act ... (Assembly Bill 40) that would have been affected by the
7following amendments to Assembly Substitute Amendment 1 to Assembly Bill 40:
8AA4, AA5, AA6, AA8, AA9, AA13, AA35, and AA39 and LRBb1326/1, as they relate
9to payday loan changes, junk mail sales tax exemption, Marinette County, the Space
10Station, position authorizations above base, the earned income tax credit, the
11homestead tax, combined reporting, the domestic production tax credit, capital gains
12exemptions, funding for technical colleges, the transitional jobs program, the
13Veterans Assistance Jobs Program, the Rural Economic Development Program, the

1$466 million cuts in health care services and benefits, BadgerCare Plus, process for
2Medicaid changes, waivers to continue SeniorCare, WiSys Tech funding, tuition
3increases and financial aid increases, the waiting period for unemployment benefits,
4child labor laws, the ability of the secretary of health services to change nonstatutory
5provisions of BadgerCare, BadgerCare Plus, Family Care, and SeniorCare, child
6support enforcement funding, Wisconsin Works, and collective bargaining for public
7sector employees, as those provisions would have appeared if those amendments had
8been adopted as part of 2011 Wisconsin Act .... (Assembly Bill 40).".
SB93-AA1,2,99 (End)