Period ending January 5, 2013
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S — Senate Journal
A — Assembly Journal
Table of Contents
addresses to the legislature
adjournment _ assembly
adjournment _ senate
billings, jill e
certificates by the legislature
chaplain _ assembly
chaplain _ senate
chief clerk _ assembly
chief clerk _ senate
claims board
committee of conference
committees _ appointment to _ assembly
committees _ appointment to _ senate
communication _ assembly
communication _ senate
craig, dave
doyle, steve
emergency bill
engrossed bills and joint resolutions
executive order
extraordinary session
farrow, paul
galloway, pam
gottlieb, mark
government accountability board _ communication to assembly
government accountability board _ communication to senate
grigsby, tamara d
gunderson, scott
hopper, randy
huebsch, mike
joint convention
kapanke, dan
king, jessica
lehman, john
list of lobbyists
lobbyists and lobbying organizations
majority leader _ assembly
majority leader _ senate
minority leader _ assembly
minority leader _ senate
oath of office
parisi, joe
petrowski, jerry
president of the senate
president pro tempore of the senate
reports to the legislature
administration, department of
agriculture, trade and consumer protection
building commission
children and families, department of
citizens utility board
claims board, for listing of claims
cooperative health choices of western wisconsin
corrections, department of
educational communications board
employment relations commission, wisconsin
energy independence, office of
energy services, division of
financial institutions, department of
gathering waters conservancy
governor_s dry cleaner environmental response council
health insurance risk_sharing plan _hirsp_
health services, department of
housing and economic development authority
ice age trail alliance
investment board
justice, department of
justice assistance, office of
legislative audit bureau
legislative council
legislative reference bureau
medical college of wisconsin
milwaukee public schools
national multiple sclerosis society_wisconsin chapter
natural resources, department of
public instruction, department of
public lands, board of commissioners of
public service commission
revenue, department of
safety and professional services, department of
southeast wisconsin professional baseball park district
state employment relations, office of
state fair park
state public defender, office of the
supreme court
tax appeals commission
technical college system
tourism, department of
transportation, department of
university of wisconsin_madison, department of family medicine
university of wisconsin hospital and clinics
university of wisconsin system
veterans affairs, department of
vietnam veterans of america _ wisconsin chapter
wisconsin council on veterans programs
wisconsin economic development corporation
wisconsin hospital association information center
women_s council
workforce development, department of
rules _ assembly
rules _ joint
rules _ senate
rulings of the chair _ assembly
ruling of the chair _ senate
seat assignments
secretary of state _ communication to assembly
secretary of state _ communication to senate
seidel, donna
sergeant_at_arms _ assembly
sergeant_at_arms _ senate
shilling, jennifer
speaker of the assembly
speaker pro tempore of the assembly
special election
special session proclamation
stroebel, duey
taylor, chris
toles, barbara l
veto message _ assembly
veto message _ senate
wanggaard, van
zipperer, rich
addresses to the legislature Addresses to the Legislature
Anderson, Major General Marcia - A 757
Bartz, Robert (father of Lt. Col. Paul Robert Bartz) - A 273
Baryenbruch, Mary Lou (Hometown Hero recipient) - A 381
Bielema, Bret (U.W. Madison Football Coach) - A 181, 880
Bolender, Michael (son of Richard Bolender) - A 804
Bruno, Ralph (cheesehead hat creator) - A 880
Brunold, Thomas (Ironman 5th place finisher) - A 505
Cates, Richard and John (son and grandson of former Rep. Richard Lyman Cates) - A 604
Cross, Ray (Cooperative Extension Chancellor) - A 824
Cullen, Rep. David (re Hank Raymonds) - A 329
Duggan, Meghan (U.W. Madison women's hockey senior captain) - A 274
Fischer, Scott (DNR Division of Forestry emergency response team member)
 - A 804
Fitzgerald, Jeff (Speaker of the Assembly) - A 6
Fitzgerald, Scott L. (Senate Majority Leader) - S 2, 3, 4, 6
Gary, Rachael (granddaughter of Dismas P. Becker) - A 239
Grigsby, Dr. Howard (father of Rep. Tamara Grigsby) - A 755
Grothman, Glenn (Assistant Senate Majority Leader) - S 4
Herr, Molly (daughter of former Rep. Steven J. Hilgenberg) - A 215
Higgins, Robin (daughter of Sheriff Raymond Klink) - A 567
Hughes, Linda (Hometown Hero recipient) - A 824
Jackson, Rev. Jesse - A 189
Johnson, Carol (President, Taliesin Preservation, Inc.) - A 505
Johnson, Mark (U.W. Madison women's hockey coach) - A 274
Klemme, Rick (Cooperative Extension Dean) - A 824
Klessig, Hope (sang the National Anthem) - A 503
Kramer, Bill (Speaker Pro Tempore of the Assembly) - A 7
Lamaide, Noah (Hometown Hero recipient) - A 880
Leipold, Lance (U.W. Whitewater Football Head Coach) - A 825
McCormick, Tim (son of John E. McCormick) - A 273
Martin, Lew (Hometown Hero recipient) - A 824
Miller, Mark (Senate Minority Leader) - S 2, 3, 4, 6, 448
Mueller, Janice (State Auditor) - A 381
Notestein, Barbara (Executive Director, Safe & Sound) - A 590
Peterson, Eric (son of former Rep. Richard Peterson) - A 604
Pond, Lt. Col. Martin (147th Aviation Regiment, Wisconsin Army National Guard) - A 568
Renner, Karin (wife of Darin Renner) - A 880
Risser, Fred (outgoing President of the Senate) - S 5
Ryan, Bo (U.W. Madison men's basketball head coach) - A 274
Shaefer, John (member of DANK and the German-American Society of Milwaukee) - A 635
Sydney, Harry E. (Hometown Hero recipient) - A 653
Trumm, Fred (from Employer Support of the Guard and Reservists) - A 824
Tubbs, Charles (Capitol Police Chief re Lary Corcoran) - A 404
Weber, Mary (daughter of former Rep. Gervase A. Hephner) - A 604
adjournment _ assembly Adjournment — Assembly
Final adjournment of January 2011 special session (Je1) - A 529
Final adjournment of September 2011 special session (Se1) - A 714
adjournment _ senate Adjournment — Senate
Extraordinary session (6/14/11) adjourned pursuant to SJR-1 - S 356
Extraordinary session (7/19/11) adjourned pursuant to SJR-1 - S 404
Final adjournment of January 2011 special session (Je1) - S 464
Final adjournment of September 2011 special session (Se1) - S 620
billings, jill e Billings, Jill E.