Tuesday, February 22, 2011
11:09 A.M.
One-Hundredth Regular Session
Senate Journal
The Senate met.
The Senate was called to order by President Ellis.
President Ellis, with unanimous consent, asked that the
roll call, prayer, and pledge of the January 2011 Special Session
be applied to the Regular Session.
Call of Roll
The roll was called, disclosing the presence of a quorum.
Pursuant to Senate Rule 15, the official attendance for session was:
Senators Cowles, Darling, Ellis, S. Fitzgerald, Galloway, Grothman, Harsdorf, Hopper, Kapanke, Kedzie, Lasee, Lazich, Leibham, Moulton, Olsen, Schultz, Vukmir, Wanggaard and Zipperer - 19.
Absent - Senators Carpenter, S. Coggs, T. Cullen, Erpenbach, Hansen, Holperin, Jauch, C. Larson, Lassa, Miller, Risser, Taylor, Vinehout and Wirch - 14.
Chief Clerk's Entries
Amendments Offered
Senate substitute amendment 1 to Senate Bill 6 offered by Senators Lazich and Leibham.
Introduction, First Reading, and
Reference of Proposals
Read first time and referred:
Senate Bill 20
Relating to: authorizing the City of Milwaukee to sell city-owned property used for school purposes.
By Senators Darling, Lazich, Carpenter and Grothman; cosponsored by Representatives Honadel, Fields, Pridemore, Berceau, Thiesfeldt, Strachota, Bies, Rivard and Marklein.
To committee on Education.
Report of Committees
The committee on Labor, Public Safety, and Urban Affairs reports and recommends:
Senate Bill 15
Relating to: collection and analysis of motor vehicle traffic stop information and law enforcement training standards.
Ayes, 4 - Senators Wanggaard, Grothman, Lazich and Wirch.
Noes, 1 - Senator S. Coggs.
Van Wanggaard
The committee on Transportation and Elections reports and recommends:
Senate Bill 6
Relating to: requiring certain identification in order to vote at a polling place or obtain an absentee ballot, verification of the addresses of electors, absentee voting procedure in certain residential care apartment complexes and adult family homes, identification cards issued by the Department of Transportation, creating an identification certificate issued by the Department of Transportation, requiring the exercise of rule-making authority, and providing a penalty.
Adoption of Senate Substitute Amendment 1.
Ayes, 3 - Senators Lazich, Leibham and Lasee.
Noes, 0 - None.
Passage as amended.
Ayes, 3 - Senators Lazich, Leibham and Lasee.
Noes, 0 - None.
Mary Lazich
Messages from the Assembly
By Patrick E. Fuller, chief clerk.
Mr. President:
I am directed to inform you that the Assembly has adopted and asks concurrence in:
Assembly Joint Resolution 13
Messages from the Assembly Considered
Assembly Joint Resolution 13
Relating to: commending law enforcement officials for keeping order at the capitol.
By Representatives Barca and Seidel.
Read and referred to committee on Senate Organization.
S130 Advice and Consent of the Senate
Anderson, Eloise, of Sacramento, CA, as Secretary of the Department of Children and Families, to serve for the term ending at the pleasure of the Governor.
The question was: Confirmation?