Friday, February 24, 2012
One-Hundredth Regular Session
Assembly Journal
The Chief Clerk makes the following entries under the above date:
Amendments Offered
Assembly amendment 1 to Assembly Bill 477 offered by Representative Knodl.
Assembly amendment 1 to Senate Bill 380 offered by Representative Knodl.
Introduction and Reference
of Proposals
Read first time and referred:
Assembly Joint Resolution 116
Relating to: appointment of treasurer in Milwaukee county (first consideration).
By Representatives Kooyenga, Fields, Sinicki, J. Ott and Zepnick; cosponsored by Senators Carpenter and Darling, by request of Milwaukee County Treasurer .
To committee on Urban and Local Affairs .
Assembly Joint Resolution 117
Relating to: the life and public service of Jim Irwin.
By Representatives Farrow, Jacque, Van Roy, Nygren, Krug, Marklein, Kuglitsch, Steineke, J. Ott, Stone, Thiesfeldt, Hintz, Pasch, Ziegelbauer, Knilans, Bies, Kerkman, Jorgensen, Petryk, A. Ott, Spanbauer and Brooks; cosponsored by Senators Hansen, C. Larson, Taylor, S. Coggs and Lazich.
To committee on Rules.
Assembly Bill 623
Relating to: organizations that may receive proceeds from a raffle.
By Representative Kooyenga , by request of Brookfield Rotary Club.
To committee on Homeland Security and State Affairs .
Assembly Bill 624
Relating to: representations depicting nude children and requiring sex offender registration for adults who commit the offense against a child who is under the age of 16.
By Representatives Kleefisch, Jacque, Bies, Endsley and Spanbauer; cosponsored by Senator Kedzie .
To committee on Criminal Justice and Corrections .
Assembly Bill 625
Relating to: exception to local levy limits for the city of Fox Lake.
By Representative J. Fitzgerald ; cosponsored by Senator S. Fitzgerald .
To committee on Ways and Means.
Assembly Bill 626
Relating to: gasoline vapor recovery requirements and granting rule-making authority.
By Representatives Kapenga, Rivard, Petersen, Thiesfeldt, Jacque, Craig, Brooks, Doyle, Ballweg, August, Stroebel, Endsley, Kooyenga, Tiffany, Stone, Kuglitsch, Van Roy, Knilans and Danou; cosponsored by Senators Lazich, Wanggaard, Olsen, Grothman, Wirch and Holperin.
To committee on Jobs, Economy and Small Business .
Assembly Bill 627
Relating to: trading of water pollution credits, granting rule-making authority, and making an appropriation.
By Representatives Knilans, Endsley, Spanbauer and LeMahieu.
To committee on Natural Resources .
Assembly Bill 628
Relating to: providing a penalty for failure to report bullying in public schools.
By Representatives Bies and Steineke.
To committee on Education.
Assembly Bill 629
Relating to: no-passing zones on state trunk highways within the boundaries of a municipality.
By Representatives Wynn, Spanbauer and Ringhand; cosponsored by Senator T. Cullen .
To committee on Transportation.
Assembly Bill 630
Relating to: special enrollment periods for Medicare supplement policies.
A854 By Representatives Wynn, Spanbauer, Pasch, Turner and Pocan; cosponsored by Senators Lassa, Holperin, Risser, Carpenter, Hansen and C. Larson.
To committee on Health.
Assembly Bill 631
Relating to: incorporating financial literacy in public schools' curriculum and statewide standardized examinations and requiring that it be covered during orientation programs at the University of Wisconsin System and the technical colleges.
By Representatives Krug, Fields, Tranel, Spanbauer, Kaufert, Rivard, Endsley, Brooks, A. Ott and Van Roy.
To committee on Education.
Assembly Bill 632
Relating to: participation of the next of kin of a parental homicide victim in proceedings under the Children's Code.
By Representatives Kleefisch, Grigsby, Bies, Jacque, Sinicki, Ballweg, Endsley, Spanbauer, Toles, C. Taylor, Strachota, Molepske Jr and Berceau; cosponsored by Senator Lassa .
To committee on Children and Families .
Assembly Bill 633
Relating to: special distinguishing registration plates displaying the words Choose Life and making an appropriation.
By Representatives Jacque, A. Ott, Bies, Kooyenga, Pridemore, Thiesfeldt, Wynn, Ziegelbauer and Kestell; cosponsored by Senators Grothman, Schultz and Lazich.
To committee on Transportation.
Assembly Bill 634
Relating to: the prohibition on telephone solicitations to residential customers, granting rule-making authority, and making an appropriation.
By Representatives Ripp, Jacque, Tranel, Spanbauer, Wynn, Marklein and Bies; cosponsored by Senator Holperin .
To committee on Consumer Protection and Personal Privacy.
Enrolled Bills and Joint Resolutions
The following Assembly proposals, which have been approved by both the Assembly and Senate, have been enrolled by the Legislative Reference Bureau:
Assembly Bill 93
Assembly Joint Resolution 104
Assembly Joint Resolution 110
Patrick E. Fuller
Assembly Chief Clerk
Speaker's Communications
February 24, 2012
Representative Robin Vos
Room 309 East, State Capitol